Little Noise Sessions @ Union Chapel 17th November 2009

I left my house at 2pm to get the 2.22pm train. I was at the Union Chapel at 3.30pm. I was there early because I wanted to be the first in the queue and I was. You can never really judge when people would turn up. I thought there would be at least a few people who were there. So I paced up and down just to get warm, I also waited by the back stage door in hope of meeting the artists coming in. I did meet VV and I did see Alexandra at 4.45pm but she was late for sound check. I could of waited by the back stage door to see Alexandra but I decided to stand and wait in the queue. Well come 6 people started to queue it is pretty amazing that people turn up at this sort of time. Seating is unreserved and you always would like to be at the very front. When doors opened I went in showed my ticket and purchased a programme. After I made my way down to the front and I saw that the first two rows had pieces of paper on them saying reserved. I spotted a bit of the pew right at the front which had no reserved sign on. So I went and sat there. I was sitting dead centre. This was probably the best seat in the chapel despite the camera men taking video who occasionally got in the way. Well the night kicked off at 7.40 and Jo Whiley said some words before introducing VV on the stage. After having been to previous sessions everyone was in for a bumpy ride.

The first act on the night was the one and only VV Brown. I have seen VV live on a couple of occasions and she is such a brilliant artist. Just seeing her in this environment was really something. The eight track featured 8 songs from the current album Travelling Like The Light. It was a really nice set and the recent single Game Over opens up the set. It is a nice strong song to open on I am surprised it failed to chart in the top 40. Well VV had her megaphone on her which she always has for this song. Bottles was the next song on the night and it has really catchy chorus. Things then start to slow down with the beautiful song Travelling Like The Light. This song which is VV’s favourite song is a nice beautiful piano driven ballad. Crying Blood which was released as a vinyl it is a fast paced song which has some brilliant lyrics. When I heard this song for the very first time when VV says “I’m crying blood, I’m crying blood”. Listening to the melody during that part of the song the Monster Mash came into my head. Leave follows on and was the first ever release by VV. I Love You which is next up and it is a slow slushy ballad which make it a beautiful song. L.O.V.E which is a up tempo song feels like it is influenced by music in the 50’s. It is a nice song and it is up tempo and strong. Last up was Shark In The Water. It was a nice song to end on and it has some really strong lyrics.


Game Over
Travelling Like The Light
Crying Blood
I Love You
Shark In The Water

Alphabeat were the act on the night that I was intrigued to see again. Initially the follow up album The Spell wasn’t to my liking compared to the debut album This Is Alphabeat. But listening to the album on repeat the songs started to grow on me. Also I last saw them at Koko in 2008 and I have been craving more Alphabeat ever since. Well the set was eight songs and it was first album heavy. There was only 3 songs taken from the forthcoming album and the other 5 being from the debut. All the songs which were taken off the albums and featured as singles were in the set. So at 8.45 Alphabeat took to the stage. They are pure pop with added electroness. The first song that they launched into was Go Go. The song wasn’t released over here but was taken from the first album and released in native country Denmark. Well it is a really catchy song why it wasn’t released in the UK I do not know. The lyrics are brilliant and the thing I love about Alphabeat is the energy that each song produces. After a song from the debut album it is then onto a song from the new. This being DJ and in my eyes it would be a good single release. When I know if I like a song or not I just listen to how it sounds overall and this song has the full package brilliant lyrics, up beat and perfect melody. The Spell which is the first single taken from the follow up album of the same name. When I heard the song for the first time it wasn’t to my liking but after replaying the song over and over it grew on me. The song overall is infectious. Even I was singing along to every single word. I really like the chorus and the bit where Anders S is singing to Stine. Well having this song grow on me I was able to appreciate it more. Following on is What Is Happening this was the last song taken from the debut album and was the lowest charting Alphabeat single. It didn’t even deserve to chart where it charted. This song is up beat and the lyrics are perfect. It is also catchy lyrics and has a delightful chorus and perfect verses. The next two songs were singles taken from the first album. The first being 10,000 Nights which was the second single which charted at #16. The song is sung by both Anders and Stine. Stine’s vocals are so beautiful. The song in general is upbeat and has perfect verses and a catchy chorus. Boyfriend is next and it was the third single and reached #15. This song is one of my personal favourites and it was a real pleasure to hear it being played in this setting. The forthcoming single Hole In My Heart is next. The song is up beat and it is a pacey one. To be honest I am not sure about this song but I am positive it will grow on me. There was only one way to end a triumphant set and this was Fascination. Fascination should always be the set closer to every Alphabeat gig. There is definitely a atmosphere and it gives off the sense of fun. Well the song is extremely infectious again I was joining in the words. There was sound difficulty at the beginning but it didn’t affect the performance. The song was over in a flash. The song itself is very strong and after it is finished there is a rapture of applause.


