Hashell @ The Steam Engine 20th November 2009

After having attended the Brunswick Christmas Lights in London I decided to leave for Lambeth to see Sara. Unfortunately the light switch on which was supposed to happen at 6pm did not happen till later. I had wanted to see Laura White from last years X Factor live. So after a delay of 45 minutes we were then told that the sound system had gone down and they could not tell us how long it will be till it got fixed. A lot of people were annoyed but I did get to meet Laura who was signing autographs and having photos taken. So after I met her it was time to leave. So I made my way down to Lambeth North tube station and made my way to The Steam Engine. So when I entered I found Sara, Steve and the bass player just sitting down at a table. There was no PA whatever. So at 9.50 it was time for Hashell. The pub was a very intimate place. No upstairs for the music it just took place in the pub area. There were not that many people there which was a shame as Sara is a phenomenal singer who has belting songs. Well when it was time for the set to start the stage was so tiny. It could only just fit three people onstage. The set started off with Hello. It is a nice powerful song to start with. The song is about a relationship break down that did not end well. The lyrics are perfect and the chorus is ever so powerful. The song is played at a steady pace. Do What You Want is next and this song does not feature on the Worthless EP. Whether if it will feature on the new version I do not know. Well this song is slightly pacey and it is really catchy. Be Unkind follows on and Sara entered MTV Soundwave 2008 with this song. How this beautiful ballad did not win I do not know. The chorus is brilliant and the song is about the same subject relationships. I really like this song as it is beautiful, catchy, slow paced and sad at the same time. The lyrics tell the story behind the song clearly. The next song is special. Sara sung this at Arch 365 and it was an amazing cover of Lady Gaga’s Paparazzi. This cover is amazing Sara clearly makes it her own. The song is slowed down and it shows off her incredible vocal range. Sara urged people to sing along. Words cannot describe how brilliant this cover was. Little Lies which is a brand new song is next on the night. It is a strong song and it has a beautiful chorus. The chorus has a fast tempo to it while the rest of the song is played at a steady pace. The set closer was Worthless which again is another brilliant song. This song is the forthcoming single and it was a special version of Worthless. The song has excellent lyrics and it is about a ex boyfriend of Sara’s who was worthless. There is a pace to this song and there are a few subtle lines of Avril Lavingne’s Complicated. The two songs gel perfectly together and just hearing a few lines of Complicated takes me back to 2002 when the song was released. Well that song was a tremendous effort by Sara and she completely pulled it off.


Do What You Want
Be Unkind
Little Lies
Worthless/ Complicated

OVERALL – Again this was another perfect night spent listening to the delightful Hashell acoustically. The songs sung on the night were perfect but my favourite on the night has to be Paparazzi. Sara made that song her own. I am now looking forward to seeing her at The Bedford which I can tell will be a special night as it’s a full band.


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