Yeah Yeah Yeahs @ Brixton Academy 1st December 2009

I arrived at Brixton Academy at 2.30pm to find out there was no one in the queue. That was good that I was first because I thought it would get very busy. The next 2 people arrived at 3.30pm and we found out that o2 customers get priority entrance. So everyone in the o2 priority queue go in first and the rest go in last. I was not happy because I had been there since 2.30pm to be right at the front when inside the venue only to be left with the thought I will be at the back. Well I then ran off to by a o2 sim card only to find out that my phone needed to be unlocked. So it was another dash to the place I got the sim from. It was getting dark and I was hoping it hadn’t shut. So when there I got my phone unlocked for £10 and it took around 10 minutes to do. Once done I walked back to the Academy and joined the o2 queue knowing my phone was now on that network. When it was nearing to doors opening people who work for o2 came down the queue and gave out sweets and o2 wallets. The doors opened just a few minutes after 7pm and all the priority queue went in first. Well I managed to get my place at the barrier in the centre slightly to the left. This was the first time I had seen Yeah Yeah Yeahs and I didn’t know what to expect. Well the only support of the night was Duchess Says. They are a four piece Canadian band who consist of Annie-Claude, Ismael, Phil and Simon Says. Now how can I describe the music. Well it was slightly energetic and they are unique. I really enjoyed the set but it just sounded like noise. The standout moment of the set was when Annie came over the barrier and started making her through the crowd. It was reminiscent of Rachel from KASMS when I saw them at Rough Trade months ago.

Come 9.30 that’s when the headline act started their set. There was a clear opaque sheet covering the stage. So when Karen started to sing Runaway she was performing in front of a sheet. Well it was finally pulled down and Karen had a robe on and was wearing a hat. Well Runaway is a strong slow song you wouldn’t associate Yeah Yeah Yeahs with a slow song. Some of the lyrics are perfect and it was a strong song to open to. The first change to the set list from the previous night was Phenomena. Karen went offstage to do a quick change. The crowd were going wild and when she came on wearing a PVC Catsuit and what can be describe as two octopus arms. Well this song had a beat to it and there were shouts of “We love you”. Also when Karen took a sip of her water she spurted it out making it look like a water fountain. So after a rapture of applause it is onto the next song which was current single Heads Will Roll. Now this song was a real crowd pleaser. Karen was wearing a rubber fetish mask and the audience loved it as they were singing along. It was pretty energetic people were surging forward hoping to get to the front. The song has some really powerful lyrics “Off off off with your head, Dance dance dance ’til you’re dead”. It is also a fast tempo song which I really like. Pin which is a song which featured on the debut album Fever To Tell is next the night and Karen is swinging the microphone around. It is a really good song that the audience really liked and went crazy for when it ended. The second change to the night was Dull Life which was taken from the new album It’s Blitz. I was actually quite surprised that people went crazy for the new stuff as when I first heard it on the album it was gentle.

Gold Lion followed on. It was really good song and three gold sparkly YYY’s are lowered down from the ceiling. For Cheated Hearts everyone started to clap in time. When Karen started singing the whole crowd sang along with her. Well it is a really strong song and then Karen comes from off the stage to and got the whole first row to be guest vocalists by joining in with the “Ooh ooh” bit. For Skeleton Karen was wearing a headdress and confetti was coming down from the ceiling. With the headdress and the robe Karen did resemble what a Indian would wear. The song is a slow one which has a steady pace which has brilliant lyrics and is beautiful at the same time. Hysteric was another song which had a steady pace. The rest of the audience were singing along to this song. It is taken from It’s Blitz again and the songs taken from that album and it is a lot different to the first two. Soft Shock which is again taken off of It’s Blitz. The song sounded a tad electro but the lyrics were brilliant. The song again is another steady song. I like the line “It’s a shock, shock, to your soft side”. The final change of the night being Honey Bear taken from the rockier album Show Your Bones. The song was slightly electro too the crowd were literally going crazy.

Zero was the first single to be taken from It’s Blitz and was next on the night. It is a really good song. It is slightly rocky and has some powerful lyrics. Karen is wearing a leather jacket which she later turned round to show that is had a sparkly KO on the back. This song also through a giant eyeball beach ball into the crowd. When the song was nearing finished loads of confetti shot out from the cannons. The final song of the night being Turn Into which was taken from Show Your Bones. The crowd began to clap in time and then the song started. Everyone was singing along to every word. The first verse starts off slow and when that is over it begins to get more heavy. In the sense that it was a powerful song it was a good song to round of the night. It was a real crowd pleaser and the energy was running high. So the band then exited the stage only to come on later for what would be a three song encore. It started of with a acoustic version of Maps. Karen says this was a Yeah Yeah Yeahs love song. Karen dedicates this song to everyone in Brixton Academy and Duchess Says. The crowd were going wild well once Karen gets stuck into the song there are whoops of delight. It is a nice slow beautiful song and everyone was singing along. After a rapture of applause it was onto the next song Y Control. It is a rocky song, heavy as well the rest of the crowd are going crazy. The final song was Date With The Night. It is another heavy song and rounded off a triumphant final night at Brixton Academy. The very end of the song Karen was swinging around the micro phone and was constantly whacking it on the floor. So after plenty of cheers the band left the stage. I then made my way outside the venue battered and bruised but on a high though.


Heads Will Roll
Dull Life
Gold Lion
Cheated Hearts
Soft Shock
Honey Bear
Turn Into


Maps (Acoustic)
Y Control
Date With The Night

OVERALL: This was a tense night. The crowd were crazy when the Yeah Yeah Yeahs were on. Karen was revelling in the atmosphere. It was plain to see that she was enjoying performing for us. Well this was an amazing night despite the crushing. Adrenaline gets you through gigs like this. There was plenty of confetti plus red shiny Y’s which came out of the cannons. As for the support by Duchess Says all I can say is the set was rather interesting and I would most definately listen to further material from them.


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  1. Ivy says:

    i went to the 30th YYYs show, it was amazing and i met Nick! Here’s my vidoe for Runaway

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