Little Boots @ Shepherd’s Bush Empire 11th December 2009

I arrived outside Shepherd’s Bush Empire at 4pm the main reason was because I wanted to be the first one there and be right at the front. I told Victoria when I saw her at Phillips De Pury in November that I would be right at the front. This was a extension of the Skull Of Dreams tour which originally missed out London. Well tonight was completely sold out and waiting outside was so hard. It was freezing time went past so slow. I managed to get a look at the running order of the night and Victoria was listed as coming on at 9.15. Come nearer the time the security guards put the barriers out and there was going to be no o2 queue this time. Pretty annoying as I had my o2 card with me in my phone just in case there was. At 7pm that is when the doors opened. I went in had my ticket scanned and got to the main space. I was right at the front in the centre exactly where I wanted to be. There was then a 30 minute wait till the first band came on this being Wolf Gang. Now the set was only six songs long but it gave you a taster of what’s to come. The set was exactly the same 6 songs from when I previously saw them live. Suego Faults still is my favourite Wolf Gang song.

Second on the night was the beautiful Ellie Goulding. Next year the hype for Ellie will reach fever pitch as she has just won a Brit for Critics Choice 2010. A feat which was achieved by Florence and the Machine in 2009. What I looked forward to was the fact that this was a longer set which meant more songs. The set was opened up by Guns And Horses. There is something about her vocals I really liked. At first the song starts off at a steady pace and gets more up tempo when the chorus kicked in. The chorus is brilliant and infectious. Following on is Every Time You Go. It has some really good lyrics it is up tempo and there is a beat. It is This Love (Will Be Your Downfall) that wins hands down over the album tracks. Now this is a strong song catching as well. Ellie delivers a powerful performance. The final three songs kicks off with Under The Sheets. It was the first single and is extremely infectious. You just want to sing along to this song. It is played at a steady pace. Before starting the song Ellie wished someone happy birthday. This song has a beat to it. The lyrics are brilliant especially the chorus. Midlake cover Roscoe was next. I have not heard the original version yet but Ellie made the song her own. There was only one song to end on and this was the forthcoming single Starry Eyed which is released next February. This is a beautiful song which has wonderful lyrics. The chorus is brilliant and there is a slight pace to this song. So after the song had finished there was applause for Ellie and she made her way off the stage. Now Ellie is extremely talented and I predict that the Brit for Critics Choice will make her popularity go the same way as Florence’s did during 2009. I for one cant wait until the album is released because it will be amazing.


Guns And Horses

Every Time You Go

This Love (Will Be Your Downfall)

The Writer

Under The Sheets


Starry Eyed

So come 9.30pm that is when the headliner came on stage. Victoria was in a hooded robe and headed to the keyboard which was in front of the skull at the back. Well the first song on the night was Ghost. When she made her entrance on the stage there were cheers. Well Ghost is a nice song one that I have not heard live that often. The lyrics are really good and there is a steady pace to the song. So after plenty of cheers it was onto the next song which is the infectious electro New In Town. It is a catchy song which is played at a steady pace. The lyrics are strong especially the killer chorus. Following on is Tune Into My Heart which I have only heard live once before. This was a beautiful song which had perfect lyrics which made the song light and gentle. The melody to this song was mellowing and I really liked that. Click is up next and it is a catchy song and the chorus is one that you will never forget. The verses are brilliant. Mathematics which has to be my favourite song it is an up tempo song and has a perfect catchy chorus. Everyone was clapping along to the beat. You can definitely dance to this song. So after plenty of screams is onto Symmetry which saw Victoria play a keyboard/ guitar which was around her neck. The chorus is extremely powerful and the tempo to this song is ever changing. Hearts Collide is one off of Hands that I haven’t heard live. Well it is a brilliant song with really good lyrics. Victoria then went off stage to have a quick costume change which was a long robe and what was a protective mask. This was down to the laser harp and to protect Victoria from the laser. She did look like Lady Gaga a la Pokerface. Well the laser harp was spectacular and this then led into the next song Earthquake. This again is another catchy song with perfect lyrics. The chorus is so strong and there is a fast pace to it.

The penultimate song was Meddle which was the first song released by Victoria. It is a nice song which has a fast pace. I really like the fact the lyrics and melody gel wonderfully together. The set closer was the ever so powerful Remedy. I love this song because it is catchy with lyrics you can sing along to. I liked the chorus especially. So after when it is over Victoria and the rest of the band go offstage. After people chant encore Victoria comes back onto the stage in a dressing gown. She heads back to the keyboard with her plastic cup of alcohol. After some interaction with the crowd it was then onto three songs which were completely acoustic. The first being the beautiful soft gentle light ballad Hands. This is the secret track off the current album of the same name. The lyrics are brilliant and you can clearly picture a story to it. So after when Victoria finishes she asks the crowd what to play. There are some shouts of Don’t You Want Me. Well Victoria sings a couple of lines to this song. For a moment I thought the whole crowd would be having another sing along. This wasn’t to be the case the next song was the Kate Bush cover Running Up That Hill. Now this was a beautiful ballad, a strong performance too. Victoria’s voice is suited to it and she does justice to the song. This song I found to be slightly spine tingling. New song Echoes follows on and it is a ballad and it is completely different to the tracks on the current album. It is a beautiful song and it was a taster of what is to come from the second album (that’s if it does make the second album and doesn’t appear as a B Side). This was the second time I had heard this song and I could enjoy it more as I knew how this song would turn out. The final song of the encore being Stuck On Repeat. Well to begin with Victoria does it acoustically which was truly spectacular. The audience was loving this song. So after this was over the band came onto the stage for a full on version of this song. It is a song which has a steady pace and has catchy lyrics.


New In Town
Tune Into My Heart
Hearts Collide


Running Up That Hill
Stuck On Repeat

OVERALL: I was pleased that The Skull Of Dreams tour finally rolled into London. I was a bit dismayed when it was missed out when the tour was announced. I have never seen Victoria headlining. I did want to go to the ICA last year but it was impossible for me to go. Still it was nice to hear a longer set from Victoria after I had only saw her at instores/ festivals. Well the songs were fantastic. Echoes went down a treat and the cover of Running Up That Hill. One word Amazing. The Laser Harp OMG was brilliant and I have read that there were a few teething problems in Manchester the day before. Well the set was completely faultless and Victoria almost cried. There was something in the atmosphere that made it really special. I look forward to seeing Little Boots again next year. Plus Wolf Gang have really grown on me since the first time I saw them live and as for Ellie Goulding she is definitely one to look out for in 2010.


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