Slow Club @ Union Chapel 17th December 2009

After having purchased my ticket 2 days prior off Wegottickets I decided to arrive a hour and a half before the doors opened. It was bitterly cold and all I could do was pace up and down. I also purchased a hot chocolate from Starbucks but when that went I was still cold. The doors opened a couple minutes later than the 7pm which was listed on the tickets. The queue had split in two one with tickets and ones waiting to collect them.. I was front in the queue so when I went in I got my ticket checked then got my hand stamped. Once in I made my way inside to grab a spot in the first row. So after I had my place I sat down with my coat still on because I knew that there was going to be a chill in the air. This was Slow Club’s 2nd Christmas show at the wonderful Union Chapel. The upper lever had been open whereas last year it was only the ground floor. There is always something special about each gig by Slow Club and this was no exception. It gets you in the mood for the festive holiday and they are always a lot of fun.

The first band on the night came on early. This being the delightful Lulu and the Lampshades. This was the third time I had seen this band, the last time was supporting Peggy Sue in November. I really enjoyed this set it was a nice way to open what was to be a phenomenal night. The first song on the night was Cherry Coke. This is a nice song with both strong lyrics and a melody that I really like. Rose Tint followed on and this was the bands first double A side single. National Express has a steady pace and it gets faster when the song progresses. Now Impasse is a song I found to be slightly haunting it had beautiful lyrics though. Cold Water was next and will be the bands 2nd single. It is a nice steady paced song. The penultimate song on the night was the other side to the double A side this being Feet To The Sky. I would say that I preferred this side to the debut single. This was a fast paced catchy song which had brilliant lyrics. The song that closed this wonderful 7 song set was Cups (You’re Gonna Miss Me). Now when they were singing this song with no microphone I just sat down in amazement. Other than the lyrics of this song the melody came from claps and cups which were turned upside down creating a beat. The rest of the audience loved this song. As I have previously said when I have seen them live I can see shades of Peggy Sue.


Cherry Coke
Rose Tint
National Express
Cold Water
Feet To The Sky
Cups (You’re Gonna Miss Me)

The second support was Cate Le Bon now I was not familiar with her work. Well the set she played impressed me so much I am going to be seeing her a second time in February. Well Cate is a welsh singer/ songwriter who sings in both English and her native language Welsh. Cate’s vocals are ever so haunting.

The third and final support being the hilarious The Pictish Trail. This was another act I had no prior knowledge of but I really enjoyed the set. The opening song got everyone in the mood for the Christmas period this song being Little Donkey and after it was onto Winter Home Disco which was dedicated to Slow Club. In the entertaining stakes Rebecca does have some competition. Also he was joined by other musicians who were drafted in because the others were elsewhere.

It was two days since I attended Slow Club’s instore at Puregroove. Now I was going to enjoy what was going to be a brilliant set consisting of album tracks, tracks off the new Christmas EP and a few new songs were thrown into the mix. Plus there was doses of the bands ever so funny banter. After having attended the Christmas show last year I knew what was in store there was something in the air that made it feel like Christmas. Maybe the biggest factor for this was the Christmas tree. Charles and Rebecca then came onto the stage and huddled round an electronic keyboard to play short song I Wanna Live. Whether if this song is unfinished or it links to another song we wont know until the new album is released (that is if the song is even on the album). It is a slow song with strong lyrics. Who wouldn’t want to live in Paradise. This then led into the bands current single Trophy Room. Now this song is fast paced and has lyrics you can join in with. After some hilarious banter by Rebecca it is onto the steady I Was Unconscious, It Was A Dream. Now I really enjoy the melody and the beat. The majority of the song is sung by Charles and Rebecca harmonises well. The verses to this song are excellent. A new song then follows on this being Rotten Mouth. This song is up beat and the lyrics are perfect. It does so different from the first album. Then again I could just be used to the album tracks because I have heard them live so many times. Still Rotten Mouth is an excellent song and it is always a privilege to hear something new.

It is then back to the album tracks and the next one on the night was Because We’re Dead which was the bands first vinyl release on Moshi Moshi. This is a fast paced song which gathers at a rapid pace right to the very end. The song is strong and the lyrics are catchy. When Rebecca sings her parts of the song she had a way of making it sound beautiful. No Good Way To Say I’m Leaving You was another slow song and was mainly sung by Charles with Rebecca doing the harmonies. The song is slow and some of the lyrics are powerful. If We’re Still Alive was the penultimate new song on the night. This is a strong song which does have good lyrics and it is very up tempo as well. After it is onto album tracks the next being Sorry About The Doom. The song which is sung by Rebecca I find to be completely mesmerising and entrancing. It’s also soothing to because Rebecca’s vocals are so soft and gentle. It Doesn’t Have To Be Beautiful was the song that followed on. This could be another song that goes in the pit of no return. Rebecca said “I was just thinking how does it goes”. The reason behind this is they hadn’t sung it for a while. Well the last time they performed Me and You at The Enterprise back in April they forgot the words and that has fallen into the pit of no return and I am glad this song didn’t end up the same way. Once the first verse started it was like a fast paced romp till the very end. This is a highly infectious song. When I Go was the next song on the night and it is a beautiful song which tells a lovely story between two people who are friends but they have feelings for one another. The final new song on the night was Don’t Meet Any More Than Me. This is a Rebecca song and Jeremy Warmsley has joined on guitar. This was another beautiful song which is slightly up tempo and it has really good lyrics. Following on was Giving Up On Love. Now this is a really strong song, has brilliant lyrics and it is up tempo. For Wild Blue Milk Charles and Rebecca stood at the edge of the front of the stage. They were literally in touching distance (that is how close they were). It was really nice and a capella as it was just the guitars and their voices. The Union Chapel is perfect for things like this because the acoustics make the sound bounce off the walls.

After they then leave the stage only to return a couple of minutes later. This was to be the encore and the string section then plays Silent Night. Now All Alone At Christmas is a cover and it is sung by Charles. The song itself is slightly sad as it tells the story of being alone at Christmas and not having the one you live with you. Rebecca’s attempt at a Christmas song is next. The song being Christmas And You’re Boring Me. Rebecca goes straight into this song as “cops are coming” (Rebecca was referring to if you went past curfew). This is a beautiful song even though it can be slightly depressing. Now Rebecca can easily make any depressing song sound beautiful During the song Rebecca stops and just tells a quick story (watch the video of the song) and that had everyone in stitches. Last years Christmas effort was next this being Christmas TV. It is a strong song and some of the lyrics are fantastic. The final song on the night saw a invasion on the stage. Everyone that had performed was onstage. The song being the ever so fun Christmas (Baby Please Come Home). Charles advises everyone to stand up. Well this ended a perfect Christmas show. I predict that Slow Club will do a Christmas show in 2010 and its going to be hard to top this gig.


I Wanna Live
Trophy Room
I Was Unconscious, It Was A Dream
Rotten Mouth
Because We’re Dead
No Good Way To Say I’m Leaving You
If We’re Still Alive
Sorry About The Doom
It Doesn’t Have To Be Beautiful
When I Go
Don’t Meet Any More Than Me
Giving Up On Love
Wild Blue Milk


Silent Night
All Alone On Christmas
Christmas And You’re Boring Me
Christmas TV
Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)

OVERALL: This night was amazing the support was fantastic. The new songs by Slow Club were amazing and the Xmas songs were excellent. The set closer was brilliant all the fun oozed from this performance. I could imagine there being one of those snow machines when Christmas (Baby Come Home) is being played. Well it was a outstanding night and everyone left satisfied after having witnessed something spectacular.


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