Go Go
The Spell
What Is Happening
10,000 Nights
Hole In My Heart

The main course of the night was Alexandra Burke. This was the first gig when she had done more than a couple of songs. When I took a glance at the set list it featured both album tracks and covers that she sang on X Factor. The set was only 8 songs long which was relatively short in my opinion. But Alexandra’s banter with the audience filled up the 45 minutes that she was on for. Bad Boys B Side Dangerous opened the set. Everyone was clapping along. It was a good choice of song to introduce yourself. This song went down well and it is up beat and two dancers joined Alexandra. The song itself was a powerful one and she does really know how to work the crowd. Album track They Don’t Know was next. Before the song Alexandra tells the story behind the song that when she was in the studio with James Fautleroy and they came up with the concept to write about love. It is a slow song with beautiful verses and I enjoyed the melody. The Silence was next which was sung exclusively on Paul O’ Grady and then went on to say that she didn’t want to sing the song as it gets her sad. So Alexandra said she was going to sing it exclusively for us all and I am guessing this song wont be sung again. Alexandra tells the crowd “Please excuse me if my eyes are closed”. This is a slow emotional powerful ballad. The backing track does skip towards the end but it certainly does not spoil this song. This song showed off her amazing vocal range. The Silence clearly means a lot to Alexandra as there were a few tears when the song had ended. Well after she went on to thank everybody and Alexandra pointed to me!!!!!. She said “It’s people like you who are singing along”. The next lot of four songs were all covers. The first being a duet of Get Here with Alexandra’s good friend Sean Anthony. This was a beautiful take on the song and Alexandra said “You should all know the words to this song, if not there is something extremely wrong”. Sean and Alexandra gelled perfectly. After the song finishes there is a rapture of applause. Alexandra then says that the next song was sung on week two of the X Factor and it was her best week. This week was Michael Jackson week and the song I’ll Be There was dedicated to Michael. This is such a beautiful song and Alexandra’s vocals are outstanding. She definitely did this song justice and the crowd loved it. After a lot of applause and cheering it was onto another two covers which were sung on the last week of the X Factor. The first being the Christmas number one last year this being Hallelujah. Now this wasn’t like the version that appears on the album this was stripped back and acoustic. When things like this happen it does make the night extra special. Well this song was steady paced and beautiful too. As Alexandra was in a church the acoustics were incredible. Throughout the song Alexandra was sitting on a stool. After a rapture of applause. Before starting the next song Alexandra mentioned that she saw Beyonce the night before but she just sat down throughout the gig. Alexandra sat studying Beyonce because she wants to be her. Well the song was Listen that she sung with Beyonce on the X Factor final. Well it is a extremely powerful song and it is one amazing song. Alexandra makes the song completely her own. The final song was Alexandra’s recent #1 single. This being Bad Boys minus Flo Rida. Well the song is extremely energetic and catchy at the same time. The chorus is powerful and it is a song you can dance along too. Everyone stood up for the song. Before starting the song there were a few a capella lines of the song. The dancers returned to the stage and the audience loved this song joining in with the chorus. It rounded off a perfect night at the chapel.


They Don’t Know
The Silence
Get Here
I’ll Be There
Bad Boys

OVERALL – Like all Little Noise Sessions this was a incredible night featuring three talented acts. VV Brown warmed up the crowd, Alphabeat I loved and want to see live again (the second album is going to be fantastic) and Alexandra she is extremely talented and was well worthy becoming X Factor champion last year. In my opinion I definitely see Alexandra matching the success of Leona Lewis based on this performance and her two feet will always be place firmly on the ground.


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