Hashell @ FREEDOM 25th January 2010


I arrived at FREEDOM around 7.30pm. I then made my way downstairs where the gig was going to take place. Once I was downstairs I said Hello to Sara then went and sat down. There were pink furry stools, sofas and a couple of pole dancing platforms. Also the ceiling was covered with glitter balls and there was also a DJ playing. The night kicked off at 8.40pm and the artist that started proceedings was 19 year old Sian. I enjoyed this short 20 minute set. You could definitely hear the soulfulness in her vocals. After the set had finished it was almost a couple of minutes when the next band took the stage. This band being a talented girl group. Faith, Giorgia and Chloe make up Electra. They are a fantastic Pop/ RnB group and they started off the night with a song they wrote themselves called Just Friends and I have still got the melody to that song in my head still. Respect followed on then after that was Too Late which showed them all harmonising together perfectly. Thank God We’re Through was a song that they have only sung live once before but it was a amazing song and they pulled it was amazing. It was a nice set and I most definitely would like to hear more from them. The same applies with Sian as well. Both Sian and Electra are highly talented.


Following on was Hashell. Now I have seen this band quite a few times and they never fail to impress. The night was in aid of the release of mini album Worthless which is out in shops on 15th February. It is already available to purchase off of Itunes and what a album it is. Well the short six song set only featured three songs from Worthless and the other songs were ones that I am positive will feature on a future release. The first song was a strong one to open with. This being Hello and you can clearly picture the story. The lyrics are extremely powerful and is telling you a story of a relationship breakdown that didn’t end that well. Carrying on with the powerful songs is Think Of Something which is a new song that I had only heard once before. Well the chorus is especially strong and I could pick up a tinge of rock in this song. Before starting the next song Sara ventured off through the 50+ audience and couldn’t resist having a twirl on a pole dancing platform. So after the twirl it was onto the next song this being Do What You Want. Now I really like the beat to this song and the infectious chorus which Sara just belts out. Up next is one of my favourite songs. This being the soft, gentle and ever so beautiful Invincible. The lyrics are perfect and Sara delivers them faultlessly. When hearing this song you could say it is slightly emotional as it is saying that no one is invincible. The final new song on the night and penultimate song on the night was Little Lies. This is a strong beautiful song. It is played at a steady pace and there is a faster tempo when it is the chorus. I also found the chorus to be beautiful. The song that closed the set was the title track of the mini album Worthless. It is an outstanding song I love everything about it. The chorus is brilliant and I like the beat to it. Sara delivers it perfectly and it was a good choice to end on.


Think Of Something
Do What You Want
Little Lies

OVERALL: This was the first night of my 7 night stint of gigs. What a way to kick it off seeing the amazing Hashell and hearing two support acts that I will be keeping tabs on. This was a perfect start to the week. Also the changeover times were only a couple of minutes which was pretty impressive.


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