The EP Review: Sarah Class: A New Dawn

Sarah Class who is already an Emmy and BRIT nominated classical musician and composer has turned her attention to the mainstream market.

Here is a bit of background information about Sarah:

Sarah started her career in music as a classical composer. Sir George Martin then took a interest in Sarah’s musical talents. Sir George Martin who is a producer/ arranger/ composer most notably worked with The Beatles on all bar one album. He has achieved 30 #1 singles and 16 #1 albums from the likes of The Beatles, Elton John, Haley Westenra and many more.

Sarah also wrote the Warner Classics recording Aurora and this album was performed by the girls choir group Cantamus. This awarded Sarah  with a BRIT nomination in the Best Classical Album category. Aurora had a lengthy success in the Top 5 in the UK album charts and it was #1 in the Classic FM charts.

From an early age Sarah began writing both music and poetry. Sarah has also performed as a vocalist and pianist is bands since she was a teenager. Sarah who grew up on a nature reserve on the north of the island found her inspiration in the lush woodlands, rolling hills and the seascapes of the Isle Of Wight.

Sarah’s father (who is a scientist and avid sailor) encouraged her to take a interest in music and wildlife conservation. Sarah’s love of the sea features prominently in this EP.

Spring 2010 sees the release of the debut EP by Sarah. A New Dawn will be released through Glorious Techniclour Records and it is a EP not to be missed. The EP which is a infusion of folk and pop was recorded in Los Angeles with a team of gifted musicians and producers.

A New Dawn has also gained praise:

“both hauntingly ethereal and sensual, mingling folky influences and a powerfully romantic blend of orchestral and electronic sonorities”HMV Classical Reviews Magazine

“an outstanding record from a very talented lady, one to definitely look out for”The Mag

“an upfront listening sensation for someone who wants to hear an original and organic approach to female fronted acoustic pop”Get To The Front

“Sarah is a most promising artist; her first venture into mainstream music is most definitely a success”GigJunkie

I managed to get hold of a promo copy of this EP and what a debut it is. A New Dawn features 7 tracks which are smooth, gentle and mellowing. It is a perfect infusion of folk/ pop and each track is ever so beautiful. The opening track is Make Me Free and this is a steady paced and soft song. As the song is soft/ gentle I find it to be quite soothing. Following on is When Your Heart this is a catchy song with brilliant lyrics which gel with the melody. Again this is played at a steady pace.  The chorus is my favourite part of this song:

I’ll always be,
Your star in the night,
And your call of the sea.

Words they come and go,
But I’ll always know,
When your heart speaks to me.

Northen Shore is the third track on the EP and in the background you have the sea rolling in then out again. The lyrics fit perfectly with the title and it again is another soft song. I really like this song the lyrics are beautiful. Sarah has a way of writing perfect lyrics and the melody makes it sound soothing. Sarah infact has a love of the sea. Darkness In My Heart is another steady paced song but the lyrics are slightly darker compared to the other gentle songs on this EP. Title track A New Dawn is a more catchier affair. The song is cheery and the lyrics are perfect. The song which is steady paced has a up tempo chorus which has infectious lyrics.

It’s a new dawn, It’s a new day,
Crazy letting go.

It’s a new life, It’s a new way,
Just thought that you should know.

It’s a new dawn, It’s a new day,
Shining in your eyes.

It’s a new start, It’s a new way,
Breaking through the crimson sky.

Baby I Will Know You is again played at a steady pace. The lyrics I find to be beautiful and they are really strong too. The closing song is A Golden Leaf Fell it is a nice song  to end a beautiful EP on. It is a mellow, soothing song with some brilliant lyrics that infuse perfectly with the melody.


01. Make Me Free
02. When Your Heart
03. Northern Shore
04. Darkness In My Heart
05. A New Dawn
06. Baby I Will Know
07. A Golden Leaf Fell

OVERALL: After hearing this EP I was extremely impressed. Sarah is a talented musician and a perfect lyricist. I liked the infusion of pop/ acoustic folk. Each song I found to be mellowing, gentle, soft and soothing. Darkness In My Heart was completely different to the feel of the album as the lyrics were both powerful and slighty darker. It was title track A New Dawn that  stood out from the rest.

To hear 4 tracks from A New Dawn go to:

A New Dawn has its physical release Spring 2010 but can already be purchased from Itunes.

You can also purchase the CD from:

When you purchase the CD from £1 of every purchase will be donated to the World Land Trust

If you like what you hear and you live in Bristol or nearby you can catch her performing at:

28/01/10 Planet Pizza, Bristol
23/04/10 Chapel Arts Centre, Bath
24/04/10 Folk House,  Bristol
21/05/10 The South Bank, Bristol

For more up to date gig listings go to


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  1. Catherine says:

    Just checked out excerpts of Sarah’s recording, and it’s gorgeous stuff; mellow, folksy tunes with poignantly uplifting and brilliantly crafted lyrics, and Sarah’s voice lends perfect expression to all of this. Great music to start the new year with!

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