The Receeders @ Hoxton Bar & Kitchen 18th January 2010

The Receeders are a three piece band and is the side project of Kate Nash. The Receeders debut gig was last December where they headlined at 93 Ft East despite only having just 4 songs. Well I only heard about this performance on the 17th after Kate posted a Myspace blog mentioning they would be performing. So after I saw this blog I knew that I was going to go. They would be the second band on the night. Even though I wouldn’t be able to stay for the headline the £10 entrance fee was well worth it. So Monday came and I eventually arrived at Hoxton Bar & Kitchen at 6pm. I just went to a table that was right near the space were the gig was going to take place. Running orders were already out Pens were on at 8.45pm then The Receeders on at 9.30. It also said doors would open at 8pm but all the times I had been to the Hoxton before they never opened on time. I then saw Kate come out of the room and she showed me the flyers that were designed by her sister Clare. Later on to my astonishment the doors opened on time. I paid the entrance fee, had a heart marked on my hand, then I went in then sat down on the footstalls at the front. I was the only one inside (apart from the bar staff) the venue so I just listened to the music coming out of the speakers and I also played tennis on my phone.

First on the night were girl trio Pens. Pens consist of Melia, Helen and Stef and they have been on my Myspace friends for a long time. The set was only 7 songs long but they powered though it. Each song was perfect and it only consisted of just one song from the current album Hey Friend, What You Doing? Now this song being High In The Cinema. Well the set up was two electric guitars and a drum kit. There was also a small keyboard that was on a stall. I really enjoyed this set and each of the songs were short which resulted in them finishing before 9.15pm. They are definitely a band who I would see again. The set was a lot of fun and I enjoyed the songs that were sung and each member of the band switched positions. Sold To Myself was a fun song and then High In The Cinema one member (I am guessing Melia) was just singing with the microphone no electric guitar. Each song sounded perfect and it oozed energy. I would definitely want to hear more material by them.


Sold To Myself
Go To Bed
High In The Cinema
You Only Like Me

The Receeders then took to the stage at 9.30pm. There were three members in the band and Kate was the only female. Well this was a pretty impressive side project I really enjoyed the set. The music was slightly heavy and a bit punky. The set up consisted two people on electric guitars and one person on the drums. Kate had a guitar that had Ella + Maisy on the front. Well the set was 7 songs but only four songs were sung. The night started off with Sha La La. The song itself was pretty strong and some of the lyrics get embedded in your head especially the Sha La La’s. Kate sung the majority of this song. The First One and then Don’t Tell Me were the following two songs they were really good especially Don’t Tell Me. Now for that song I have still got the way Kate was singing the lines Don’t Tell Me in my head. The New One was the next song and they said they wrote this the other day. This song was another short track and the guy who was on the electric guitar sang most of this song with Kate joining in. It was a nice powerful song which got the claps at the end. The final three songs of the set were Sha La La, The New One and The First One.


Sha La La
The First One
Don’t Tell Me
The New One
Sha La La
The New One
The First One

OVERALL: As for The Receeders set I really enjoyed it. I found myself taking more pictures as I found myself standing in awe seeing something amazing right in front of my eyes. The songs were fantastic and the crowd loved it. It was weird seeing Kate in such a small venue. I would love to see more of The Receeders and I think we will. I reckon there will be the odd gig now and then. As for Pens they were brilliant support. I enjoyed the set and would want to hear more in the future. They were an extremely talented trio who had some really good songs.


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