#22. Ten Questions With… Gaggle

One word to describe Gaggle is unique.

I have seen this band live once and that was at NME Radar Live at Upstairs at the Garage where Marina and the Diamonds and Wolf Gang were on the same bill. Now I was highly impressed with the set by Gaggle.

This band is like no other band they are a strong 20 piece female group. You could say Gaggle are like a choir. When I last saw them they sung a very interesting cover of Mowgli’s Road by Marina and the Diamonds.

Well Coughlin who is the conductor of this choir was so kind enough to find a moment spare to answer the ten questions:

Q 01. What was your first musical instrument and where did you get it?

From birth I was plonked in front of my grandmas old piano everyday. I wish I could “get it” – but its by the sea, and I’m land locked in London.

Q 02. What was your favourite gig you have headlined or supported at?

Transmusicales because it was massive, The George Tavern because we love it, The Social because we worked with Shlomo, the Fourth Plinth because it was midnight, and cold, and a mad man joined in with us, SWN in Cardiff because its Welsh.

Q 03. If you were to collaborate with anyone dead or alive who would it be and why?

Hugh Martin and Ralph Blane, Dorothy Parker and Dizee Rascal.

Q 04. Favourite song to sing live and why?

Schu-Bo – chaotic, passionate and exciting.

Q 05. Favourite music venue and why?

We love The George Tavern because its relaxed, broad-minded and anti-fashion.

Q 06. Where do you get your inspiration from when writing songs?

My moods and opinions, mostly when alone and sober. On most of Gaggles songs I have been working with my long time collaborator Simon Dempsey — hes a master programmer.

Q 07. Describe your music in 3 words?

Like nothing before.

Q 08. What tips do you offer to any one wanting to become a singer or start a band?

Dont do anything because you think you SHOULD. Dont NOT do anything because you think you SHOULDNT. Always strike up a good relationship with your venue sound crew. In Gaggle we have a Code of Conduct.

Q 09. Who is your favourite singer or band at the moment?

Gaggle is big so its diverse Paolo Nutini, Paramore, Courtney Love, Afrikan Boy, The InkSpots, King of Leon – the list goes on. Ive been listening to this:

Q 10. Goals for the year?

To enjoy ourselves. Single – I Hear Flies on Transgressive, launch 22nd Feb. Album, Tour, Book.

Thank you Coughlin for participating

To hear more music by Gaggle and to find out tour dates when announced go to: http://www.myspace.com/gagglespace

I Hear Flies is out on Transgressive Records on 22nd Febraury


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