Levi’s 5 Night Revue @ Hoxton Bar & Kitchen 18th November 2009

I got the 4.22pm train to Victoria and then tubed it to Old Street. I finally got there at 5.10pm and Marina was sound checking which was nice. Well the songs that I heard being sound checked were Hollywood Infected Your Brain, Obsessions, Space And The Woods and Girls. Stevegigslegend then turned up about 5 minutes later. It was really good to have someone else waiting because it was someone to talk to than just being by myself till the time doors opened. Well we basically stood where the entrance was and heard Marina’s sound checked. We then briefly saw Marina and she said to us “Prompt like always”. Steve and I are the first two at any gig of Marina’s we go to. So we then got a place to sit down and just waited till when doors opened. The poster said doors were to open at 7pm but when the stage times where put up doors were at 7.30pm but the doors opened at 7.50pm. As we had our wristbands we went through straight away and got our places at the front.

Canadian band Dragonette were first on the night. Despite the lateness of the doors opening the act started promptly at 8pm. Well Dragonette were a band I was fully aware of but never heard live. Prior to the doors opening Martina said how they managed to force their way onto the line up. Well the night was a mixture of material some came from debut album Galore while other songs came from the newly released album Fixin To Thrill. I really liked the electro pop songs sung on the night and I would most definitely see them live again. Martina who leads the four piece band has a brilliant voice. The songs were really catchy and the set was focused on the new album with two songs taken from the first album. Well my favourite track on the night was Liar.


I Get Around
Gone To Far
Take It Like A Man
Pick Up The Phone
Okay Dolore
Fixin To Thrill

Next on the night was Clock Opera. To be honest I couldn’t get into the music. Probably it was down to the fact I was sitting down trying to cool down as it was boiling. When the time came for Wolf Gang it was a set I was really looking forward to hearing. After having heard them at the Garage they were a band who I really wanted to like and I think they did it. The set was a short 6 songs but each song was brilliant. This was amazing pop music and I cant wait to hear more from them. The songs were catchy and mainly guitar influenced all apart from two songs which were played on keyboard. Those two songs were Where Are You Now and Suego Faults. Suego Faults which is a lovely song had to be my favourite on the night. The set was rounded off by the current single King & All His Men.


Night Flying
Piece Of You
Where Are You Now
Suego Faults
Lions In Cages
King & All His Men

At 10.30pm Marina came onto the stage. I was right in the centre. Prior to her coming onstage I had a glance at the set list and thought how is she going to get through 9 songs in 30minutes. Well the set came to 45 minutes and Marina never fails to impress. Marina comes on wearing a green jocks jacket which has the name Derek sewn on the jacket. The night started off with Girls which is a nice catchy song which is both powerful and Marina puts all her energy into that song. I really like the verses and the chorus:

Is there any possibility
You’ll quit gossiping about me
To hide your insecurities
All you say is “blah, blah”

Basically the song was so catchy I was singing along. Seventeen follows on and this follows tradition. Marina delivers it perfectly the song itself gathers pace and has really strong catchy lines. Does Marina write from personal experience or not? If so what did happen the day she turned 17? Guess we will never know. The London premiere of Hollywood Infected Your Brain was next. I had heard the actual title of the song but hadn’t heard it. This song is completely amazing the lyrics are perfect. The song is catchy too. The verses are brilliant its like a rap (well its not a rap but it just flows really fast). I like the lines:

“Oh my god, you look just like Shakira

No no, you’re Catherine Zeta

Actually, my name’s Marina”

The song has a absolutely brilliant also the chorus is excellent as well:

“Hollywood infected your brain
You wanted kissin in the rain
Oh oh, I’ve been living in a movie scene
Puking American dreams
Oh oh, I’m obsessed with the mess that’s America
I’m obsessed with the mess that’s America”

Up next was Marina’s faultless take on Late Of The Pier’s Space And The Woods. Really good cover bit rocky but Marina gives a stunning rendition. Things then slow down for the next two songs which Marina went over to the keyboard to do. Obsessions is a beautiful slow song which tells the message we all have an obsession. Also I found the lyrics to be quirky especially the bit where Marina mentions about crackers. When I first heard the next song Numb I did not like it but the more times I have listened to it the more it has grown on me. Well as it is played on keyboard there is a slower pace. But the lyrics are perfect. After two keyboard songs it is back to sing I Am Not A Robot which I join in with. This song is ever so catchy and hearing it live is a real treat. This song is one that gets the crowd going. The final two songs start off with Shampain. Shampain is a really nice song it is definitely gets the crowd going. I was joining along to the chorus and clapping along to the beat but I was the only one doing so. Mowgli’s Road ended the night it is a catchy energetic song. It was the perfect song to end on and it is the current single. The lyrics are both quirky and powerful especially the lines:

“You say Y-E-S to everything
Will that guarantee you a win?
Do you think you will be good enough
To love others and to be loved?”


Hollywood Infected Your Brain
Space And The Woods
I Am Not A Robot
Mowgli’s Road

OVERALL: This was another perfect night and the only gig that Marina has sold out. She mentioned that before at Hoxton she only had nine people watching her. Still the support was brilliant and Wolf Gang I look forward to hearing them again. Dragonette are a brilliant band too. Clock Opera I will give them another listen too. Well Marina’s set was excellent and Hollywood Infected Your Brain what an amazing song that is. Bring on The Tabernacle in January where I hope there is a longer set. The gig ran 15 minutes over so after I just had a word with Marina and then made my way home. Marina is an artist who I predict big things for in 2010.


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  1. Hayley mCcabe says:

    Yeah she’s cool!!

    another favourite up and coming artist of mine is Gemma Mewse she is only 17 and amazing live!!!

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