Erin K & Tash @ Brixton Jamm 14th December 2009

I arrived outside Brixton Jamm at 8.30pm. I was there for 8 but the doors didn’t open till 9pm. Well when I got there at 8pm I could hear the band sound checking. This was the official after party for Florence and the Machine who were also just up the road playing at Brixton Academy. I went in at 9pm and was the first one in and sitting on the sofa was Erin and Paul (I had seen both Tash and Nick when I was outside just about to go in). So I got inside said Hi to Erin, Paul and Laresse. Well this was quite a special occasion for me as it was gig 200 over the space of 3 years. Well when 9.30 came we all then moved into the main area and I just stood while they set up. The set was really good and there was a crowd of people who came in to have a listen. I am extremely pleased about the amount of people who were in the room listening to the set because they are a excellent band who have only been together for 3 months. The way they all gelled together back at The Spice Of Life in September was impressive. The set started at 9.45pm and it opened with Erin’s short little rap The Deep Throat Ditti. Erin mentions she had the keyboard that Laresse held since she was a kid. This then progressed onto a different version of Olga. This song which was about a Russian sex doll was sung on the night by Laresse. It was nice and different to hear a English accent for this song. Maybe I just think this because I have heard Erin and Tash both sing the song. The harmonies are provided by Erin and Tash which are completely perfect. Yes the song is a bit sexual but overall it is a brilliant song. Even though the lyrics are sexual the thing I like the most is they give off a positive happy vibe. You can tell that they are enjoying singing the songs. The very short song Ikea follows on. Its not really a song its just the word Ikea mentioned a couple of times. Jiggy Miggy follows on and Erin says is there any f*** buddies in the audience as that is what the song is about a f*** buddy Erin had. Well this is a really strong song which has a steady pace. Oh Well is a song which has really good lyrics that fit perfectly with the melody. The harmonies provided by Tash and Laresse are superb. This song is a gentle light song and is one of my personal favourites. Next on the night was There’s Not Really Something About Mary. Considering this was the first time they played the song as a full band it was completely faultless. The lyrics are excellent and it is played at a steady paced. The song is about a ex boyfriend Jimmy (Jiggy Miggy) who cheated on her. Tash’s song Clippety Clop was next on the night and it is a infectious song which has lyrics that will be stuck in your head. It is played at a slight fast pace and that is what I adore about that song. The penultimate song being Assholio and the harmonies for this one are once again spot on. The final song on the night being Horse Head Song minus the horse head as Erin forgot to bring it. Well the song is fast flowing which starts off slow. The chorus is fantastic and the song itself is so strong.


The Deep Throat Ditti
Jiggy Miggy
Oh Well
There’s Not Really Something About Mary
Clippety Clop
Horse Head Song

OVERALL: Again this was a faultless performance and I enjoyed it plus all the other people that were listening.


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