Paramore @ Wembley Arena 18th December 2009

Now Now Every Children
Now Now Every Children

This was to be my final gig of 2009 and what a gig it was. I arrived outside Wembley Arena at 3pm with my confirmation in hand. So I went to the box office as was mentioned on the email only to be told to join the queue of 8 people. This was because I had early entry. If I signed up to the fan club I could get in before everyone else. So after debating whether to join I then thought it will be the middle of December and it would be freezing cold. My instinct was right it was bitterly cold and the UK had also experienced snowfall/ ice which resulted in trains being cancelled and delayed. So when waiting outside I paced up and down just to get warm. I purchased a Don’t Be Ignorant bracelet which I was pleased about. Everyone in the early entry queue were then moved to some barriers which were split in two which held the meet and greet winners the other side. To be honest the fact we were all outside till 5.50pm was pretty poor as the email said turn up at least 60minutes before implying that we will be let in at 5pm. Well I then got a wristband then it was more excruciating waiting. The fact that The End by My Chemical Romance was being played on a loop for hours. All the meet and greet winners went in first then about 20 minutes later we all went in. Just as the door opened there was a surge forward. I then got my ticket scanned then I got another wristband then entered the standing area. When I was there I was in the centre but slightly to the left everyone was then told to sit down. The main reason I didn’t go for the centre was because I expected there to be crushing.

Paper Route

At 7pm everyone then got up to their feet. The barrier was padded which was good in a way. Everytime that I was pushed into the barrier I had to push back mainly to breath deeply. At 7.15pm the first band took the stage this being the brilliant Now Now Every Children. I actually enjoyed the set they are definitely a band to look out for. After the 20 minute set it was then a 10 minute interval. The second support act was Paper Route who were on for 35 minutes and this was when things started to get rowdy. The band were actually quite good there is a mixture of pop and electro. The final support came from Surrey Pop/ Rock band You Me At Six. The band who had a 35 minutes had a 7 track set mainly consisting of material from the bands first album Take Off Your Colours. For Always Attract lead singer Josh Franceschi sister Elissa accompanied him on the song. Only one new track from the new album Hold Me Down was sung and this was The Consequence.

You Me At Six


Kiss And Tell

Jealous Minds Think Alike

If I Were In Your Shoes

Save It For The Bedroom

The Consequence

Always Attract w/ Elissa Franceschi

Finders Keepers

When the set ended at 9pm it was then another 15 minute interval. So at 9.15pm it was onto the main act this being Paramore. This set was going to be special as it was the last night of the tour and it was just that. The set featured a selection of songs spanning over 3 albums with the majority of the songs coming from current album Brand New Eyes. The stage then went dark and the crowd were going crazy. The song being what is known as the Brand New Eyes Tour Intro. This just served as a intro for the Brand New Eyes tour. It is a nice little short song and it got the crowd in the mood for the rest of the set. Ignorance followed on. When I first heard this song it took a while to grow on me as I preferred the earlier songs. Well hearing it live was highly charged. Hayley was wearing a red vest top saying Rather Be Alive. It did say Dead but that had been crossed out. Well this song was delivered strongly and the chorus is really powerful. The atmosphere was electric as there were people coming to the front also you had people being pulled out. I Caught Myself which was a exclusive to the Twilight soundtrack followed on. After hearing it for the first time it not as powerful compared to Ignorance. The crowd loved this song. The song itself has some really good lyrics and Hayley delivers the song perfectly. After the rapture of applause the stage goes into darkness. The next song on the night was That’s What You Get. This was the bands last single before they went on a short hiatus. This song was a crowd pleaser and this is a song which had powerful lyrics they are catchy ones as well.

