Marina and the Diamonds @ Dingwalls 26th January 2010

I have been championing Marina & The Diamonds ever since I first heard her music back when Obsessions was released on Neon Gold. 2010 looks set to be a extremely big year for Marina with the release of the big single Hollywood and the debut album The Family Jewels. Also Marina will be embarking on her first headline tour in the UK which is now virtually all sold out. A extra date at Bloomsbury Ballroom will go on sale on 5th February. Well I arrived outside Dingwalls at 4.30pm Yes it was cold and it was extremely early as I was the first there. Luckily Steve who is another Marina fan was there so at least that was someone to talk to. Well when waiting outside we both saw Marina walk up to the venue and had a brief chat. What made it nice was the fact we were the only two there early like all the dates Marina has previously done in London. I was surprised that there was only one other person waiting because Marina had finished #2 in the BBC Sound Poll and she was also 3rd place in the Brits Critics Choice. So we both managed to hear the sound checks as it was blaring out of the door. By 7pm that is when the queue started to get longer. You do get the sense of satisfaction when you are the first ones to arrive out of everyone that got tickets. After several fire alarms the doors finally opened 15 minutes behind schedule. From what I gather the fire alarms were triggered off by Rox’s sound check. The night which was a complete sell out had Stricken City and Rox supporting. This event was also being filmed by MTV. The queue was split into two one side were people with physical tickets and the other people collecting tickets. I then made my way in to the very front and just waited for when the first band was on the stage.

At 8.07pm Stricken City made their way to the stage. This 4 piece band is fronted by Rebekah Raa and they sing Pop music. The set was 7 songs long and it featured songs taken from the current mini album Songs About People You Know, two which appeared on vinyl and new songs as well. Now I was impressed by this set I would most definitely want to hear more material from them in the future and see them live again. My favourite song on the night was the opening song Lost Art. 2025s was pretty impressive as well. The last song followed straight after the one before that.


Lost Art
Losing Colour
Pull The House Down
Small Things
Animal Festival

Next on the night was Rox. Now she will be someone I will warm to in time. I would most definitely see her live again because the 8 track set was amazing. Well the style of the music was Soul plus some songs had a Reggae vibe. Rox has a distinctive voice and she has a backing band who harmonise with her. The highlight of the set was a outstanding Reggae version of Dreams by The Corrs. My other favourites were Rocksteady, the beautiful Sad Eyes and Page Unfolds.


My Baby Left Me
No Going Back
Sad Eyes
I Don’t Believe
Page Unfolds
Breakfast In Bed

At 10.10pm Marina took to the stage. At first the band made their way onto the stage and started to play the intro to Girls. So Marina then comes onto the stage wearing a sleek black dress and begins to sing this upbeat song. The thing I like about this song is that is a nice catchy song. The lyrics are perfect and there were plenty of people singing along to it. Each time I have seen Marina this has been the song that opened up the set. Following on was pure pop song Seventeen. It is a nice song and surprisingly it doesn’t feature on the forthcoming album The Family Jewels. The pace to this song is fast and the chorus is a infectious one. Now the verses to the song are delivered perfectly but it is the chorus I found myself singing along to. Next on the night was I Am Not A Robot. This song is amazing and I am guessing this was the song that grabbed peoples attention when it was released last yet. This performance of this song was slower than before as with the previous times I have heard it live the second verse was sung at a faster pace. Still you can only have love for this song The band then make their way offstage and Marina heads over to the keyboard to play Numb acoustically. This is a beautiful song which is played at a slow pace. The song is slightly strong when it comes to the chorus. Once Numb is finished the rest of the band come onto the stage and Marina stays at the keyboard. This song being the beautiful power ballad Obsessions. This song delivers a strong message that we all have our obsessions. Everything about this song is perfect the song itself has lyrics that stand out that fit well with the melody. The bit where Marina sings the line “Supermarket, oh a packet of crackers to pick”. Well that verse is played at a faster pace but those are the lyrics that stand out because they are quirky lyrics. Now up next was a brand new song this being Rootless. This is a nice steady paced powerful song. Marina delivers it perfectly. This song I reckon will be a grower the more times I hear it played. It is a really nice song but there is nothing that stands out like infectious lyrics etc. I think this song will fall into the same scenario as Numb which I now love after I have heard it plenty of times. Once finished there are whoops of delight when Marina starts singing Hollywood. This has everything you would look for in a song which is a fast pace and infectious lyrics. This song is the big single which will hopefully see Marina propelled into the charts. Towards the end of the song Marina did have a little stumble but she kept to her feet. The penultimate song was Shampain which is a really nice song and has some brilliant lyrics. The best part of this song has to be the chorus. The closing number being Mowgli’s Road. Well this was a nice catchy song which has some really good lyrics. After Marina left the stage there were chants for one more. So eventually Marina and the rest of the band came onstage for one last song. This song was one that wasn’t prepared and this was new track Oh No! Now this is a perfect song Marina has a outstanding voice and she hit’s the high notes at ease. The song itself is slightly infectious and it is played at a fast past. I really like the beat to this song I am really interested to hear what the studio version sounds like. After it was over the whole sold out Dingwalls gave Marina a rapture of applause.


I Am Not A Robot
Numb (Acoustic)
Mowgli’s Road


Oh No!

OVERALL: This night was strange in the queuing sense. I was there a couple of hours beforehand and the queue started increasing nearer the time. When Marina was on plenty of people were singing along to the songs which shows that her fan base is growing. Last year I got satisfaction at being the only one singing along but it wasn’t the case this time. As for the new songs I really liked them Oh No was my favourite out of the two. But I am positive when I have heard Rootless plenty of times I will fall in love with that song. There wasn’t as much energy put into the performance than the previous times I have seen Marina. I put this down to the fact she was wearing a long sleek black dress. Still her set was faultless and I am absolutely over the moon with the fan base she has got now

As for the support acts I would definitely like to hear more material from them. Rox I probably wouldn’t see live again the main reason is the fact it’s not the style of music I like. I will listen to the tracks on myspace but that’s it. As for Stricken City I would most definitely see them live again.


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  1. Mel says:

    Mmm good reviews but you do tend to mention a bit too much how early you arrive and how you’re at the front and so on!

    1. Planet Music says:

      When writing reviews I tend to write pre show the actual show and overall which is a sum up of what I thought.

      Still I am glad you liked the review 🙂

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