Erin K & Tash @ The Troubadour 15th January 2010

I was at The Troubadour just after 6pm. I was not sure if doors were to open at 7 or 8. So I was waiting outside around 40 minutes. Thankfully I had a copy of NME to read that passed the time. I knew Erin and Tash were there because I could hear the sound check. When the main door was unlocked I then stayed outside then eventually went in. Once inside I just had a look at this flyer on the wall as I didn’t want to be chucked out till the doors opened at 8pm. I then spotted Erin sitting down at one of the tables so I went over sat and heard the other bands sound check. We later all moved to the tables that were opposite the stage. Where I was sitting was the same place that I was sitting at the last time I went to The Troubadour. At 9pm it was the first act of the night. This being solo artist Natalie Blooms. I had heard her sound check early and the soulfulness in her vocals was perfect. Joined by Phil Gamble on guitar this was a one off acoustic gig as Natalie usually has a band with her. This was also her debut in London as Natalie had been playing at various venues in Manchester. Songs that were sung on the night were You Haven’t Changed, Beautiful Man, Is This Love? And a new song Come A Little Closer (a couple of other songs were also in the set). The vocals are strong and powerful. You can hear the soulfulness in her voice. Is This Love? Is a beautiful soulful ballad. The song is a bit slushy but it is a brilliant song with perfect lyrics. Come A Little Closer is a upbeat song which has got some strong powerful lyrics. Well I really enjoyed the set she is a talented singer/ songwriter who has a distinctive voice. The second band were Hate Ashbury they were a good band but they didn’t suit my musical palette. Maybe it was down to the fact I was right by the speakers and the music was too loud.

Well after the previous band had finished Erin and co then got set up on the stage. The set started at 10.20pm and opened up with The Sexy Cupcake Ditty. Well Erin is sitting down on her song when singing. This song which I have not heard for a while is all about making cupcakes and the process you go to make them. It was a nice song to open with. The opening song was going to be a new one called Green Eyes but a decision was made to drop it. Following on was the song about a Russian lesbian sex doll called Olga. The song may be a bit sexual but the lyrics are perfect and there is also a beat. The rest of the audience loved this song.  Laresse sung the majority with Erin and Tash providing the harmonies. For There’s Not Really Something About Mary Erin dedicates it to Mary. It is about a ex boyfriend of Erin’s who was called Jimmy (Jiggy Miggy). Erin sings that it wasn’t Jimmy’s fault because they were in a open relationship. Basically this song is very clever because it is autobiographical which is telling you a true story. Now I like the vibe this song gives off it was a happy vibe as the song made me smile. Well the song that follows on is about Jimmy or Jiggy Miggy that he is also known as. Well this is another true song which is about Jiggy Miggy who was Erin’s F*** Buddy. Again it is slightly sexual but ever so powerful. I like the fact that it is clear to see that they are having fun performing to people. The title track of the EP that is available on Itunes is next. This song being the happy and jolly Oh Well. It is also gentle and soft as well. I love the way both lyrics and melody gel together perfectly. Well it is a beautiful uplifting song that brings a smile to your face. Next it is a new song and Erin is off the stall for this one. Well this being Coins and this was a interesting song. The reason why it’s interesting is down to the fact it was the first time I had heard it. The song itself was sung at a steady pace and it’s a grower. Clippety Clop then follows on this is an infectious song which Tash wrote in a week. Now the song had its first outing at The Strongroom Bar last year and has now featured prominently in each set. The song itself has a fast pace and is one of my many personal favourites. The final song is Horse Head which is about the Horse Head which is seen in many pictures on the Myspace page. Erin dedicates it to Lars and this time Paul wears the rubber head. Well the song is like a snowball the momentum gains faster and faster till the very end. The song is also delivered very strongly and part of it is dark. My favourite part of this song is when it slows down for a couple of lines at the end. So after the song is over there are chants for one more song. So there is one last song which is Sorry I’m Not Black. This being another autobiographical song about Anthony another ex boyfriend whom fancied Erin more the darker she got. Well this upbeat song ended an outstanding set. The thing I love about all the songs is they make you laugh and smile. It is clear to see that they are enjoying themselves performing to a audience.


The Sexy Cupcake Ditty
There’s Not Really Something About Mary
Jiggy Miggy
Oh Well
Clippety Clop
Horse Head
Sorry I’m Not Black

OVERALL: This was a nice Friday night hearing music that I really enjoyed. The thing I like about gigs is that you can get really good support acts and they can be undiscovered gems that go unnoticed in reviews. That is how I first heard Erin who was supporting The Langley Sisters. This time it was Natalie Blooms that impressed me. Her songs were amazing but my favourite had to be the new one Come A Little Closer. Natalie is someone I would like to hear more of and see live again. As for Tam Walker I did not stay for the set but from the sound check they sounded really good and yet another worth checking out.

For more on Natalie plus to hear music by her go to:

To listen to material by Erin K & Tash go to:

To listen to material by Tam and to find out more about her go to:


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