Little Boots @ Phillips De Pury 12th November 2009

I arrived at the gallery at 4.30pm. I did get to Victoria station at 4pm but spent 20 minutes having a look round WH Smith. Well when I left I took out my map that I had printed off of Google and made my way to find the place. I found the road no problem but it was finding the building that was the tricky part. I walked to the very end of that road and I had a good look out for the number of the building but nothing. So I re-traced back my steps and then I heard my name being called. I had a look round and it was my gigging buddy Stevegigslegends. Now It was bitterly cold outside and we managed to cope being outside. We were advised to go and get a coffee but just waited it out as we did not know when people would arrive. It did start to pour down with rain. The rain was so bad I ended up getting completely soaked. My jacket was soaked through and I was pacing up and down trying to get warm. Asking for the time every so often didn’t help as only minutes past by each time. Well at 6pm that’s when people started to arrive by the time doors were about to open a queue was forming. So at 6.30 we started to make our way in got wrist banded then went upstairs. Now the space where it was taking place was huge and there were a lot of lovely pictures up on the wall. Well I was right in front of the stage. No barrier was good also. I then went and got a drink with my free drinks tokens I had came back then stood and waited. The first surprise of the night was that my good friend Sara turned up. Sara (aka Hashell) is a recording artist who I have seen a couple of times. Sara is simply brilliant an artist whose music I enjoy very much. The guitarist in Hashell Steve was also with Sara. Still it was a really nice surprise to see her at the same gig I was at.

This was the first time where I had been to a gig that started promptly. The first act The Woo! Worths were on at 7.15pm. The set they played was a short 5 song set but they played for 30 minutes. The three piece band consisting of 2 guys and a girl sang pleasant pop/ electro songs. Some of the songs included Nitrogen, Idle Hands and Plasticise. They were a good act that opened up the night and I enjoyed the songs. I would really like to hear more music by this band.

Victoria Hesketh took to the stage at 8.10pm. There are things that you will very rarely see and this was one of them. This was an acoustic Little Boots set. All what was on stage was a microphone, Victoria’s Tenori-On and a black piano. This was a very special night and all the money from the night went to charity. Well the night kicked off with the lead single from Hands and this being New In Town. There is something about acoustic music I like. Maybe it’s the fact I like hearing the song stripped bare. Well New In Town was simply breathtaking. It sounded amazing. The next songs on the set was the first double A side single which was released prior to hands in 2008. The first song being Stuck On Repeat. This song sounds beautiful and it is played at a steady pace. Victoria definitely has a beautiful and strong voice. Meddle is next and I thought maybe as it was acoustic the song would be played at a slower pace. Even though acoustic this was the same fast paced Meddle. I love the chorus “Don’t go meddle with the heart, meddle with the mind”. It is a really good song one that I really enjoyed and hearing it acoustic was special. Following on was the Kate Bush cover Running Up That Hill. Victoria who hoped she got the words right got the words spot on. This cover was spine tingling. It was a beautiful ballad with stunning lyrics. Victoria did this song justice and her voice was just right for it. The song was extremely powerful and beautiful. Hands is next on the night and it is a hidden track on the album with the same name. It was going to get dropped but a friend of Victoria’s made her reconsider. This was the oldest song of Victoria’s and it is for anyone for with a broken heart. This again is another beautiful ballad. What made it more special is that this song is rarely played live. After a couple of minutes programming in the tenori-on it was onto Remedy. I really like this song it is fast paced considering it was stripped bare. The lyrics are extremely catchy and the chorus is infectious. A new song is next and it is the set closer. Victoria said maybe she should of put it else where in the set and also she plugs away the Shepherd’s Bush date in December. Well it is always nice getting a new song but it is hard to judge when you have heard it just the once. Well first impressions of Echoes is that it is a really nice song with beautiful lyrics. It is slightly slower well it is a ballad. With it being the first time I had heard that song I am intrigued to know what the studio version will sound like. I think the studio version would sound the same to how it sounded on the night. Reason why I think this is because it is completely different to any song on the album. It is a ballad the only song that comes close that was sung on the night is Hands. After Victoria exits the stage there are chants of Encore. A couple of seconds later Victoria comes back onto the stage and says there is only one song she knows how to play on the piano. Maybe it would be Mathematics or her new single Earthquake. But the song proved to be something special. Victoria says if she plays it the audience has to join in. Well the song being Human League’s Don’t You Want Me. What made it special was Victoria needed the crowd to help her along with the words. Even though Victoria needed help with the words it was sung in good spirits and the audience enjoyed this song. Perfect way to end a brilliant night. The encore just made me smile.


New In Town
Stuck On Repeat
Running Up That Hill


Don’t You Want Me

OVERALL – I have seen Victoria plenty of times over the year and this night is definitely up there in the top 5 Little Boots gigs. It was a real pleasure to hear the tracks acoustic and something I don’t think I will ever get the chance to see again. Well after the encore was finished a lot of people were round Victoria. It is nice she spent time with her fans. Well I had a short chat with Victoria and got a picture. She remembers me which touched me. One of my favourite artists remembers me and I last saw her 3 months ago. Little Boots is an amazing artist to see live and Victoria is the sweetest ever person. Well when I left I made my way to the station. It decided to pelt down with rain and I was completely soaked through


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  1. Steve Woo says:

    Hi there,

    I’m Steve, guitarist from The Woo!worths

    Glad you enjoyed our set supporting little boots.

    If you want to hear more then visit our myspace here…

    You can download a free track from the following blog page…

    and our next London gig is 7th Jan @ The Rest Is Noise in Brixton

    Take it easy


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