Adelaide’s Cape @ Monkey Chews 5th January 2010

After having interviewed Sam we then made our way to Monkey Chews. When walking there was some hale but there was no sign of snow. It was 7pm when we got to the pub. My first impressions were that it looked very nice and cosy. There was even a fireplace with a fire burning. The night finally kicked off at 8.30pm and this night proved to be thoroughly interesting. Basically it was a open mic session and each act had three songs. When I left I had seen 6 bands I didn’t catch the names of each artist though as there was no flyer saying who was on. There was a black dog which was wandering about the pub. At first it took my wooly hat. In the end I got it back and further on in the night the dog kept on coming over to me wanting me to throw this rope he had in his mouth (I didn‘t throw it that far of couse). Well the first act were a two piece who were Jennifer and Rakan and they were called Stray Lions. The style of music was pop/ acoustic and I really liked the vocals and the melodies. Both of their vocals infused together to make each of the three songs sound beautiful. The harmonies were perfect. This is a band that I would most definitely see again. Now the third artist on the night was an MC. I didn’t catch his name but I did find him cringing.

At 9.10pm Sam made his way to the stage and performed his three songs. Two of the songs were taken from the forthcoming EP Last Sleep In Albion and the other being a song that was offered for free. Well first on the night was Rush Hour Wind. Now this was the first time I had saw Sam by himself. He has such a strong folky voice. Just from Sam’s vocals he reminds me of Charlie Fink of Noah and the Whale. The lyrics and the steady pace are brilliant. Curled is next, even though this featured as a free download it does not feature on the EP. Now I really like this song it is slighter faster in pace compared to Rush Hour Wind. I like the lyrics and this song is slightly catchy. The final song of the night being the song that Sam said was his favourite song to sing. This was Anchored Down. This song has a slight fast pace and it is a nice pleasant song. This has to be one of my favourites as well. There are lyrics that flow till the very end. The verses are amazing and the chorus is a good one too.

After it was an artist who I really enjoyed. I didn’t catch his full name apart from the fact he was called Nick. Now I would like to hear his music again. The set featured three songs. The first which was a song which was unfinished the second was a cover version and the third I cant remember. But overall this was an enjoyable set.

OVERALL: I attended the night to support Sam but ended up listening to different artists. Two which I would like to hear again. Well after seeing Adelaide’s Cape twice in two different lights I cant possibly say which I prefer. Both have there stand out points. With Hannah her vocals gel perfectly with Sam’s and they are soft and gentle. When Sam is by himself he sounds phenomenal. I left to find out that the snow situation was not that bad up in London but when I got off the tube back down my way it was snowing.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. lily says:

    wasn’t this at monkey chews not the good ship?!

  2. Planet Music says:

    Lily your right it was at Monkey Chews 🙂

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