Peggy Sue @ ICA 6th November 2009

I arrived at the ICA at 5.30pm as I had a ticket to this sold out gig. I was the first one there so I was just waiting around till the doors opened. Well the night featured a stella line up with bands that I like. These being Lulu and the Lampshades, Mechanical Bride, Sons Of Noel and Adrien and the wonderful Peggy Sue who were headlining the night. Just a little over two years ago I saw Peggy Sue for the first time supporting Kate Nash and the small Concorde 2 in Brighton. Two years on they were playing to a sold out ICA. Well I have been following Peggy Sue’s career since I first saw them at the Concorde 2 and I have even had the pleasure of meeting Katy and Rosa. Well the doors which were supposed to open at 7.30pm opened a bit later. When the doors did open this did cause Lulu and the Lampshades to start their set a bit later.

Opening the night was Lulu and the Lampshades who I first saw support Soko on her gig that marked her return to performing live. Well I really like Lulu and the Lampshades there is a folkish feel to the music and I can see why they were chosen to support Peggy Sue. Well the first song on the night was Cherry Coke which has a good melody. It was a nice song to start on and some powerful lyrics. The comparisons between them and Peggy Sue started from this song. Rose Tint which is part of the double A side vinyl and it is a vinyl that I will be picking up when I next see them. Impasse is another beautiful song I found it to be slightly haunting. National Express is then followed by Feet To The Sky. This is the other side of the A side single. The lyrics to this song are excellent I really like the folk feel that everyone of the songs have. The double A side single I would say I prefer Feet To The Sky. New song Cold Water was next and then was followed by a interesting cover of Mary J Blige Mary Jane (All Night Long).


Cherry Coke
Rose Tint
National Express
Feet To The Sky
Cold Water
All Night Long

I only saw Mechanical Bride once and that was with Peggy Sue December 2008. I for one was glad to see them supporting. Well the set featured 3 old songs and 4 new ones. It opened up with the short song Chapel and Sea Worlds followed straight away. Again Mechanical Bride were folk music. Mechanical Bride is fronted by Lauren Doss and she has a truly amazing voice. I for one am looking forward to when the album finally comes out. After Poor Boy it is then onto 4 new songs. The new songs which I don’t know the names of (apart from the first which was Demons) went down a treat. It is always nice and refreshing hearing new material. From what I remember the final song had a few words of Red Riding Hood mentioned in the chorus.


Sea Worlds
Poor Boy
New Song
New Song
New Song

Sons Of Noel and Adrian do remind me of Mumford and Sons. They have that foot stamping actions. Well the set was very short only 5 songs but they managed to sing old songs plus a new song Nothing. Well my favourite song on the night was The Wreck Is Not A Boat. The song starts off with some whistling skills and the lyrics are pure folk. I love the vocals. Nothing which was the only new song on the night went down well. As for Indigo it is a nice song I like how it starts and how it progresses from there.

It was about 10.30pm when Peggy Sue took to the stage. After seeing the set list on the floor I thought how are they going to manage 13 songs in 30 minutes. Now that would be a task. Well the set featured both old and new songs three of which I never had heard before. Well when they came on stage they opened with newie Long Division. It is a nice steady song and the vocals are amazing. The song was a strong one to open to. Yo Mama is next and Katy announces it is the next single which can already be downloaded on Itunes. Well Rosa is on the acoustic guitar, Katy on accordion and Olly on drums. Well this is a song which has good catching lyrics. The melody is brilliant and the vocals once again were spot on. I am looking forward to hearing the studio version when the vinyl hit’s the shops. Lazarus appeared as a double a side single back in February. Again this is a nice song. It is steady song and the lyrics are brilliant. Another new song follows this being Dumbo. When I first saw the title I immediately thought about the elephant with big ears and can fly but it is nothing about that. Well the song has a beat to it and this song is definitely a grower and I look forward to hearing a studio version of this song. After cheers it is onto a 3 and a half minute romp. This being my favourite Peggy Sue song Once We Were Strangers I heard this song way before it appeared on The First Aid EP . It is like a romp it is played at a fast pace. How I can describe it is as a snowball going down the hill gathering pace. This is a pure folk song with tremendous lyrics that you just want to sing along too. The penultimate new song on the night is played this being Hatstand Blues. Katy thanked everyone for coming and they only found out it was sold out when they were in America. Well it is a nice strong song Katy was on electric guitar and Rosa on accordion. This song appears as the b side to Yo Mama. February Snow follows on. Whether if the song was written about the snow we had in February I do not know. Still I have heard this song a couple of times and it is one I really like. The lyrics are brilliant. It is a fast song and Rosa was on the ukulele. Straight after it is onto the steady paced Watchman. Katy is on acoustic guitar and both her and Rosa’s vocals are compliment one another. I really like the line “I only came here to watch you watch me leave”. Salt Water is next Katy is on electric guitar and Rosa is playing the drums that are set up for her. There was a steady pace to this song and it is mainly sung by Katy. Matilda is the next song that I have only heard a handful of times. I would like to hear a studio version of this song. The finale was The Sea, The Sea which was a good choice of a set closer. This is a extremely strong song with lyrics that are spot on. Even all the instruments infuse together perfectly. The song rounded off a perfect set also they had Becca and Emma as the string section. Becca and Emma also played a couple of songs in the set one song being OWWS. After the song had finished Rosa said they wont do a encore but will play another song. So the final song on the night was All In My Grill which did prove to be a spectacle as they had a MC to do a little MC’ing. Well overall it was amazing.


Long Division
Yo Mama
Once We Were Strangers
Hatstand Blues
February Snow
Salt Water
The Sea, The Sea


All In My Grill

OVERALL – This sell out gig was a triumph and it was a brilliant night. The line up featured supports acts which I liked. Lulu and the Lampshades were brilliant, it was so nice to hear Mechanical Bride again I would love to hear the album. Well hearing new tracks by them was a pleasure. Sons Of Noel and Adrian had a short set but featured really good songs including a new one. Now Peggy Sue what a set. Cant believe how far they have come in two years. I said to Rosa back in 2007 that I couldn’t wait to hear the album to which she replied that wont happen for a while. Two years down the line album number 1 is recorded and ready for release next year. The new songs sung on the night are brilliant the more times I listen to them the more they will grow on me. Well Peggy Sue managed to get the whole set list done apart from Lover Gone. The gig overran by 15 minutes but it truly was a brilliant way to spend a evening listening to music that you really like.


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