Erin K & Tash @ 12 Bar 21st November 2009

I arrived for this night at the 12 Bar at 6pm. I went in and just hung around till the night started. It had been raining earlier but thankfully not pouring. When the band arrived they all went into the area where it took place. Once I saw them I went inside and just had a sit down. The roof was leaking as rain drops were falling on my head. No bands were sound checking due to the amount of acts that were on the night. Still Erin, Tash, Paul and Nick still sound checked. Songs that were briefly sound checked included The Deep Throat Ditti, Assholio and Happiness. When they were finished we then made our way to another room. It was literally packed we were all just in this tiny little are. Still the night starts off at 7.30pm and the music is being played through the speakers in both rooms. Around 8 I leave to grab something to eat. I head to Starbucks eat in then come back to the 12 Bar. Thankfully by this time they hadn’t adopted the 1 in 1 out policy. So once I was in I went back to the area then went into the room David Cronenberg’s Wife were playing in. Erin had introduced me to Tom before the night started as he is a friend of hers. Even though they played a 5 song set it was enough to wet my appetite that only left me wanting to hear more. Well the 5 piece band consisted of Stuart, Thom, Rhi, Mark, Ian and Tom. Well like I said I really liked the music and I would most definitely would like to hear more. The night featured material from the current album Hypnagogues all bar one song. After the set finished with the current single Jailbird the rest of the audience wanted more. There was going to be another song as Tom said had they got time for one more. They are a band well worth checking out.


Booze Mama
Desperate Little Man

At 10.10pm Erin, Tash, Paul and Nick took the stage. There was a little delay in starting mainly because the sound guy had disappeared. The reason they needed the sound guy was to set up the keyboard for the first song. Eventually he turned up and then set everything all up. Well the first song was a new one this being The Deep Throat Ditti. I like this song. Basically Erin does a little rap that works and the keyboard provided the backing tune. Erin was wearing her gold chain around her neck. Well it was a really good song very short though. Following on is a song about a lesbian sex doll. The song was Olga. This time it was different because it was sung by Tash. Still it sounded brilliant I really liked the fast pace of the song. It is about the real doll phenomenon and the lyrics are quite sexual. Immediately after it is onto fun song Ikea. Basically Ikea are the only words in this song. Two versions of this song were sung which were a energetic one and the other being a smooth lounge version. Clippety Clop is next on the night and it has to be one of my favourite songs. It is sung by Tash and Erin provides backing vocals. The lyrics are perfect and catchy as well. The verses to this song are excellent and it is surprising a song like this is written in one week. The Sexy Cupcake Ditti is next and it is a song I first heard when I first saw them perform as a band. Well the song is about making cupcakes or sexy cupcakes which have plenty of decoration. Well this was another fun song that just makes you smile. Erin said hear comes the imaginary sprinkles as backing singer Lereese could not make it. From what I heard she could not get in because of the one in one out rule. I heard that it was so packed because the 12 Bar were hosting some after party. Now that was pretty bad as not all those people would want to hear the music. Sorry I’m Not Black minus the picture of Dennis Rodman is next. Well the song has a beat to it. You can clearly picture the story from the lyrics. Before starting the song Erin had said it was about a ex who liked her darker and Erin used St Tropez. When it came to the Dennis Rodman bit Erin said imagine a picture of Dennis Rodman. Well this song did make me laugh and smile. The penultimate song was Jiggy Miggy. It is about a f**k buddy of hers and Erin mentioned that he is back in the UK and now has a girlfriend. Erin also went onto say that she had invited him to be at 12 Bar but his girlfriend wouldn’t let him come. Well the song which again is slightly sexual is ever so powerful. There is a steady pace to it and there is a slight pace. The set was then rounded off by Horse Head. There was a moment where it looked like the head had gone missing but thankfully it was found. It basically tells the story behind the horse head. Part of this song is slightly dark. Well this song is both pacey and has a strong/ powerful chorus. Overall it was another brilliant set by Erin, Tash, Nick and Paul. After I went back to the room where the pool table was got a cupcake Erin had made then made my way home.


The Deep Throat Ditti
Clippety Clop
The Sexy Cupcake Ditti
Sorry I’m Not Black
Jiggy Miggy
Horse Head


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