Little Noise Sessions – Florence and the Machine @ Union Chapel 22nd November 2009

I arrived outside the Union Chapel at 2.30pm. Early I know but with it being one of the nights that had completely sold out it was hard to judge when people would turn up. When I turned up there were already three people there. It was literally freezing when queuing up especially when it got darker because you had ice cold winds. Well I got a Starbucks in hope that it will warm me up but it didn’t. It just felt like forever till the doors were going to open. Eventually they did open at 6.30 and we all made our way into the chapel. Prior to the door opening the queue was extremely long. Well once in I got a spot on the 4th row. It was a slight annoyance that the first three rows were taken by the press and I am not the only person who shared that view. Well once in our pew we all warmed up. Around 7ish Jo Wiley took to the stage and said this was the hottest ticket in town and the fact she had friends begging her for a ticket. Well the first act on the night was one I was really looking forward to. She is definitely someone to look out for in 2010. Ellie Goulding (Above Left)  who has just supported Little Boots on tour opened up this session with a short but sweet set. At only 4 songs long it left me wanting to hear more and I am really looking forward to hearing her live again. The set which was Ellie on a acoustic guitar and two people whom were accompanying her started off the set with Wish I Stayed. Now this is a slow song which has some strong lines. Ellie’s vocals are incredible the lyrics are perfect and parts of the song are sung at a fast pace. After applause by the crowd it is onto Starry Eyed. Now Ellie put her guitar down to sing this song. I really like this song and I look forward to hearing the studio version. It is a nice song and Ellie delivers the song perfectly. After it is then back to the guitar for Guns And Horses. Now this is a steady paced song which Ellie again delivers spot on. Her voice is beautiful and she can hit the high notes perfectly. The set is then closed with an amazing acoustic version of Under The Sheets. This is Ellie’s first release and it is a up tempo song which I love. The verses and chorus are brilliant. I actually find the lyrics to this song to be quite catchy. Well after a storming 4 song set I was only left with the desire to hear more. Ellie Goulding us definitely one to watch out for in 2010. She is definitely going the right way by supporting Little Boots, Passion Pit next year and she even has a sold out show at Cargo. I wont be surprised if she is headlining Little Noise next year.


Wish I Stayed
Starry Eyed
Guns And Horses
Under The Sheets

Second up on the night was Swedish singer Erik Hassle. He sang delightful pop songs and the set was only 5 songs long and featured the current single, the forthcoming single and a cover. Well first up on the night was Amelia and Erik has a stunning voice. The song is slow which then builds to a faster pace. Erik is just on his acoustic guitar when singing. It was a beautiful song to open the set with. The next song is Don’t Bring Flowers. Now this was the first UK release and it is a fast flowing paced song. The Thanks I Get saw Erik move over to the keyboard to play this song. This is a slow powerful song and it is delivered perfectly. I really liked this song. The forthcoming single Hurtful follows on and the chorus is really good. A cover of Sam Cooke’s Nothing Can Changed This Love rounded off this brilliant 5 track set. The vocals were completely faultless he definitely did this song justice. The song is sung at a steady pace. After the set Jo Wiley came on to tell the audience the next band will be on within 5 to 10 minutes.


Don’t Bring Flowers
The Thanks I Get
Nothing Can Change This Love

The next band on the night I have seen plenty of times. At first I was not into the music when I had first heard them. After seeing Golden Silvers plenty of times the tracks grew on me and I was looking forward to the set. When they appeared on the stage there was a slight technical hitch as Gwilym Gold’s microphone did not work. Well after a short period of time the microphone was working. The audience were told that the set will be completely different and less instruments playing. The Union Chapel is ideal for this because the acoustics are brilliant. The 8 track set featured old songs, a new song and songs taken from album True Romance. Opening the set was Magic Touch the way the band harmonises is brilliant. It is a nice strong song which has some really good lyrics and a really good melody. Old song Dream Gone Nightmare follows then after it was Please Venus. Now this is a steady paced and I find the lyrics to be really catchy. It has a really strong chorus which the rest of the band join in with singing. The next song Saints doesn’t appear on the album but Gwilym said it was the first song that they wrote. This is a beautiful song, strong as well. The line I like is “Where are the saints, We need you now”. A new song Bone Breaker followed on and I first heard this song when it was sung on the NME Radar tour. The songs that followed on were Here Comes The King, Arrows Of Eros and then the set closed with Fade To Black. Fade To Black I found to be a good choice of song to end on. After Jo Wiley spoke to Gwilym Gold who said he had blood in his mouth as his wisdom tooth was removed that day. Well the audience loved the set each song got a rapture of applause.


