Marina and the Diamonds @ The Tabernacle 29th January 2010


This was the 2nd out of 3 nights where I would be attending the New To Q Sessions at The Tabernacle. This time it was to see the talented Marina & The Diamonds yet again. This was the second time that they had played in London and I simply cant get enough. Marina is a true gem a diamond that has recently been discovered. Like all of the 5 sessions put on by Q it was a complete sell out. I am surprised at the time people started to turn up they left it till about 30 minutes before the doors opened. Still when you have been following Marina last year you would want to turn up before anybody else because you really like the music of that artist. So the doors opened on time and the queue which had gotten longer moved up the stairs into the room where the gig would be taking place. Well like the previous night it was running on time. This was the only night which had changes to the line up when it went on sale. At first it was The Big Pink and Vivian Girls. The Big Pink dropped out to make way for Marina. Then Vivian Girls dropped out to be replaced by Tinashe and Goldheart Assembly. Opening up on the night at 7.30pm was Tinashe. Even though the set was short it gave you an insight what to expect from him. Originally from Zimbabwe Tinashe is definitely someone to keep your eye on. I reckon he is a artist who is trying to break through and he has already bagged himself a support slot on The Noisettes tour. The songs were pleasant pop tunes which I thoroughly enjoyed. He also has a 10” EP called Mayday set to be released on 1st March. Second on the night was Goldheart Assembly they sang beautiful Pop/ Folk songs. The set featured songs from the upcoming album Wolves and Thieves which is released in March on Fierce Panda Records. The set was enjoyable but it would take a couple more listens to so that I get used to each song. I am not sure if they were entirely comfortable with how intimate it actually was. It was the first time ever a member of the band asked the crowd to move backwards.

Goldenheart Assembly

At 9.20pm that is when Marina took to the stage. The set was virtually the same as Dingwalls minus a few changes. The band then took to the stage. This was the second time they had all played together as a band and they pulled it off. Once the band got onto the stage and took their positions that was when the intro to Girls started. Once Marina was on she was wearing a sleek green dress. A dress that was so long that during the set she kept on treading on it. Thankfully there was no stumbles this time. Well back to the song it has really catchy lyrics and Marina just breezes through it no problem. Seventeen was next in the set and it is another song I love and most people in the crowd thought the same. Unfortunately it does not feature on the forthcoming album but it did feature on The Crown Jewels EP. This is a pure pop song but when listening some of the lyrics are dark even if you don’t realise first of all with the catchy melody.

No I’m not your little slave
No I don’t twist and turn that way
Only got bad things to say
You’re always asking what is up with me

Fans favourite I Am Not A Robot is next. As always this song was faultless and it oozed energy. The one this I like is that Marina puts in everything to make the song strong and powerful. She did just that. What I noticed is people were singing along but they aren’t word perfect yet. Oh No! followed on and this was its second outing performed live. Now I really liked this song it’s infectious and has some quirky lyrics. The song sounds very Kate Bush-esque when she sang Wuthering Heights. Next it was over to the keyboard for Numb. People were shouting Numb was the next song to be sung but Marina teased the audience and said the next song was Obsessions only to say that the next song was Numb. The song itself is a beautiful soft gentle ballad which Marina plays perfectly on the keyboard. After the song has finished the rest of the band come onstage to perform the quirky song Obsessions. This to is a beautiful song and it tells us that we all have the odd obsession. The part I like is the second verse when Marina starts off singing “Supermarket, oh what packet of crackers to pick”.

The final new song is Rootless one which I did not connect with at Dingwalls. It is a extremely strong song and it is one that has grown on me. When I was standing hearing this song live I stood in awe just absorbing this song I look forward to hearing the album version. The final three songs started off with the single Hollywood. This song deserves to chart high because it is an amazing song. It has a perfect up tempo melody and addictive lyrics. Shampain then follows on which is a nice song. My favourite bit has to be the chorus:

Drinking champagne, made by the angel
Who goes by the name of Glitter and Gabriel
Drinking champagne made all the angels
Tears and pain, but I feel celestial

The song itself is about drinking to forget as you can tell in the very first verse. The final song on the night was Mowgli’s Road and it got a massive cheer. The thing I like about this song is that it oozes energy. The whole crowd loved this song. This song is infectious and has a perfect beat. Marina also gets the audience to join in with the cuckoos. So once over there was a rapture of applause and they all left the stage. A encore was not coming but Marina had blitzed through 10 songs which were delivered superbly.


I Am Not A Robot
Oh No!
Numb (Acoustic)
Mowgli’s Road

OVERALL: This was Marina’s second London date and the fan base is ever growing. The night was a complete sell out and people were singing away to parts of the songs. Still the night went extremely fast. It is nice to see Marina live at a venue with a small capacity because it makes the night even more intimate. I was right at the front and I enjoyed every second. I am looking forward to the February tour where I am guessing a some more songs would be on the set.


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