Chew Lips @ Hoxton Hall 19th January 2010

I arrived at Hoxton Hall at 6pm. With it being my first time there I was expecting it to be open. I was the only one standing outside and later I decided to go to the pub opposite to get a drink. So I go to the pub get a drink and stay there till 7pm. I then make my way out and then started to stand by the entrance. I was the only person there but people did start to turn up. The doors opened at 7.30pm so I went inside only to be told that the doors in the theatre it was taking place were not open. Everyone was told that they could go to the bar to get a drink. So I just sat on the bench in front of the doors and just waited till there opened. Well the hall had a primary school vibe to it. The doors finally opened at 8.50pm what caused the 80 minute delay I do not know. Well when I was inside the room it was a lovely theatre with the ground floor standing space and the other two floors being balconies. The night was a complete sell out and this was the smallest capacity wise Chew Lips gig I had been to. The Hoxton Hall only had a capacity of 120 people and I managed to get right to the front. At 9pm boy/ girl duo Party Horse took the stage. The band consisted of David from Sheffield and Ursula from Amsterdam. Well I really enjoyed the set I was captivated by the music. Warrior was dedicated to the late Steve Irwin. It had really good lyrics plus a good short chorus which had a beat to it. Well the set up was an electric guitar and a keyboard. Well on David’s electric guitar it was lit up red. It looked like the lights you would get on a Christmas tree. The keyboard was illuminated to. Angeline followed on then after it was You Don’t Have To Go To New York To Have A Good Time. For this song the whole audience joined in with the chorus to that song by singing that one line. Lazer Beam was the song after and it is a nice catchy song. Really Big then closed the set. This was a good warm up act and perfectly enjoyable. Party Horse are like a mixture of rock and electro. I would most definitely want to hear more material from them.


You Don’t Have To Go To New York To Have A Good Time
Lazer Beam
Really Big

30 minutes later the stage went pitch black then the band Chew Lips took to the stage. The style of music is a mixture of pop and electro. Chew Lips consist of front woman Tigs, Will and James. The 9 track set they just powered though. It gathered momentum from the very start till the very end. This was the album launch for forthcoming album Unicorn which was being released the following Monday. I have seen the band perform a number of times and I love the energy that oozes from it. The song that opened the set was Eight. This mid tempo song has grown on me since the very first time I heard it. It is a nice gentle song and the lyrics are beautiful especially the bit where Tigs sings the line: “It’s a high  speed chase on your wedding day”. Play Together then proceeds after and you pick up on the electro vibe. I really like the beat to this song and the lyrics just gel to it. The extremely catchy Toro is next and it is a perfect song with both perfect lyrics and perfect melody. It again has an electro vibe and it fits perfectly with this song. Straight after it is then into Seven which has a nice beat. I look forward to hearing the album version of this song. Slick was next and it was the only song I hadn’t heard live before. As it was a theatre there was two stages and Tigs climbed onto the top where Will and James were. I really like this song I like the melody and the lyrics gel well. The song was also delivered strongly. Salt Air followed on and this was the bands second single which was released on Kitsune. However this song does not feature on the album. This is a mid tempo song has lyrics you can easily pick up and sing along to. Karen was next and this song means a lot to the band. I previously found out that the reason why it meant a lot because Karen Carpenter is Tigs’s favourite musician. This is a nice song. Gold Key is probably one of my favourite songs. I have flashbacks of the single launch for Solo when Tigs leapt onto the counter to sing the song. It oozes energy from the start and it was delivered strongly as well. Once the penultimate song was over Tigs then said some thank yous. The closing song being the first ever song Chew Lips released. However it does not make the album track listing. This song being the highly infectious Solo which has some brilliant lines which you will easily get hooked onto. This song also oozed energy and it definitely was a crowd pleaser. So after the song was over Tigs thanked the crowd then the band left the stage. People were hoping for a encore as they had been on for just under 40 minutes. No encore came after the lights came back on and music was played so people knew it was over.


Play Together
Salt Air
Gold Key

OVERALL: I enjoyed the night brilliant support and amazing headlining act. Hoxton Hall was a nice venue it had a primary school vibe. Even though the doors opened 90 minutes after the main doors opened that did annoy me. The acts on the night completely redeemed it. Well as for Chew Lips the set just flew by. There were only 7 songs sung from the album but it did give everyone a taste for Unicorn.


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