Magic Touch
Dream Girl Nightmare
Please Venus
Bone Breaker
Here Comes The King
Arrows Of Eros
Fade To Black

Rodrigo Y Gabriela Photo Taken By Justin Ng

Later on Mexican duo Rodrigo Y Gabriela made a brief surprise appearance where they performed a couple of songs. Now the songs had no words whatsoever it was just music played on guitars. Well it definitely got the crowd worked up. After when they had come off stage the stage was all set up for Florence. There were a couple of bird cages and lots of flowers.

Well this was a nice intimate set. The reason I chose this night was the fact it was in a church and Florence has a extremely phenomenal voice. She then takes to the stage after Jo Wiley introduces her. Well Florence was wearing a sleek black dress and launches into the first song My Boy Builds Coffins. This was a rather strong performance I think with it being in the Union Chapel it added to the set. The vocals were incredible Florence delivers the song perfectly. The song which is slightly fast paced has brilliant lyrics which you can clearly picture the story too. So after a round of applause it is onto Between Two Lungs. It is a slow song with some really nice powerful lyrics. Parts of this song are completely spine tingling. Next it is onto the strings section and the song being Hurricane Drunk which is a powerful song which is about drinking. The change in melody during the song sounded beautiful. Florence puts everything into this song and like the previous two songs the audience loved it as there were cheering and a rapture of applause. Following on is Dog Days Are Over which was the second release from the album. This is a fast pace song with a extremely powerful chorus. It sounds really different when it is acoustic and I really liked it. Florence delivered the song perfectly easily hitting the high notes. Cosmic Love is a beautiful song which I really like. There is something about Florence’s vocal range that sends shivers up my spine. The next song was a nice treat. This was Drumming Song without drums. There was a drum next to Florence and she said that it looked a bit lonely. Well it is things like this that make nights like this special. Well the song starts off with Florence singing the first few lines a capella then the instruments kick in. Well this is a really catchy song and you can feel energy from the song. One bit of this song is: “There’s a drumming noise inside my head, That starts when you’re around, I swear that you could hear it, It makes such an all mighty sound”. Well it is both catchy and powerful song. The next song which was actually a demo of I’m Not Calling You A Liar. The song in question is Ghosts it is another song which is delivered perfectly. It is a haunting song and you can tell that by the vocals. The lyrics are catchy and when Florence holds one note for around 10 seconds sends a chill up my spine it was so loud it echoed. Blinding is next which is a steady paced song and I really like the melody to this song. There is a slight beat to the song the lyrics are excellent. The final two songs started of with the current single You’ve Got The Love. This song which is a take on the Candi Stanton’s version. This version has the Florence twist and it is extremely powerful. The song itself is sung at a steady pace. The final song raised some eyebrows when I had a glimpse of the set list. Well this being third single Rabbit Heart. Well the verses are brilliant it starts of steady and when it reaches the chorus it becomes fast paced. Well the song is delivered strongly and it sounded completely different. It wasn’t as powerful and that is probably down to the fact it was all played acoustically. Well this is a catchy song and even I was singing along with the infectious chorus.


My Boy Builds Coffins
Between Two Lungs
Hurricane Drunk
Dog Days Are Over
Cosmic Love
Drumming Song
You’ve Got The Love
Rabbit Heart (Raise It Up)

OVERALL – This was my last Session of 2009 and what a Little Noise it was. Ellie Goulding is a rising talent. I for one cant wait till the album and the current single Under The Sheets is fantastic. Erik Hassle is someone else I predict big things for when the album is out next year. Golden Silvers have completely grown on me and sometime in the future I will be purchasing True Romance. Rodrigo Y Gabriela was a real surprise they got the crowd warmed up before Florence came on. Even though there was no lyrics the crowd loved this short set. As for Florence words cannot describe how good she was. Her drummer was absent but in the crowd. It was drummer Christopher Hayden’s birthday and the whole audience and Florence sang happy birthday to him. Well it was a truly special night.


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  1. #1 Fan says:

    A large collection of Rodrigo y Gabriela performances and interviews Rodrigo y Gabriela Fan Club. Cheers.

  2. FY says:

    thank u for your good blog.
    peace x

  3. kemma lourn says:

    this is so badly written. i suggest not ever using the world “well” to begin a sentence in a serious review, and certainly at the beginning of every other line. same goes for “now”. or any word really.

    1. Planet Music says:

      Thankyou for the comment Kemma. I see where you are coming from and you are right that word is used alot of times. But remember I am no professional reviewer. But I take your comments on board and I will improve for next time

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