Hashell @ The Bedford 3rd December 2009

I arrived slightly later for this gig. I turned up at 6.30pm and when I went into The Bedford then had a look around. I did not know where the area for the gig would be so I then found this door which was open which said auditorium. So I opened the door only to find Sara there. So I went inside gave Sara a hug then looked around the place. It was huge it looked like a theatre. Think of The Globe theatre. So I heard the sound check and I had a wander upstairs then came down. I then saw Sara sound check three songs with her band. This was the second time that I had seen the full band. There were plenty of people who were here for this night. It is the biggest audience at a gig Hashell has been playing at that I have been at. Also it was being broadcast live over the internet. Well around 9.30pm that is when the set started. The opening number was Hello. This is a song about a relationship breakdown that didn’t end well. The pace is quite up tempo and it has some belting lyrics that Sara delivers perfectly. The next song was a new one which had been sound checked. Sara later said that this was wrote about her flat mate Anthony who used to come in at 3-4 in the morning with his mates. It is always nice to hear new songs. Think Of Something is a nice strong song with some brilliant lyrics. There is a beat to this song and the it has a infectious up tempo chorus.

So after plenty of cheers it is onto the next song Do What You Want has a fast pace and it is a song that I really like. Sara puts everything into the song. It is delivered strongly and it is a catchy song as well. Be Unkind follows on and this was the song that should of won the MTV Soundwave 2008. Well this is a nice slow gentle beautiful song. The song itself is a powerful one especially the chorus that Sara delivers perfectly. How this song didn’t win the Soundwave competition puzzles me. After this song Sara plugs away the EP which can be pre ordered on Amazon from the 14th December and is released on the 25th January. Invincible was the next song on the night and it was an acoustic one. Just like Be Unkind this is another beautiful song. It is a nice slow gentle song and Sara’s vocal ability is incredible. The chorus is amazing and it is a song that I really adore. Next up on the night was another song I heard being sound checked (the other one was Invincible). Well this was a intriguing cover. Now Sara does like her covers after doing bits of Avril Lavigne’s Complicated and Lady Gaga’s Paparazzi. Well this cover being Sugababe’s About You Know. Sara made it her own the song was played at a slower tempo and it sounded perfect. Words cannot describe how brilliant this cover it was. Sara made this song her own and it was simply spine tingling. Another new song on the night was Little Lies which I had heard the previous two times I have seen Hashell. Well before the song Sara thought they had reached the end of the set and this song was the last one. It is another strong song you can tell what is in store when the band starts playing. Well it starts off slow as it progresses it gets fast. As the previous songs Sara delivers a outstanding performance. Some of the lyrics she just belts out. The final song of the night was the title track of the EP Worthless. Well this was the second time I had heard this song. The previous times it had been mashed up with Complicated. So when Sara was singing I kept expecting the song to change but it never did happen. Still Worthless is a fantastic song which has some brilliant lyrics. I really like the beat of this song. Well this was a brilliant song to cap off a wonderful Thursday night.


Think Of Something
Do What You Want
Be Unkind
About You Now
Little Lies

OVERALL: This was the second time I had seen the full band and I really enjoyed it. The fact that there were two acoustic songs was a bonus. I definitely look forward to seeing Sara live again next year when Worthless does finally hit shelves. Well the songs are mainly about the same thing relationships. You could think of Sara being like Taylor Swift who writes about the same thing. But then again Taylor names them in the song. Still it was an amazing Hashell gig and the songs on the night were completely faultless.


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