Ellie Goulding @ Dingwalls 28th January 2010

This was Ellie’s first London date of this new year after having played Tunbridge Wells the day before. Outside I heard the sound check and it sounded amazing as it would do. This was most likely the last time I would come to Dingwalls in the winter season. Doors didn’t open till 8pm and it also started to rain. I was literally freezing cold so when they did open I rushed to my spot and I began to warm up. For some reason when the venue started to fill no one wanted to come at the front. Again tonight was being filmed by MTV when it is being shown I do not know. The night also finished at a extremely late 11.10pm. The first band on the night was We Have Band. The set started at 8.10pm and it was a nice 9 song set which gave you a taster of what the forthcoming album sounds like. This trio consists of Dede, Darren and Thomas. The debut album doesn’t hit the shelves till April but this was enough to give me an insight of what to expect. It was the second single You Came Out which brought this band to my attention as it was backed with an interesting version of West End Girls. Well the set included the singles plus tracks from the album WHB. The first five songs sung on the night were album tracks starting of with Hear It In The Cans. Now We Have Band are like a blend of Pop/ Electro and Rock. Now the opening song is a really energetic one and you can tell a lot has been put into it. The next songs to be played were Love, What You Doing?, How To Make Friends, Buffet and Centrefolds And Empty Screens. The following two songs were the singles that were release starting off with Oh!. For some reason it felt like this song lasted for about 5 minutes. After it was onto one of my favourite WHB songs this being the last single You Came Out. Again this is another powerful song with brilliant lyrics. Divisive which was the penultimate song is the forthcoming single as they announced that they had done a video for it. Rounding off the set was Honeytrap which the band are offering as a free download on the Official Facebook page.

I really enjoyed the second set this being Grime/ Rap artist Tinie Tempah. He definitely got the crowd worked up. Each of the songs were brilliant and it opened up with I’m Hot which does feature MIA on the original studio version. My favourite track on the night had to be Invincible where the whole crowd joined in with one line of the song. The final song on the night was Written In The Stars. At first a little snippet of the song was played then after Tinie started the song. Once over Tinie got a member of his bands Blackberry to record the whole crowd saying Radio 1 (as Tinie was on Radio 1 after). But there was no memory card. Someone then chucked their Blackberry on the stage and the message was recorded. Still it was a fun set and if Grime/ Rap is your thing then Tinie Tempah will be someone you like.


I’m Hot
Pass Out
Love Yes
Biker Babe
Written In The Stars

The headliner of the night was Ellie Goulding. After having played Tunbridge Wells Forum the day before it was onto a packed Dingwalls which was the first gig in London. Now Ellie had won the BRITS Critic Award and the BBC Sound Poll so things do look rosy for her. Well the night was a complete sell out and it did run late due to change overs that took an awful long time. Ellie actually finished her set a couple of minutes after 11.10pm and was on at 10.30pm. Now Ellie just breezed through this set and it felt like it was all over within a flash. First up was Guns And Horses which she played on her acoustic guitar. It is played at a steady pace and Ellie’s vocals are spot on. The song also has lyrics which are amazing and some of those lyrics are delivered strongly. Ellie Goulding sings pop music at its best. The following two songs are ones that can get you dancing. First it was Every Time You Go which is catchy and it is played at a fast pace. Some of the lyrics are infectious and the melody goes extremely well with those lyrics. My favourite album track was next and this was This Love (Will Be Your Downfall). This is more of a dancy number compared to all the other tracks by Ellie. This song I found myself singing along to as it has catchy lyrics from start to end. My favourite part of the song had to be the chorus which is very up tempo. The Writer is probably the closest you will get to a ballad by Ellie. This is a beautiful slow song which is delivered perfectly. The part of the song I like is the chorus:

 “Why don’t you be the artist
And make me out of clay
Why don’t you be the writer
And decide the words I say
Because I’d rather pretend
I’ll still be there at the end
Only it’s too hard to ask
Won’t you try to help me?”

Swimming Pool is next and Ellie mentions it is only a working title. Picking up her acoustic guitar Ellie starts singing this beautiful infectious song. It starts off slow then picks up pace as soon as the chorus is reached. Next on the night is a cover by Ellie’s favourite band Midlake. The song was 2006 track Roscoe. This song is slightly haunting and it was nice to hear the song with a folk twist. The final song on the night was Under The Sheets. Ellie put down her guitar to sing this catchy tune that I found myself singing along too. Right next to her was the drum that she hit throughout the song. This song was the first release by Ellie and it’s extremely infectious. When over there were massive cheers and applause. Ellie went off only to return a few seconds later for a special rendition of Wish I Stayed. The song was completely stripped bare. It was just Ellie and her acoustic guitar. Now this is a slow song which was delivered perfectly. The final song on the night which rounded a fantastic night at Dingwalls was the forthcoming single Starry Eyed. Now this is a infectious toe tapping song. This song is simply incredible and it should propel Ellie in the UK Singles Charts when it is released.


Guns And Horses
Every Time You Go
This Love (Will Be Your Downfall)
The Writer
Swimming Pool
Under The Sheets


Wish I Stayed
Starry Eyed

OVERALL: Brilliant set by Ellie and fantastic support. The set definitely showed off her incredible vocal range. I love the folky/pop ness of the songs and This Love (Will Be Your Downfall) is my favourite. Even though it was a late night it was the perfect Thursday evening. The set showcased material which I suspect will be appearing on album Lights and what a brilliant album it will be.


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