Clubland 3 @ HMV Apollo 5th December 2009


I arrived outside the HMV Apollo around 4.30pm. There were already about 30 people in front of me. Well the barriers for the queue was still the maze like Regina the day before. The weather was pour I got soaked as it started to rain. For a moment I thought we may of got let in early as it was raining but this wasn’t to be. When 6.50pm came that is when the queue started to move. I managed to slip in and was the first to get the ticket scanned in. I then was inside the foyer and I approached the doors. They were open and I expected to wait there till 7pm but I was allowed straight in. Once in the main space I got my spot in the centre. There was a big white screen pulled down so no one could see what was behind it. The list of people performing on the night was huge I thought how are they going to fit all this in 3 hours. I only came to Cascada, Agnes and Mini Viva. Towards the end of the night I left having seen another two artists whom I would like to hear more from. This night at the Apollo was not a sell out. I did expect it to be slightly rowdy as N- Dubz were performing but I was proved wrong it wasn’t that bad. The night kicked off with Jenna Lee aka Infextious. Now with this being Clubland 3 all the acts on the night are in the pop/ dance genre. Now Infextious I really enjoyed the short 2 song set. Shame it was so short because I would of loved to have heard more. The set kicked off with Won’t Forget These Days which is a nice pop song. There is a beat to this song the melody gels well with the lyrics. This was then followed by Amigos Forever and this is a fast paced song with catchy lyrics and a perfect chorus. Jenna gets the crowd warmed up. The 2 songs were brilliant Infextious is definitely someone to look out for on the club circuit. You can tell just from seeing Jenna perform that she is having lots of fun onstage. A mention must go to the dancers as well who were fantastic. Mini Viva whom I have seen before followed straight after Jenna.

Mini Viva

Mini Viva are like bubble gum pop. The songs are instantaneously catchy. The two track set started off with the song that started it all Left My Heart In Tokyo. Well originally it was released in 2008 as a 10” vinyl then re released which meant it crashed into the top 10. Well this is an infectious song and you can definitely picture it being played in clubs. The song has a fast pace. The lyrics are perfect especially the chorus it’s one that can get you going. Following up this song was the 2nd single I Wish. It is completely different from Left My Heart In Tokyo. I really like the lyrics they are catchy especially the light chorus. Well Mini Viva are definitely a band I can see getting a larger fan base. Well both songs on the night made me smile. The third act on the night was Agnes. She took to the stage after the DJ interval had finished. Well the set by Agnes was interesting. I thoroughly enjoyed the two songs. Agnes had won the second season of Idol (Sweden’s version of Pop Idol) and is the only contestant to be marketed internationally. She came on wearing a gold cat suit and started off her two songs by singing current release I Need You Now. Well it is a nice pop song which has a perfect melody. The lyrics are perfect and Agnes was definitely revelling in playing to a London audience. Following on was Agnes’s biggest hit over here this being Release Me.


Now this is a steady paced song which has a strong chorus. Further in the song there was a beat. It was a nice song and when finished there were loads of cheers. Well during Release Me saw the steam jets working. Again there were dancers and they did a fantastic job.


Now Skyla was the most interesting artist on the night . Again it was only two songs but those two songs were covers. Well Ayo Technology Lucy (Skyla) put her own twist to this song. It was more dancey and the crowd enjoyed every moment of this song. Up next was a fast paced version of Breaking Free. The song is again a dance song but it is pop at the same time. Everyone was singing along to this song. You could definitely feel the energy. Well I really enjoyed the two songs after it was onto another DJ set then Darren Styles.

Darren Styles

Darren definitely was a crowd pleaser and I really enjoyed his songs on the night. Fresh after the two song performance at the Jingle Bell Ball N Dubz then performed a 5 song set which featured old songs and new songs. After a video introduction the band then made their entrance to the stage. There were many people screaming and there were lasers too. Well as the band entered the stage that is when the four steams jets went off. The first song of the set being the highest charting single from the Uncle B album this being Strong Again. This song definitely got the crowd worked up. You could fell the energy that this song gave off. There was a beat that I really liked. Next was the ballad Papa Can You Hear Me. This song is a slow ballad and has some beautiful lyrics. So after the song the band go off stage for a costume change. A video is then played which was promo for the new album. When they do come back to the stage they launch into Number 1 which was in fact number 1. Well this was minus Tinchy still it has good lyrics and it went down well with the crowd. The following song Playing With Fire is a song that features Mr Hudson on the new album. This will be the next single as well. At the start it is slow and it progresses to a steady pace further into the song. The rest of the crowd is going wild. The closing song to the set is I Need You. Some people in the crowd were singing along to this song. It is played at a steady pace and in my opinion I would of used Number 1 as the set closer. So after the band go off stage there is a rapture of applause then it is another DJ set.

