Slow Club @ Puregroove 15th December 2009

I arrived at Puregroove at 5pm for this 9pm instore. Yes it was 4 hours early but I wanted to get a good seat to see one of my favourite bands. During the time I was waiting I looked at vinyl and made some purchases. Around 8.30pm Charles and Rebecca came into the store and started to set up. This was going to be a fun Christmas instore. Slow Club had a Christmas EP Christmas Thanks For Nothing which was released the day before. So come 9.20 that is when the set started and opening the night was Christmas TV. This song was Slow Club’s take on a Christmas song which was recorded last year. Even though it was recorded last year it featured on the bonus disc on album Yeah So and it featured on the new EP. This song has a slightly fast pace and it is delivered strongly. This song may be a bit depressing from the lyrics but there is something about Slow Club that makes me smile. Following on is Giving Up On Love. This again is another song which is delivered strongly. It is up tempo and the lyrics are highly infectious. Charles and Rebecca have this great chemistry which showed that they are having fun and enjoying themselves when performing. Towards the end of the song Charles says that the drum sounds like thunder as the beat sounded loud like thunder. I Was Unconscious, It Was A Dream was the next on the night. The song has a slow pace to it and then progresses to the very end. The melody and lyrics are brilliant. A new song was played on the night this being If We’re Still Alive. This is a nice song and it was a nice taster of something new. At first it is sung by Rebecca and Charles then starts singing after the first verse. Rebecca’s vocals are very strong and Charles vocals blend together. Up next was No Good Way To Say I’m Leaving You which is mainly Charles influenced. Rebecca provided the harmonies and they sound amazing. The song is slow and some of the lyrics are powerful. The ever so catchy Because We’re Dead follows on. This was the bands first single and I am also glad it made the album cut after Me & You fell into the “pit of no return”. This is strong and it has a fast pace. The parts that Rebecca sings are absolutely beautiful. The following three songs were taken from the marvellous Christmas EP. The first being Rebecca’s Christmas And You’re Boring Me. Now this song did make me smile a lot and had me laughing as well as the rest of the audience. Rebecca said this was a horrible song which I beg to differ. Rebecca then goes to play the song then stops “it’s got wrong capo oh god”. Then Rebecca sings a bit then puts the capo higher then a bit lower. Rebecca then says sorry then “I was sick at a bus stop….come on….this is good….I’m still here”. Charles then said that “the first time we ever met” then Rebecca says “I fainted at a bus stop”. Charles then joked “Maybe this is the last day we will ever see each other”. Rebecca then says “I would put money on me dying tonight”. Well banter aside Rebecca sings this song beautifully. The lyrics are completely stunning. Some of the lyrics are catchy and the chords what are played on the guitar compliment them. Every solo effort from Rebecca there is something I really like. I found the song to be both entrancing and mesmerising. Christmas Thanks For Nothing was next and the majority is sung by Charles. There is a steady pace to the song and the harmonies provided by Rebecca are spot on. It is a strong song which has some really good lyrics. The final song on the night was Christmas (Baby Come On Home). For this number they came out into the middle of the store and performed it acoustically. As I was right at the front I stood on my chair just to get a glimpse of what was happening. I like the element of fun that each song gives off. Rebecca sings the majority of this song and her vocals are really strong. This has to be one of my favourite Christmas songs and it is an excellent cover version. When the song is over Charles and Rebecca make the way to the stage. Everyone is still waiting for another song and they do one last one. Charles says that the person did not press the button to play the music that would of played when they packed up. The last song was the current single Trophy Room. Before playing this song Rebecca finds out that the Union Chapel show was a sell out. This is a fast paced song with some really good verses. The song itself has some catchy lyrics ones that I found myself singing along to.


Christmas TV
Giving Up On Love
I Was Unconscious, It Was A Dream
If We’re Still Alive
No Good Way To Say I’m Leaving You
Because We’re Dead
Christmas And You’re Boring Me
Christmas Thanks For Nothing
Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)
Trophy Room

OVERALL: I last saw Slow Club in July and I didn’t realise how much I actually missed seeing them play live. This was a fantastic instore and the banter made me laugh and smile. Rebecca said about the Witchia/ Moshi Moshi party the night before and they won the quiz. Also If We’re Still Alive was a nice new song hopefully it was a taster of the second album. Rebecca’s banter was funny as well.


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