The Sounds @ Electric Ballroom 24th November 2009

I arrived outside the Electric Ballroom to find my friend Ivana who was attending the gig as well was already outside the venue. There were already 4 people queuing and no one had sorted out the queuing system. Well the wait was horrendous it was freezing cold and the rain we had was awful. Still come 7pm the doors opened. The queue was rather long. So when the security guy came out the barriers were moved and Ivana and I managed to slip inside and were the first 2 to enter. So we went in to find the actual space to be very large. There was a barrier so they were expecting photographers. Both of us got our position right at the front and we waited till the first act came on. Now I could not think of who the third band was supporting. Moments later a band called Foxy Shazam made their way onto the stage. And this set was really energetic now it did look like they were drunk but they weren’t. I was actually taken aback with what I was seeing as you had the lead singer crawling across the stage and then later doing press ups, you then had the keyboard player who was standing on the stool then sitting on the keyboard and then you had the guitar player who did a unsuccessful stage dive which saw him play upside down. Also the lead singer was swinging the microphone around trying to hook it round the lights. The songs which I can remember were ok but the whole shenanigans which happened on the stage did eclipse them. The second band on the night were duo Matt & Kim (L). I really liked the set. The songs were heavy but pop songs. Maybe it was because of Kim on the drums that made it heavy. Well the set was really good and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Two of the songs which were sung included Daylight and Good Ol’ Fashioned Nightmare. The crowd loved the set and when Matt said that he wanted everyone dancing for one song that is when everyone started to surge forward. The was also a tiny bit of Europe’s The Final Countdown which was played on the keyboard. Well once the songs were finished Kim came off stage and went into the crowd but didn’t go over the barrier. Kim then high fived everyone who was at the front.

Up next was The Sounds who are a 5 piece Swedish band. This was a tour to promote the new album Crossing The Rubicon. Well the night featured material from the new album plus material from the previous two albums Living In America and Dying To Say This To You. I was looking forward to this set. Yes I had not heard any of the new material but I can remember falling in love with the album Dying To Say This To You. Well the set opened with title track of the new album Crossing The Rubicon. The stage was dark then the band came on the stage. The crowd were all hyped up and the song was just the band singing it. It was really short (it served as a intro) and when Maja makes her entrance to the stage it was onto the next song Queen Of Apology. Well the audience lapped up this song by singing along to the words. The energy was flowing from this song and the lyrics are strong. At the end of this song there was a lot of strobe lighting then the next song Seven Days A Week followed on. Well this song is a pacey song and from the 2002 debut Living In America. So when it is over there are a lot of cheers. No One Sleeps When I’m Awake follows on and the next song after that is Hurt You. This song taken from Dying To Say This To You has rather strong lyrics. Maja said before playing it “You’re going to love this one”. I really like the lyrics they are catchy. Midnight Sun from Crossing The Rubicon is next and that is followed by Night After Night. Now this song which is a solo song by Maja is a slow ballad. It is a really beautiful song and during it the audience applauds. Well the crowd join in with singing this song and during it Maja tries to get everyone to wave there arms in the air.

The following three songs were taken from the new album and they were 4 Songs & A Fight, My Lover and then Beatbox. Now Beatbox which is awaiting release in Sweden does have a beat to it and it is a really good song that the packed crowd like. Painted By Numbers has some really good lyrics which the audience joined in with there was slight crushing as people were surging trying to get to the front. Dorchester Hotel which was the last new song taken from the 3rd album. Well it is a nice steady song. The next two songs were old ones. Rock & Roll has a beat to it and it is played steady pace. Before Living In America Maja tells the crowd that they are happy to be here. Well the song is a catchy one very up tempo and energetic. You could feel the energy just flowing from this song. The final song of the night was Ego and it was a nice song. Towards the end Maja got off stage and went into the crowd. The crowd at this point were going crazy. So after the song they all went offstage only to return for an encore minutes later. The first song of the encore was Tony The Beat. Someone from Venezuela was picked out from the crowd and got on the stage and played the cowbell. Well it was a nice strong song and the guy who was on the cowbell was ushered off the stage.

So once the song was over the crowd busted into applause. Maja does boxing actions to the microphone stand then says give it up to yourselves you have been amazing tonight. Maja then says thank you to Foxy Shazam and Matt & Kim and there is a rapture of applause from the crowd. The final song of the night was to be a old one. This song being Hope You’re Happy Now. It was a rather energetic song to end what was a 90 minute set. The lyrics are catchy and it is an up tempo song. It is also a strong one as well and everything is put into the song. When the song approaches the end Maja introduces the band. The crowd just applauses everyone. This song rounded of a crazy night.



Crossing The Rubicon
Queen Of Apology
Seven Days A Week
No One Sleeps When I’m Awake
Hurt You
Midnight Sun
Night After Night
4 Songs & A Fight
My Lover
Painted By Numbers
Dorchester Hotel
Rock & Roll
Living In America


Tony The Beat
Hope You’re Happy Now

OVERALL: The set by The Sounds featured songs ranging from all three albums. It was pretty amazing and you could feel the energy flowing from the performance. The Sounds were on for 90 minutes and the gig did not end till 11pm. The crowd loved it and there was some crushing. Matt & Kim were a really good support act. The songs were short but they gave us a taster of the new album Grand. The most craziest performance has to go to Foxy Shazam. The energy flowed from this performance but I didn’t find myself paying attention to the songs as what was going on was to much of a distraction.


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