The Interview With…. Adelaide’s Cape

Adelaide’s Cape are a band that I have just recently come across. I really liked the folk music that they sing. Having seen them at The Good Ship on 29th December I was impressed and eager to see them live again. The gig at Monkey Chews was a open mic session and Sam was solo. Well I met up with Sam at The Enterprise which was nice and warm considering the cold snap the UK was going through. We then sat at a table and had a nice chat.

How did Adelaide’s Cape Form?

Originally it was just a jamming session between me, Hannah and a couple of other friends from high school because we were always into the same sort of music. We thought it would be a good idea to have a jam and then we did a couple of gigs around Norwich and Norfolk for about a year. Then we stopped and started again around August last year. We started in 2006 then started again in 2009.

How did you come up with the name Adelaide’s Cape?

There is no magical inspiration behind it. It’s purely because it sounds nice. We were called something before that but no one is ever going to find out what it was because it’s awful. So I wouldn’t ask what the name was before that but there’s no real meaning behind it. Hannah has got family near Adelaide in Australia apart from that there is no link behind it.

Did you notice the name of the road by Chalk Farm Station?

Adelaide’s Road. I saw that hopefully we will do some kind of gig down Adelaide’s Road. Maybe the title of an album.

What made you want to pursue a career in Music?

I’m not good at anything else really. I’m good at writing that’s what I do everyday. It’s my passion. I enjoy the shebang that goes with it, the whole lifestyle, meeting people, playing gigs and recording.

Where do you get your inspiration from when writing songs?

Books, stories, art, paintings, pictures, bus journeys, train journeys and just being around people. It’s more sort of trying to continue a oral tradition where as a couple of hundred years ago people were writing about love songs and their families. People are writing about that now in similar ways and which I think is great. It’s all about everyday experiences really and there are similar themes on most of my work.

Who would you say your influences are?

Probably the person I have listened to for most of my life. In terms of music like ours Nick Drake and other English folk artists such as Richard Thompson, Chris Wood. More recently Johnny Flynn and Tom Waits. A lot of bands like The Libertines and there’s a band Idlewild that I enjoy listening to. I think that we listen to subconsciously appears in our work anyways.

What was your first musical instrument?

My first musical instrument was I believe a recorder when I was about 8 years old and I picked up the guitar when I was about 11.

Your debut EP Last Sleep In Albion is being released in March how long did it take to record?

Not too long. It’s still in the mix of being finished at the moment. I will say two weeks but that’s not two weeks of solid work that’s two weeks of doing it in between other things.

If you were to collaborate with anyone dead or alive who would it be and why?

Nick Drake. Actually I wouldn’t want to collaborate I would just want to listen to him. Martin Simpson is a brilliant guitarist and I would quite like to be able to play with him. That would be a good gig or good record. But that’s a dream.

Favourite music venue and why?

Norwich Arts Centre so far. Just having lived in Norwich throughout my teenage years seeing bands there and finally playing there was like ‘I’ve made it’. Norwich Arts Centre has a lovely atmosphere, it’s a old church that has been changed into a arts centre.

Favourite song to sing live and why?

Favourite song to sing live. Difficult question. On my own it probably a song called Anchored Down which is based on a traditional song called The Banks Of Green Willow. When I’m on my own I sing that. That’s quite nice to sing. There is a song that we play by Nick Drake called Black Eyed Dog I feel like I’m not doing it justice though. With Hannah I enjoy all the songs. It’s nice to have someone to sing with. I wouldn’t want to pick out one in particular.

Who is your favourite singer or band at the moment?

At the moment my favourite band is Fleet Foxes.


Female I would have to go for Laura Marling. I think there are a lot of imitations of Laura Marling. I don’t think there’s no one as good as her. I do like Alessi’s Ark though who we are supporting in February. Male I would probably go for Johnny Flynn his new EP is brilliant.

What tips do you offer to any one wanting to become a singer or start a band?

Don’t give up. Its quite easy to just sit back and say I can never do this. Its a lot of talent and it should be utilised.

Goals for the year?

Goals for this year are to get the EP out and distributed to as many places as possible so people can listen to it. I hope it’s well received. After that there is the UK tour which is all over England, Scotland and Ireland at the moment. It’s been in the mix of final bookings but that’s going to be good. It will be nice to go round the country and play. Hopefully that will go down well. After that we are going to Europe in July and August to Germany and Holland. Then hopefully some festivals after that. So just to spread the word really and try and get the ball rolling.

To join the Facebook group for Last Sleep In Albion click here.

To hear more music by Adelaide’s Cape and have up to date information about gigs go to the Myspace

Last Sleep In Albion the debut EP by Adelaide’s Cape is out on 8th March

The above photo is taken by The Educated Fox Photography

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