Brand New Eyes album track Looking Up was next. This was a up tempo song. The song ends with the lyrics “We’re just getting started”. Well true to word if I thought the first ¼ of the set was brilliant the rest was simply phenomenal. For the next song I already had expectations in my head. I thought for Crushcrushcrush it will live up to its word. But to my surprise it wasn’t that bad. This was the penultimate song to be taken from Riot!. The lyrics are brilliant especially the lines:

They taped over your mouth
Scribbled out the truth with their lies
You little spies
They taped over your mouth
Scribbled out the truth with their lies
You little spies

The rest of the crowd loved this song well to be honest they loved the whole set. Turn It Off was next. The song has gentle verses and a strong chorus. So after loads of cheers and screams nothing could prepare us for what happened next. Hayley had a letter in her hand that was sent to Josh. Josh then said is Liam Wood and then they called out Leona May. Hayley said can both of them come onto the stage. Both of them came onto the stage and Hayley said give them a hand. Everyone then clapped and Hayley then said “This is already one of my favourite shows ever”. So they both then came onto the stage and Liam got down on one knee and proposed. The answer was a resounding yes. Now that was some proposal at a sold out Paramore concert. Hayley then dedicated the next song to both of them and also said “I just cried”. The Only Exception is a beautiful ballad which went down well with the crowd. Every one in the crowd were chanting the chorus of this song.

Paramore’s debut single was next this being Pressure. It is a strong song which has catchy lyrics which fit well with the melody. The verses are amazing and the song is played at a fast pace. After it was three more tracks from the current album. The first being the track that opened Brand New Eyes. This being Careful again it was up tempo. Hayley delivered this song perfectly and strongly. Where as Where The Lines Overlap was sung at a steady pace. The lyrics were catchy especially the chorus which I found to be slightly infectious. The part of the song I liked was:

Now I’ve got a feeling if I sang this loud enough, you
Would sing it back to me
I’ve got a feeling if I sang this loud enough, you
Would sing it back to me

Now every one did sing back the words to Hayley. The penultimate song was Decode the bands track from Twilight. Before singing the song Hayley said “This is the last show of our year and I cant really think of a better place to spend it”. Hayley also said that the London shows are always the best. Well as for Decode the song was up beat with some really good strong lyrics So after a lot of cheers it was onto the final song on the night this being My Heart. They hadn’t played this song for a while and it made my first Paramore concert kind of special. Well there were cheers when the song started and every one joined in singing the song. There is a steady pace and the lyrics are gentle.

This song is so beautiful. It was a real crowd pleaser and Hayley said “This is the best moment in my life”. Towards the end of the song Hayley says “Wembley sing this with me” so everyone does. It just felt so surreal. After the song had finished they all went offstage only to later return moments later to sing Misguided Ghosts acoustically. Haley had changed her top for the encore. Well Misguided Ghosts was so beautiful the lyrics are perfect. The song is also soft, gentle and slow. When it is over there is a rapture of applause and the band then go to sing Misery Business taken off of the second album Riot!. Where as every one in the crowd were calm for the last song well when this one started that is when the atmosphere cranked up. It is a nice song which was strong and is fast flowing. Brick By Boring Brick brought together a close to a fantastic evening. This is the bands latest offering from the album Brand New Eyes. The lyrics are spot on and the song itself is a catchy one. There were still people wanting to be pulled out thankfully I did not give in to the crushing I endured. When this song had finished the band took a bow and then went off stage.


Brand New Eyes Tour Intro
I Caught Myself
That’s What You Get
Looking Up
Turn It Off
The Only Exception
Where The Lines Overlap
My Heart


Misguided Ghosts (Acoustic)
Misery Business
Brick By Boring Brick

OVERALL: My first Paramore gig was fantastic. I would definitely go again. I had a really enjoyable time. When everyone made their way into the Arena we were given a little note saying there had been some pick pocketing over the tour so I got everything and put it into a pocket that was in my sight. Well the support was brilliant and then Paramore was amazing. My Heart was a real treat and the Marriage proposal WOW. Congratulations Liam and Leona. The crushing yes I did get crushed but only a few bruised ribs. Nothing broken but my back does hurt a tiny little bit but whether it was down to this I am not sure.


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