N Dubz

N Dubz Set List

Strong Again
Papa Can You Hear Me?
Number 1
Playing With Fire
I Need You

After another DJ set it was then onto the main act. White sheets covered the stage while they set it up. The huge screen played a intro and when it started the sheets came falling down. The introduction lasted for about a couple of minutes and you could feel the intense atmosphere. Clips of Cascada songs were played on the screen and the lasers were being used again. Natalie came onto the stage and opened with Perfect Day from the album with the same name. The screen behind Natalie was a background which showed some lyrics from the song. Well to begin with they were standing on this platform. There were also 4 dancers. Well it was a brilliant opener and the crowd loved it. You can dance to all of Cascada’s songs. This one is a strong song with perfect lyrics. Next was Miracle taken from the first album this was special as it was infused together with Truly Madly Deeply. Well Miracle is another strong song which has one amazing beat. The lyrics are brilliant. So after the song ends Natalie launches into a bit of Savage Garden cover Truly Madly Deeply. Now I really liked this cover because even though it is a beautiful song it has a fast pace to it. It is a song you can sing along to. Well this take of the song has Cascada’s own twist to. So after the short 1 minute snippet of this song was over there was a rapture of applause. The next three songs were taken from the current album Evacuate The Dancefloor. Now Fever starts off steady and the verses and chorus is spot on. It is a song you can jump about to. I really like the songs pace and it is also a catchy song which fits well with the melody. This is the forthcoming single released on 21st December.

Dangerous is next and again is a infectious song with brilliant lyrics. I am surprised it did not even make the top 40 as it is an amazing song. It is a strong powerful song and Natalie delivers an outstanding performance. Evacuate The Dancefloor was a song I was not sure about when I first saw the song title on the new release schedule. Well true to its word I was affected by the sound of this song. It is one you can dance to and it definitely got the crowd worked up hence the name Evacuate The Dancefloor. The song itself is also catchy and you really want to sing along to it. So after more applause it is then onto the song that started things off for Natalie. This being debut single Everytime We Touch. Everyone sings along to this song. At first it starts off slow and then becomes faster when she reached the chorus. This is a powerful song and the dance routine was great. Natalie knows how to get the crowd going. After there were some technical difficulties what they were exactly I do not know. Natalie and her dancers were just standing on the spot for about 3 minutes. Well during this the dancers kept the crowd entertained and Natalie introduces them. They then all go off the stage and then come back on minutes later to sing Runaway. This song again starts off slow and then has a fast paced chorus. Natalie was certainly enjoying performing. It is a catchy song and powerful as well. Following on is another cover which was taken from the Perfect Day album. What Hurts The Most starts off slow and then gradually gets faster. It is a beautiful song and everyone in the crowd was singing along. Natalie made the song her own and it was an outstanding performance. Ending the night was Because The Night. It was a good choice of song to end on as it was a real crowd pleaser. The chorus is delivered strongly and the steam jets were also used. Towards the end gold confetti are shot out these cannons that the dancers pull (think party poppers but a huge one). The rest of the crowd were going wild. So Natalie and dancers leave the stage and then I make my way home after having a brilliant Saturday night.


Perfect Day
Miracle/ Truly Madly Deeply
Evacuate The Dancefloor
Everytime We Touch
What Hurts The Most
Because The Night

OVERALL: This night was amazing. I was surprised not to get slightly crushed Every single set I enjoyed. That even includes the DJ acts and Breeze got the crowd going during the interval. Well I will most definitely see Infextious, Skyla and Agnes again as they impressed me greatly. Mini Viva I can see that in 2010 the fan base will grow as they are amazing. As for the set by Cascada it was outstanding. I have followed Cascada’s career before she came over to the UK and the tracks she sings are brilliant. In my opinion there has not been one single bad album. The N Dubz set was short but it gave the crowd a small taster of the new album. Well I really enjoyed the night and I would even consider going to Clubland 4.


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