Erin K & Tash @ Camden Rock 6th December 2009

I arrived at Camden Rock around 6.50ish. I found the bar slightly small compared to other pubs that have held gigs. Well when I arrived the band were just all huddled round just singing a song. As Erin said it was band practice. Well I then purchased a ticket for the Florence after party that Erin will be playing at and we had a chat. Later on they did a sound check after the band who were headlining had finished theirs. After the sound check I had a look round the bar as Erin, Tash, Nick and Paul went off to get something to eat. I then left got a snack then came back and just sat down on a table. Well the set started at 8.50pm. It opened with The Deep Throat Ditti which is a nice short rap by Erin. This short rap has infectious beat that I like. Following on straight away is Olga the song about a lesbian sex doll. This is a fast paced song yes it may be a bit sexual but it is a brilliant song. The harmonies are outstanding and again there is a beat to this song. Next on the night was Tash’s song Clippety Clop which is a song I adored from the very first day I heard it. The song is played at a fast pace and the lyrics are so catchy and infectious. The verses are excellent and the harmonies provided by Erin were spot on. Now Oh Well another song that was delivered perfectly made memories of The Troubadour where I played Kazoo came flooding back to me. Well this has got some really good lyrics and my favourite part of the song has to be the last verse. There’s Not Really Something About Mary and it was about an ex boyfriend of Erin’s who cheated on her. Well this was the first time they had played the song as a band and having heard the original version they pulled it off. The thing I really like about Erin is that every single performance makes you smile. There is a steady pace to this song and it has brilliant lyrics. The ending of this song provided the lead to the next. Erin ended the song by saying “There’s not really something about Jiggy”. This led onto the next song Jiggy Miggy which is about a f*** buddy of Erin’s. It is a strong song and you can picture the story from the lyrics. The song is powerful as well and there is a steady pace to it. The penultimate song on the night being Assholio that I have not seen performed many times. For this song Erin is on the chair. This song is played at a fast pace and the harmonies that Tash provides are amazing. For some reason whenever I hear this song Mexico comes into my head. Well the final song that rounds off this faultless set is Horse Head Song. Paul chooses not to put on the Horse Head. The song is partially dark and it tells you the story behind the Horse Head. The chorus is powerful there is a fast pace to this song. I can compare this song to a snowball which can gather a fast momentum.


The Deep Throat Ditti
Clippety Clop
Oh Well
There’s Not Really Something About Mary
Jiggy Miggy
Horse Head Song

OVERALL: This was yet another faultless set by Erin. It is definitely a pleasure to hear them perform such wonderful songs. The thing I really like is they can make you smile and laugh. Well after when the set finished I said my goodbyes to Erin, Tash, Paul and Nick. I look forward to seeing them at the Florence after party where the fan base could grow.


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