Erin K & Tash @ The Metropolitan 5th November 2009

I arrive at The Metropolitan at  6pm. The actual pub was really close to the station and when I finally entered I had a look round then went upstairs. When I was upstairs I just waited outside before deciding to go to the room the gig was going to take place. Erin was already sound checking that is the reason why I chose to go into the room. If I wasn’t meant to be there till it started at 7.30 I was only going to be told come back later. But that did not happen I just took a seat and watched Erin, Tash and Nick sound checking. The sound check felt like request a song and we will sing it. Well the sound check went smoothly. The stage was a small one though. Erin gave me a CD which included 4 tracks. Erin had 50 copies of the CD and plans to give CD’s out at every forthcoming gig. Each will have a different theme. Well after the sound check I joined them in the snug and hung out with them until they went onstage. It was a fun experience hanging out with them. We chatted about music and when they were deciding on the set list picking just 6 songs was tough. Erin asked me to pick a song and I chose Rat Babies which is one of my personal favourites. Rat Babies which was going to get dropped then was placed as the set opener. Also Erin sung me a snippet of Welcome Home Frank which was special. From what Erin told me about the song and what she sung it was very cleverly written. Well later Erin asked me if I wanted to play kazoo on Oh Well. Now I know why music artists get nervous before a performance. When it was time for Erin, Tash, Paul and Nick to make their way to the stage I managed to grab a stool at the very front. My favourite song then opened the set. Waltz For The Rat Babies is a hilarious song and certainly got the laughs on the night. I like the lyrics of the song and I like the tone as well. There is a part of the song where it is dark but it still makes you smile. Nick starts off the next song. Oh Well is next there is a steady pace to this song. This song is rather catchy the lyrics and harmonies between Tash and Erin are perfect. Towards the end was the bit where I played the kazoo. To be honest I was nervous all the things that could go wrong start flooding your mind. Thankfully nothing went wrong and after Paul clapped at me. The closing song of the first set was the ever so strong Jiggy Miggy. The song is powerful yet fun at the same time. It is a true song about a f**k buddy Erin had. I like the pace of this song and it has a slight beat to it. Some of the lyrics are a bit sexual but overall it is a really good song. After when it is over there is a quick interview with Erin and Tash. Tash mentions that she clipped Erin by accident as the stage was so small. Once the brief interview is over it is back to the snug and wait till the second set started. At 10.55pm it was time for the second set to start. I manage to get right at the front in a corner where the sound desk was. As there were no stools I was standing up. So the first song in the second set was Olga. Olga which is about the real doll phenomenon. The song is about a sex doll called Olga. The lyrics again are sexual but I really enjoy the song. I like the pace to this song and it was one that pulled in the laughs. Clippety Clop is next and it is a song that Tash wrote in a week. I have heard this song a couple of time and it is one I really adore. The song is very up tempo and the lyrics are perfect. The song is mainly sung by Tash and Erin harmonises and it sounds really good. After laughs and applause it was onto the final song of the night this being Horse Head Song. This song tells the story of the horse head that they wear (pictures of people wearing the rubber horse head can be seen on Well I like this song it starts off with a pace which grows till the very end of song. The chorus is strong and powerful. Erin does riding on a horse movements and spinning the lasso. Well this song gets people clapping to the beat of the chorus and part of the song is dark. Well the last time the chorus on the sound guy has the horse head on and it gets the cheers. Horse Head Song flows right till the end. It is like a snowball it gathers pace till the very end. Well this song has grown on me and Erin has got more used to singing it. The first time I heard it live was at the Strongroom Bar and it was the first time they played the song for quite a while. After the last song finished there was clapping and then they did an encore. The first song of the encore was Sorry I’m Not Black which is a true song. The melody is infectious and there is a slight beat to this song. The lyrics you can clearly picture the story behind it. Well for this performance of the song Erin did not have a picture of Dennis Rodman. The closing song of a completely faultless set was another song that Tash wrote. This being Dum Dum Song and it is a song I really love. This was the second time I had heard it live as it has been dropped in favour of Clippety Clop the previous times I have seen Erin live. This song has a fast pace and it was a perfect song to end the night on. I find this song to be completely entrancing. Both Erin and Tash infuse together perfectly the lyrics and vocals are both stunning.


Waltz For The Rat Babies
Oh Well
Jiggy Miggy


Clippety Clop
Horse Head Song


Sorry I’m Not Black
Dum Dum Song

OVERALL – This was a brilliant set by Erin, Tash, Nick and Paul. I enjoyed all the songs on the night. They have so many songs so I understand why it was hard to write up a set list. Well the songs that were sung on the night were completely faultless. Hearing both Tash’s songs was a bit special because I have never heard them both in one night. It is hard to pick a favourite song from the night as they were all amazing. Well Erin has to be one of my many favourite discoveries of 2009 and I will be attending more gigs in the future.


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