Ellie Goulding @ The Tabernacle 30th January 2010

Out of all three nights at The Tabernacle this was the one I was most looking forward to. The reason for this was the fact it featured Daisy Dares You who I had really wanted to see live after only hearing the tracks on Myspace. This was the final night of the New To Q sessions at The Tabernacle and what a way to end it. The night got off to a slightly late start but this can be forgiven as the first artist on the night it was his first ever performance. This artist was Liam Bailey. The set was short but it was enough to give you an insight to what his further music would sound like. The style of music he sung was soulful and he was a nice way to warm up the audience.

Daisy Coburn who goes under the guise of Daisy Dares You was next on the night. After being a fan of her music for quite a while I was intrigued to hear what the rest of her material sounded like. Daisy is a mixture of Pop and Electro. When I had a glance at the set list there were only 2 songs that I had heard before as the other songs which are on the Myspace player weren’t included in the set. I was in for a real treat by hearing more material from Daisy and I was extremely impressed. Opening the night was Idiot which has some really good lyrics the melody to the song is heavy as there were electric guitars being played. Daisy really got into this song and was jumping all around the stage. Daisy Dares You is the next song to be played and it is a really nice one. The lyrics are really catchy and I myself was even singing along to the chorus. Up next was Rosie which is a nice song with some really good lyrics. This was a nice strong song. Following on were new tracks Caught Up and then Rush which I look forward to hearing again. The penultimate song was Who Will Buy. The song is slightly rocky with the use of electric guitars. At the start it is not as heavy and Daisy is singing beautifully into the mic. Towards the end Daisy picks up the electric guitar and unleashes her inner Rock Chick. The set was rounded off by forthcoming single Number One Enemy. This song is a complete cracker it deserves to chart in the top 10. The chorus actually sounds like Avril Lavigne.




Daisy Dares You


Caught Up


Who Will Buy

Number One Enemy

This was a extremely short set by Ellie only 7 songs on the set compared to the 9 that were sung at Dingwalls. But she had a perfectly good reason for the shorter set and my hat goes off to her for not pulling out. Earlier on in the day Ellie had tweeted she had contracted Laryngitis. When the set started and ended I remained clueless as I left for The Tabernacle before Ellie made the tweets. Still Ellie completely pulled it off she was incredible. Well during the set Ellie told the crowd that she was on tea. The set was sublime Ellie breezed through 7 songs delivering them faultlessly. You would hardly be able to tell that she had a bad throat because Ellie sang the way she has sung before.

Guns And Horses

opened up the set. The song starts off steady but the tempo is taken up a notch when the chorus kicks in. The lyrics are beautiful. Every Time You Go is up tempo from the very stat and you can easily sing along to it. But my favourite Ellie song had to be This Love (Will Be Your Downfall). Other than having brilliant lyrics it is a song that you can dance too. All the songs were delivered strongly. I even loved the song The Writer which is a beautiful ballad. The cover of Midlake’s song Roscoe was a nice version of the song but with an Ellie twist. The final two songs on the nights were the only two releases. Under The Sheets which is highly infectious was then followed by the toe tapping Starry Eyed.



Guns And Horses

Every Time You Go

This Love (Will Be Your Downfall)

The Writer


Under The Sheets

Starry Eyed

OVERALL: Considering Ellie had laryngitis she completely pulled the night off. Everyone in the sold out crowd enjoyed themselves. Once the seven songs were finished people did think there would be a encore but as soon as the music started to play everyone started dispersing.


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