Kate Voegele @ The Borderline 30th November 2009

I arrived outside The Borderline at 5.30pm to find out there was no one else outside. Well it wasn’t long till people started to arrive. Two girls joined me as soon as I got there and the majority of people didn’t start to show till 6pm. I first heard about Kate through One Tree Hill listened to her music and I liked what I heard. Well queuing outside was excruciating it was so cold. I did feel some drops of rain. Well the doors did open on time at 7pm. So I went in and immediately warmed up. I then went right to the front and stayed there till the very end. After one hour waiting it was time for the support act. This being Aaron Wright all the way from Edinburgh. He had his acoustic guitar and a keyboard player accompanying him. I actually quite enjoyed the half hour set. I liked the style of songs he was singing. It was like a cross between pop/ folk and indie. So when the set finally finished it was another 30 minutes wait for the main course.

Well this was Kate’s first time in London so just attending the first ever gig is kind of special. Kate who also plays Mia Catalano in One Tree Hill performed a set which featured songs off the new album a couple of songs from the debut and a cover too. Kate was in London for two nights this being the first and Scala was the day after. These dates were part of the A Fine Mess tour. When the change over was happening three stools were placed on the stage. Well at 9pm Kate took to the stage. The song that was playing when she made her entrance was She’s A Lady by Tom Jones. As Kate made her way to the stage there were a lot of screams. The opening song was actually one that was taken from the debut album Don’t Look Away. When she got onto the stage Kate said “Hello London” and then launched into I Get It which was a gentle song but it was delivered strongly. The song itself is a catchy one with a chorus that I love. The audience really liked this song as well as there were woops and singing along. The one thing that I hated was people talking through this song. Next it was the first song on the night from the new album A Fine Mess. For Inside Out everyone was singing along. Kate was on her acoustic guitar and I really adore the chorus it is up tempo. The song itself has a steady pace and some really catchy lyrics. After there is a bit of interaction with the audience. Kate says “That was a enthusiastic response and that was exactly what I was hoping for” the crowd is literally screaming. Only Fooling Myself which is taken from the first album starts off slow but when the chorus kicked in that is when people started to sing along. The chorus is slightly up tempo. It was a song that started soft but got stronger when it progressed.

Kindly Unspoken followed on and yet again the crowd joined in. Kate had put her acoustic guitar down. Her vocals are amazing. This was a soft gentle ballad. I really liked this song. The pace was steady and people were screaming. The song is actually a powerful one. After this song had received a rapture of applause it was onto songs from A Fine Mess till the very end. The first song being Playing Games Wit My Heart. Kate says “The twist to this song is about when you are actually better at playing those games”. Well it is a steady pace song which everyone joins along singing. Kate is on her guitar and the lyrics are brilliant especially the chorus. The chorus is extremely catchy. Angel got a really good reception when Kate mentioned One Tree Hill. Everyone started singing along to the song. The song itself is smooth and has a extremely powerful chorus:

“We don’t mess around.
You’ve got no freedom to come down.
We don’t take angels from the sky.
Oh no, we don’t mess around.
You’re meant to be among the clouds cause your an angel.
But that’s a lie. Uh oh oh oh”

Manhattan In The Sky follows on the lyrics are really good extremely catchy too. It was clear to see that Kate was revelling playing to a sold out Borderline consisting of her fans. The next song was a real treat first it starts off with the slow song Unfair. It is a nice gentle song and I quite like it. Some of the lyrics are strong. A take on Jason Derulo’s Whatcha Say blends in with this song. It was a nice cover Kate made the song her own. The pace is steady and I really liked it after having heard the original version of the song. After Kate interacts with the crowd and reveals they will come back “as soon as we can get ourselves back”. Kate mentions that they have been playing in Europe and Whatcha Say has not been released over there yet and people come up to her and say “That’s a great song you wrote”. Kate replied by saying “That’s definitely not my song”. Talking Smooth was next on the night and it is about people who do just that. Well people start singing along to this song. The song started off gentle and as soon as the song progresses it becomes stronger. That is the reason I like this song because it is a strong song and has some brilliant lyrics. The melody is excellent and the lyrics fit perfectly with it. I really liked the vibe given from this song. It was also a crowd pleaser too. The penultimate song on the night being Lift Me Up which is taken from the current record A Fine Mess. Well it another gentle song with some really powerful lyrics. The night is then rounded off by a cover of Muse’s Starlight. Words cannot explain how good I found this cover to be. Kate made it her own and it sounds nothing like the original version. Now I am not a massive Muse fan but she pulled this cover off. Kate has a extremely powerful voice and can deliver faultless performances. Well after there was screams and applause then Kate and the rest of the band left the stage. It was a couple of minutes until Kate made her way back to the stage. This being for a cover of Hallelujah which was released as a single. It is just Kate on her acoustic guitar sitting on a stool. Now whenever I hear this song it gives me goose bumps. It is a amazing beautiful song and the rest of the crowd thought the same. Well the song is a slow ballad and I simply love this song which Kate sings powerfully. After a lot of cheers the rest of the band made their way to the stage and the last song was 99 Times. It rounded off a perfect gig. It is a song which is strong and the chorus is really powerful. The rest of the crowd loved this song as they were singing along.


I Get It
Inside Out
Only Fooling Myself
Kindly Unspoken
Playing With My Heart
Manhattan From The Sky
Unfair – What You Say
Talking Smooth
Lift Me Up


99 Times

OVERALL: Kate’s first ever gig in London was extremely special. This was a intimate venue which was full of Kate’s fans. I enjoyed the night so much. The one thing that I disliked about the night is people talking throughout the set. I know that people would think the same too. Well the night was amazing and completely faultless. Kate’s first gig in London was a triumphant success. After I joined the queue to see Kate but chose to leave after you couldn’t take any photos. Still I thoroughly enjoyed the night and I will most definitely see Kate in the future.


6 Comments Add yours

  1. Bill Cody says:

    Kate introduced the band prior to her last song. She said something which I found amusing. To quote

    “Our musical director but his 26. He’s also single, which I’m probably not supposed to say.
    Brett and Bob are the ones you want to … ok. Sorry that’s inappropriate. I’m pretty in appropriate. I apologise. But you know what, I think that’s a celebrated thing here. Fabulous!”

    Just confirms she is, as she sings, not an angel, but a real character. But she does sing like an angel.

  2. Elena says:

    She was absolutely awesome. I loved it so much that despite getting the train back to Southampton after the gig, I got the train back to London on the Tuesday to see her again. Completely different atmosphere on Tuesday but nothing could’ve beaten the excitement of Monday anyway.

    1. Bill Cody says:

      I’ve found her whole set in mp3. It’s a bit grotty mono, but it does capture the excitment. I still can’t believe she came to London. And she was so enthusiastic.

  3. Lots of folks blog about this topic but you wrote down some true words.

  4. Jo Sharp says:

    I was there and wow what an amazing night…in fact you kinda mentioned me in your review…I was the girl that asked ‘are you coming back?’ and ‘did you drive all the way from Germany?’ when she revealed that she in fact flew and the back came by bus. We spoke to the band afterwards (after getting our CDs signed) and they had had 2 flat tyres in Europe and none on their 30+ dates in the US!! Haha. Love your review and I totally agree with what you said at the end….I had this girl behind me who sang out of tune THE WHOLE WAY Through…even during Hallelujah, I was like SHut up and let the girl sing!! Can’t wait for her to come back!!

    1. Jo Sharp says:

      ME again – I’ve just realised your photographer is the girl who got to the front about half hour after everyone was let in????

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