Regina Spektor @ HMV Apollo 4th December 2009

I arrived outside the HMV Apollo at 5pm to find there were already quite a few people in the queue. The way the queue was laid out made it look like a maze. I was trying to find the entrance and went to where the last person was only to be told that the entrance was over at the other side. Well thankfully it did not pour down it was spitting but that was it. I did meet some nice people in the queue though. It made the experience go even more quicker. Just before 7pm they started to let everyone in so the queue started to move forward. So everyone made their way into the foyer area and this is the point where it had been badly organised. The doors were not even open as they were still doing sound check (why let people in when the sound check is still happening). People started to gather round the doors it was pretty packed. So when the doors opened everyone to the right side of me started to go in. The doors on my side did not open at the same time as they had to hook the door onto something. There were people annoyed as some people went in who were behind us in the queue. So when everything was fine there was a surge forwards. So I then got to the barrier not in the centre that I could have been at if they decided to open the doors when the sound check had finished. When at the front of the barrier I was on the far left not my ideal place but still at least I had a good view. After waiting at the barrier the first support act came on and it was Jenny Owen Youngs. I really enjoyed this opening set. It was a shame that there was loads of talking. Well the songs were acoustic/ pop songs.

Regina came on at 9pm and this was to be a incredible set which featured the who of the new album Far, non album tracks and old songs from the previous albums. This was a monumental 21 song set plus another 5 song encore. The set opened up with The Calculation which was taken from the latest album Far. There is a beat to it but it sounds that there is a reggae vibe to the song. Well this song is a catchy song with a brilliant chorus. It is up tempo and I would say it is my one of my favourite songs off the album. The slow ballad Eet is next. This is a beautiful song. Regina has an amazing voice. The lyrics are brilliant and the song does get slightly pacey as the song progresses. The lyrics are superb especially with the way it starts off “It’s like forgetting the words to your favourite song”. During this song you have people whooping with delight. Another one of my favourite songs was next this being Folding Chair. This was a good song, good melody, good beat and it is definitely up tempo. The lyrics and melody blend well and that is why I like it because it is a catchy song. Ode To Divorce which was the opener on Regina’s album Soviet Kitsch follows on. It is a nice slow song which Regina plays beautifully on the piano. Machine is next it starts off heavy and has some good lyrics and a good chorus. I see the song being the Après Moi of Regina’s album Far.

Regina’s first single taken from Far is next on the night. The song in question being Laughing With. It is a nice, light song and it delivers a strong message. The lyrics are brilliant and powerful as well. Regina sings about God and no one laughs at him. One More Time With Feeling was next on the night and this song is a strong slow ballad. The song does begin to get up tempo when the song progresses. The chorus is brilliant as well and Regina belts it out. Two Birds which is from Far is a song I haven’t experienced live. Well there is a steady pace which then progresses to both up tempo and powerful. As soon as Regina starts playing Blue Lips there are screams in the crowd. This song again is another powerful and haunting song. This is then followed by On The Radio taken from Begin To Hope you have people clapping along to the song. Once the song starts there is a rapture of cheers. I like this up tempo song from the beginning to end. It has a really good beat to it plus good lyrics. Next it is another old song this being Sailor Song from Soviet Kitsch. This again is another powerful song. The Call is next and it is a short beautiful song. Following on Dance Anthem Of The 80’s and she moves over to the keyboard. There are cheers when Regina starts playing the keyboard. Well there is an brilliant beat to this song and there is a steady pace to this song. Some of the lyrics are amazing. Non album track Silly Eye Color Generalization well words cannot describe how good it was. It is basically a capella and Regina belts out this song with her ever so strong voice. The sold out HMV Apollo crowd simply loved it. Bobbing For Apples is next. For this song Regina goes to play the guitar. It is a nice song and again like a couple of songs on the night it is obscure. Following on is the catchy song That Time. I do really enjoy both lyrics and melody. It has really good verses and according to the song Tangerines are cheap and juicy. For Après Moi Regina heads back to her piano. It is both heavy and dark song. She sings parts of the song in French, Russian and English. It is absolutely mesmerising and it is a reason why I adore this song so much. Human Of The Year follows on it is taken from the current album and it is a strong powerful song. Wallet is a nice steady song which starts off with the line “I found a Wallet”. Now this song tells a story and that is one of the reasons why I like the song. It is a beautiful song as well. The Sword & The Pen a Far bonus track is next on the night. It is a song which has a steady pace and some really strong lyrics. Man Of A Thousand Faces is the set closer. It starts of gentle and slowed pace but when it progresses that is when it changes to a stronger song.

When Regina and the rest of the band go off stage people are chanting for more. So Regina comes onstage but then goes back off stage as some one just fainted. Well the same person shouting out a song finally got his wish. The first song of the encore was Samson and it was a crowd pleaser. It is a strong, powerful, slow song. Everyone sings along to this song. Us is next and the violinists come back onstage. This song also gets a good reception too and everyone is singing along to the song. Fidelity then follows on. This song is catchy and has brilliant lyrics. This was the song that made me listen to Regina all those years ago. The song is actually infectious. I am surprised it never broke into the top 40 as it is a brilliant song. When Regina keeps sing Better during Fidelity there is a slight English accent. Hotel Song which again was another a capella song was really good. The lyrics were amazing. It is slightly up tempo and it is catchy as well. Before Regina left the stage she left the audience with a treat this being non album track Love You’re A Whore. Now this was a nice song it was up tempo and it is always a risk ending a set with a obscure song. But this doesn’t apply to Regina because it went down well with the crowd.


The Calculation
Folding Chair
Ode To Divorce
Laughing With
One More Time With Feeling
Two Birds
Blue Lips
On The Radio
Sailor Song
The Call
Dance Anthem Of The 80’s
Silly Eye Color Generalization
Bobbing For Apples
That Time
Apres Moi
Human Of The Year
The Sword & The Pen
Man Of A Thousand Faces


Hotel Song
Love You’re A Whore

OVERALL: This night was fantastic. When you see Regina there is always something in the air. This gig was being filmed and there were a few problems on the night one was with the piano. It all sounded fine but the fact it was being filmed could play a part in this. Maybe Regina wanted it to be faultless for the DVD. Well I enjoyed the night and 26 songs WOW!!!. Regina is truly an exceptional artist whose tours dont come around that often. As for the support Jenny Owens Young she was a nice opener to warm up the crowd. Shame people were talking through it because I was enjoying the set.


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