Taylor Swift @ Wembley Arena 23rd November 2009

I arrived at 5.45pm. It was late but doors opened at 6.30pm and I was seated. So I could turn up later. So I then went inside purchased a programme then went to the entrance where I needed to be. Well when I was waiting by the stairs Jessica Raymond (who I know through The Veronicas when they played at Capitial) she was in front of me with her friends. I knew she was going but it was kind of spooky that I was to see her and the night was a complete sell out. At 6.30pm the entrance opened we made our way up the stairs and I made my way to B block. The set that I was in was in row 15 which was near the back as there was only 18 rows. I was at a aisle which was good because it was easy for me to go off during the intervals. Well the first artist was 15 year old Justin Bieber who had a 6 song set. All of the tracks were taken from forthcoming album My World which is released in the UK in January 2010. I really liked the songs he sung. The audience definitely loved the tracks. The style of the songs are Pop/ R & B. Even though I enjoyed the songs Justin is not an artist I would see again. His fan base is mainly young girls and there were a lot of screaming by the fans. Now the final song of the set which was One Time saw Justin break his foot. What I admire is he carried and finished the song even though he was limping.


Love Me
One Less Lonely Girl
Never Let You Go
Favourite Girl
One Time

At 8.30 it was onto the headline Taylor Swift. Prior to the set starting I saw Mama Swift where the sound desk was. Now after having seen an amazing gig the night before this was to be the first country gig I had been too. Well Taylor is a mixture between pop and country which I really like. Well the show opened up with the two screens showing the same video. This video featured different people explaining what fearless means to them. People like Miley Cyrus, Tim McGraw featured in this video and the crowd were literally going wild. The curtain was then raised and the show started. When I say show I mean show the way it was organised eclipses every big gig I have been too. Well during these 2 hours everyone was stood up. Well the curtained raised and the setting was a school scene. You had the lockers then you had the cheerleaders then Taylor appeared on top of the locker in a white outfit that resembles what a ring leader would wear. The first song was You Belong To Me . Well it is a nice catchy song that you can just sing along to. The crowd loved this song. Brilliant song to open on a catchy up tempo number. Our Song follows on and Taylor is on her acoustic guitar. Well again it is another brilliant song and the crowd join in with the singing in. There is definitely a country feel to the song and it has a beat to it. Before launching into the next song Taylor interacts with the crowd in which she says “It doesn’t really matter if you didn’t really have any friends at school, When you have a sold out Wembley Arena full of your closest friends and family”. I found what Taylor was saying to be quite beautiful as the guitar was being played in the background.

Taylor then gets stuck into the next song which is Tell Me Why again the crowd is singing along to every word. It is hard not to sing along to the song. The verses and chorus is spot on. Taylor delivers the song perfectly. The setting changes for the next song. This being Teardrops On My Guitar. Well the setting was a library and Taylor sits at this table with this guy that is doing some work. Well this is a steady paced song and during the song there are two dancers who I assume are a couple. Taylor then goes down the stage and walks over to both sides of the Arena where there are screams. So after a rapture of applause it is onto the title track of the 2nd album. This song being Fearless and it is one of my personal favourites. The song is played at a steady pace and the verses are brilliant. The chorus is infectious it is one that you can sing along to. Forever And Always sees Taylor sitting on a couch with someone. Prior to this song there had been a little video interlude of a interview with Taylor. This was another brilliant song and it is a strong song as well. It is slightly up tempo too and the big screen shows the words “They shouldn’t do bad things”. Taylor mentioned that line in the short interview we saw on one of the screens. After there was another video interlude which had a segment called Crimes Of Passion which basically told the story about Taylor’s victims. Well the next lot of songs were completely acoustic and this was amazing because Taylor came to the back of the arena and started playing Hey Stephen. Initially I did not see Taylor but the white spotlight gave it away. Well this is a slightly pacey song. The crowd were screaming and there was a small sample of Stand By Me when the band are playing. This was for about a minute and they were just playing till Taylor moved to where the sound desk was and finished the song there. For the next song Taylor is sitting down she says “Her greatest fear in the world is not fitting in at all”. Now I really like how Taylor interacts with the crowd. Now they are just screaming after each word.

The song being Fifteen it felt like a sing song with Taylor as every one was joining with the chorus. I really love the lyrics to this song they are so beautiful. One line being “Cause when you’re fifteen and somebody tells you they love you, you’re gonna believe them”. I really adore the chorus to this song. Tim McGraw was her first single released and the last she performed at the back of the arena. Well there is a beat to the song and it flows to the very end. The lyrics are really good. The crowd loves this well they loved every song. Taylor then made her way to the stage hugging people. Unfortunately I did not get a hug as Taylor went down the other aisle. So Taylor made her way back to the stage and there was a 8 minute standing ovation for her. The crowd were going crazy. On the two big screens I saw Taylor mouth the words Oh My God, she was literally overwhelmed with what was happening.

The final acoustic song being White Horse. Taylor does some interaction with the crowd and says “Perhaps Prince Charming is not that easy to find”. Well this song is another of my personal favourites and I love the chorus to this song:

That I’m not a princess
This ain’t a fairytale
I’m not the one you’ll sweep off her feet
Lead her up the stairwell
This ain’t Hollywood,
This is a small town
I was a dreamer before you went and let me down
Now its too late for you and your White Horse,
To come around.

Now White Horse has some brilliant lyrics and it is another beautiful song. The next song was amazing. Taylor had gone offstage and said “Lets take you back in time”. Dancers came on the stage. It had a French feel to it when the curtains rise up there are 4 turrets. Taylor is in a red dress which did look like a ball gown.  Well Love Story I really like it starts off at a steady pace which then progresses to a faster pace and strong when Taylor reaches the chorus. The song is a catchy song and I really like the chorus. For The Way I Loved is another beautiful song. Taylor had changed into a sparkly silver dress and she was with someone who was in a suit. I managed to get to the front for this song. After everyone at the front was ushered back to their seats it was onto the next song which was two songs together. These songs being You’re Not Sorry and a cover of What Comes Around../..Comes Around by Justin Timberlake. Well the songs are played on the piano and the audience sung along to You’re Not Sorry. It is a extremely powerful song. As for the cover of What Comes Around it is a brilliant take on the song. There were dancers on stage doing dance moves to the song. This is a slightly heavy song. Taylor’s vocals are simply stunning. The final song on the night is Picture To Burn. It is another strong song and the energy just flows. Some of the lyrics are really powerful. Well once this song was over the whole crowd wanted a encore. Taylor comes onto the stage and said that the next song was about someone who decided to cheat on Taylor. Well Should’ve Said Know is a joy to behold. The song is extremely strong especially the chorus. Taylor was wearing a black dress and on a black electric guitar. The ending of this song saw Taylor hitting these large cylinders (they looked like the cylinders that contains oil). At the ending of the song there was a massive rainful which Taylor went in. It did look sublime. Well this was simply amazing and rounded off the night that made the £36 for the ticket look like a complete bargain.


You Belong To Me
Our Song
Tell Me Why
Teardrops on My Guitar
Forever And Always


Hey Stephen
Tim McGraw
White Horse


Love Story
The Way I Loved You
You’re Not Sorry/ What Comes Around… Comes Around
Picture To Burn


Should’ve Said No

OVERALL: This was a outstanding night which featured two talented artists. I look forward to the day I see Taylor again. The set was simply incredible best show I have been to by far. The price of the ticket seems like it was a bargain considering what we got. As for Justin Bieber I say well done to him for carrying on with One Time even though he had just broken his leg.


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