Adelaide’s Cape @ The Good Ship 29th December 2009

This was my last gig of 2009 and I couldn’t find a better way to end the year. I rounded this year off by seeing the wonderful Adelaide’s Cape. Well I arrived outside The Good Ship at 4.50pm to find that it was shut as all the lights were off. I then went off down the road and went in any shop that was open. The weather was foul it had been raining all day. I came back around 5.10pm to see that the door was opened, so I grabbed a magazine and went inside. As I was there early I heard all the sound checks and what I heard I did like. Adelaide’s Cape were first to sound check followed by This Is Laura then ending with Ghosts You Echo. The first band was supposed to be on at 8pm but Whiteoak did not turn up for some reason which resulted in the first act being on at 8.30pm.

When the first artist came onstage there were around 15 people watching. The name of the band was Ghosts You Echo. Even though is seems like there are a couple of people in this band it is just fronted by Victoria Wijeratne. Displayed behind her were some visuals that were projected on the wall. This was photography done by herself and pretty good pictures I must say. The set was only 4 songs long but that was enough to impress me. Well the set started off with Sing For The Lonely. Victoria is accompanied by someone who plays the keyboard. It is a nice song which has a steady pace and it has some really good lyrics. The one that stood out for me was “Take back, Take back, I’ll sing for the lonely”. Next on the night was I think Black Oil Steady Soil. After it was onto Trouble In The Veins and ended with Great Distances. Both songs were brilliant Trouble In The Veins was acoustic with additional drum beats. The song was up tempo compared to the first to songs on the night. Great Distances which rounded off this delightful 4 song set saw Victoria play the keyboard. This was in fact a really good song there was a steady pace and I really liked the beat of the song.


Sing For The Lonely
Black Oil Steady Soil
Trouble In The Veins
Great Distances

This Is Laura who were a 5 piece band were the second act on the night. Now I really liked this band. More people started to arrive by this point. The music did have a folk feel they did sound a bit like Peggy Sue. Well the set was 7 songs long and each one showcased their talent. The highlights of this set had to be the opening song The Bells and the last song The Battle Of Jericho which got people dancing. Well they are definitely a band that I would want to see live again. Other songs that were sung included Orange Tree, My Baby and Babe Ahore. Two other songs were sung one which was The Ghosts Of Lovers And (I couldn’t catch the last word) and another I don’t know the name of. I did take video of 4 of the songs as I really want more people to listen to this band.


The Bells
Orange Tree
My Baby
Babe Ahore
The Ghosts Of Lovers And Howls
The Battle Of Jericho

At 10.20pm the main act took the stage. The main act being Adelaide’s Cape who sung beautiful folk music. Sam Taylor fronts Adelaide’s Cape and he is joined by percussionist Hannah Richardson who has been involved with the band since the very beginning. The 8th March also sees the release of the debut EP Last Sleep In Albion on Dustbowl Records. Prior to the 7 track set I had only heard just three songs these being the free digital AA side single Curled/ Harbour and a demo version of Stay which are on the official Myspace page ( So I was pretty eager to hear more material on the night. This featured the AA side single plus the whole of the forthcoming EP. The opening song was The Black Eyed Dog which was originally by Nick Drake. It was a nice folky song and Sam has such a strong voice. I can see shades of Marcus Mumford . Hannah is on a bongo drum and she played it brilliantly. There was also a cymbal set up there as we. The songs that followed after were Harbour then Curled one after the other. This being the AA side single which was available freely. These songs however do not feature on the forthcoming EP. Harbour is a nice steady paced song and has really good lyrics which the melody fits with. Whereas Sam has strong vocals Hannah‘s vocals are soft and gentle. They both infuse together and I found Hannah‘s harmonies to be amazing. Now for Curled I was down in the main space at a side. This song was slightly faster in pace compared the previous songs. I also can see shades of Noah and the Whale as well. So after the AA side single it is then onto tracks from the forthcoming EP. The first being Rush Hour Wind. This song has a steady pace and lyrics which I like. The harmonies by Hannah are amazing they truly do gel together. This Fiction was the next song on the night. It was a upbeat song and I swear I had heard the track before but I can’t think where. It is also more up tempo and I really enjoy the song. The lyrics are perfect, both Sam and Hannah sing the song. Their vocals just infuse together to create one amazing song. The penultimate song was Anchored Down. It is a nice steady song with some really good verses. The lyrics just flow and the chorus is beautiful. Like I earlier said Hannah’s vocals are gentle, soft, beautiful and they gel perfectly with Sam’s vocals. The final song on the night was Stay. This was the other song that I listened to on Myspace. Before starting the song Hannah mentioned to the audience that the EP launch was happening at The Luminaire which is just down the road. When Sam is ready he starts to play Stay which was a short song. There is a steady pace and a slight beat from the actual lyrics.


The Black Eyed Dog
Rush Hour Wind
This Fiction
Anchored Down

OVERALL: I really enjoyed this night and there were three amazing bands. I liked Ghosts You Echo because the style of music was acoustic. I will most definitely would want to hear more material from Victoria in the future. This Is Laura which consisted of Ben, Kitty, Laura, Bridget and there was another member who I did not catch the name of. Well this band were fun and I would want to see them live in the future. They sounded like a mix between Peggy Sue and The Langley Sisters. As for Adelaide’s Cape they were marvellous after hearing the songs that they performed it makes me look forward to the EP launch in March. Sam and Hannah are a fantastic combination and the songs are wonderful folk songs. Hannah is an excellent percussionist and there was something that fascinates me about bongo drums. Maybe its down to the fact you can achieve different sounds from just knowing what places to hit it. Still I look forward to when Last Sleep In Albion is released.


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  1. Lauren says:

    Really glad to enjoyed this night, Sam. See you again soon! x

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