Miley Cyrus @ o2 Arena 13th December 2009

I arrived outside the o2 Arena at 5.30pm which was early considering I thought I would get there around 6pm. Well I went inside and purchased a programme then I joined the queue at entrance H. Well this was the first date of Miley’s jaunt of the UK. The tickets all sold out when they first went on sale and I was lucky enough to get a ticket. At first only two dates were scheduled for the o2. But due to phenomenal demand it lead to Miley adding two more dates at the o2 on the 19th and 20th December. Well doors opened at 6pm and everyone started to go in only having to wait another 30 mins for the doors to the arena to open. Well when I got inside I was surprised how close I actually was. I was seated in Block 112 Row F. Yes I had a side on view but it was an amazing seat. Well worth the £67 I paid for the ticket.

The opening act was Metro Station. Trace Cyrus is Miley’s older half brother and also Mason Musso who is brother to Mitchel Musso who stars in Hannah Montana. The set mainly supported the album Metro Station. I quite enjoyed the songs that were on the set. They are a pop band and there is a tinge of rock. The set was 9 songs long that is one extra song than what was played in the USA. Well they certainly knew how to get the crowd moving. Thy opened with Wish We Were Older and after California follows on straight away . From the second song California that is when the crowd started going wild. Now That We’re Done is next and next its Kelsey. Kelsey was a song that starts off slow then there is a steady pace. Trace urged everyone to sing along if they knew the words and he told everyone to jump up and down. It is a nice song with beautiful lyrics. Up next was Japanese Girl which they wrote in Japan well it had a faster tempo which I liked and the lyrics were good as well. Tell Me What To Do doesn’t feature on the album was a song for old school Metro Station fans. I actually found this song slightly addictive because the melody was still in my head after when I left. The lyrics are brilliant as well. After it is onto a album track Control. This was then followed by Seventeen Forever a song which both Miley and Mitchel appeared in the video too. For this song Trace dedicated it to Miley. The closing song was one that everyone wanted. Trace asked the crowd what song they wanted to hear. So everyone in time shouted out Metro Station then shouted the name of the song they wanted to here. This being Shake It and it got a amazing reception. It is a song which is really catching and parts of the song you wont forget. During the set Trace said that the UK crowd was more insane than the crowds back in the US.


Wish We Were Older
Now That We’re Done
Japanese Girl
Tell Me What to Do
Seventeen Forever
Shake It

Around 8.40pm Miley made her entrance. What a entrance it was it was truly spectacular. The whole crowd was going crazy. The monitors displayed a planet and said that the temperature was getting colder. Steam started to appear and when the monitors raised back up there was a ice glacier that Miley broke out of. The whole audience were going crazy. The first song on the night was Breakout it actually was slowed down until it reached the chorus then the pace picked up. This song is extremely catchy with lyrics which are superb. Following on from there was Start All Over then followed by 7 Things. Now 7 Things is a really good upbeat song. The chorus is fast and it is really strong. The whole of the audience loved the song. So after this song it was then time to move onto another song which had a tinge of rock in it. Kicking and Screaming is a Ashlee Simpson cover and features on the new EP The Time Of Our Lives. Well it is a really good take on the song. I would say that I prefer Miley’s version of the song. After Miley went offstage for a costume change the two guitarists did a short interlude. When Miley was back she was on the catwalk. This was my favourite song in the set. Bottom Of The Ocean is a beautiful ballad and she is wearing a long white gown. Miley works both sides of the crowd by coming over to each side on the catwalk. Miley goes back to the stage then dives backwards into a pit. The screens then showed Miley submerged in water hence Bottom Of The Ocean.

