Tara Busch @ The Social 7th December 2009

I arrived at The Social about 5.30. I decided to just sit in the corridor just waiting till the doors did finally open. Also it was a lot warmer inside. I looked at one of the free magazines which passed the time. Doors were supposed to open at 6pm but did not open till 7pm. The reason why I came down was to see the delightful Tara Busch. It was the first time I had seen her live but I have been a fan of hers for a good few months. I pre ordered the deluxe edition of Pilfershire Lane which has a pop up set which I will make very soon. As for Pilfershire Lane it is a truly amazing album its good to have something physical. Well how this night came to my knowledge was that Tara sent me an invitation on Facebook as I was a member of the Pilfershire Lane 100. Now I was deliberating whether to see Tara or go to the album playback of First Aid Kit’s forthcoming album. Well Tara won hands down and I think I made the right choice. The first artist on the night was Georgia Ruth someone whom I would like to know further. Well the set was amazing Georgia was singing and playing the harp. It was ashame people were speaking as I found this to be quite soothing and spine tingling as well. One of the songs was also sung in Welsh. I will most definitely see Georgia in the future. Come 9.40pm it was then onto Tara. The set included tracks from Pilfershire Lane, old songs and a cover. The opening song being Pilfershire Lane. Before starting Tara is playing with her synths making all kinds of strange noises then moves to the keyboard to play this song. All the songs on the night sound slightly haunting. Tara has wonderful vocals and Pilfershire Lane is an excellent song which is played at a steady pace. Now Superfriends starts off as an a capella song. Her voice is so beautiful and stunning. Superfriends is my favourite track off the album but after hearing it stripped bare I am in love with it even more. St George infuses with the song. It is a nice steady paced song. Motorcrash is another nice song. Tara uses her synths to sound like a Dalek in pain. This was a short song and did not make the cut of Pilfershire Lane. The next song on the night Tara had been tweeting about covering it the day before. Well this song being Pet Shop Boys – West End Girls. Well it is a intriguing cover as it is completely slowed down. Tara has put her own twist to the song. Tara completely makes the song her own and I actually like this version. I may like the original version but this version is growing on me. Third Speed Of Light is another steady paced song. Tara’s vocals are beautiful and she delivers this song strongly. Up next was Tag which did not make the album. The lyrics and the synth gels well. There is something about Tara’s vocals. Like I said before they are haunting vocals. So after the song has finished Tara plays with the synth which emit’s a loud frequency. Well the song that rounds off the perfect night is one of my many favourite songs from the Pilfershire Lane album. This song being Over The Radio it’s a steady paced song and the synth and vocals are incredible.


Pilfershire Lane
Superfriends/ St George
West End Girls
Third Speed Of Light
Over The Radio

OVERALL: After the set I met Tara and got my copy of Pilfershire Lane signed. Tara is one incredible singer and I had a brilliant night hearing music which completely captivated me. I will definitely see Tara again when she is next in London. The same applies to Georgia Ruth whose music I found to be both soothing and mellowing.


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