After the video screens showed a firefly and then a couple of frogs. I immediately knew the song this being Fly On The Wall. It was a extraordinary performance, they entered the stage on a hover boat which drove down the catwalk. For a couple of seconds Miley was harnessed up and flew through the air. After Miley and the rest of the dancers did a short dance interlude of Michael Jackson’s Thiller. Next was Let’s Get Crazy which is infact a Hannah Montana song. After that song was Hoedown Throwdown which has fast chorus, perfect lyrics which are infectious too. Now the dance moves to this song not even I can manage yet. Well after this song Wil.I.Am appeared on the monitors and the dancers performed a dance routine to Boom Boom Pow. So after a costume change during the interlude it was then onto the beautiful ballad These Four Walls. Miley and the rest of the band set up in the centre of the catwalk and performed acoustically. This song is so beautiful it is gentle as well. After the song was over Miley goes back to the main stage and shared with the crowd a trailer to upcoming film The Last Song which actually looks like a good film. So Miley then comes back onto the stage and she was on the piano to sing the ballad When I Look At You. Now this was a beautiful song and footage of The Last Song was being shown on the monitors. It was a song that Miley delivered perfectly and strongly.

After plenty of cheers it was onto Obsessed. I actually quite liked the melody of the song and the lyrics accompanied it well. Following on is the final Hannah Montana song which was taken from the Hannah Montana Movie. The song in question being Spotlight. Now I really like this song it is one of my favourites from the movie soundtrack. Girls Night Out which was taken from the Meet Miley Cyrus CD is the next on the night. There was a white sheet covering Miley when she was getting changed. The way the stage was set out was brilliant. Well this song has some strong powerful lyrics this being the chorus. Now the Joan Jett cover of I Love Rock And Roll was a interesting one. It was a brilliant take on the song but Miley got onto a motorbike which was then harnessed up and Miley was in the air and circled the front of the stage. Now Party In The USA saw the premiere of Party In The UK. The lyrics were changed for the first part of the song then referred back to Party In The USA towards the end. It was actually quite special as this was the first night and it was a different take to the song. Well the chorus is ever so catchy. You can sing along to the song. Well at the start it does have a reggae feel to it. Miley also paid homage to Michael Jackson by singing the line “And the Michael song was on” while wearing a black hat similar to the one MJ wore. Miley was also pushed along the stage on a luggage trolley. For Hovering it was a family affair as the audience screamed and got Trace to join Miley. Also her younger brother Braison was on the guitar. Now I really like this song at first there is a steady pace. Trace joined in with the chorus. The song is both strong and powerful.

The set closer was Simple Song. Miley came out wearing a tuxedo and was a musical conductor/ teacher. The rest of the dancers were the students and there were several desks on the stage. While a couple of dancers were throwing stuff at one another and when this happened you knew Miley was the teacher. Well she then went down the catwalk and stepped onto a elevated platform which made her rise high into the air. The tuxedo then grew and after the rest of the dancers had to gather it up when Miley was lowered. They all went offstage only to return minutes later for the encore this being the fast tempo See You Again. At first the dancers came out marching to the beat and as soon as Miley is onstage there were screams. The chorus is catchy and very up tempo. It was a strong performance and the dance routine was incredible. Wonder Worlds closing song was the beautiful ballad The Climb taken from The Hannah Montana Movie. This song is slow and the lyrics are powerful.


Start All Over
7 Things
Kicking And Screaming
Bottom Of The Ocean
Fly On The Wall/ Thriller
Let’s Get Crazy
Hoedown Throwdown/ Boom Boom Pow
These Four Walls (Acoustic)
When I Look At You
Girls Night Out
I Love Rock And Roll
Party In The USA
Simple Song


See You Again
The Climb

OVERALL: This was a really good welcome to the UK for Miley. She powered through a 19 set entertaining everybody. Yes it was exactly the same as the dates in the US but we were treated to something different this being Party In The UK. It is little moments like that which can make a gig special. It is had to choose a favourite song from the set because they were all fantastic. The way the show had been organised was spectacular and the dance routines incredible. As for the set by Metro Station it was a nice set of material from the debut album. Plus there was a track not released on the album. According to what Trace said the UK audience was much crazier than audiences over in the US.


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