War Child Launch Party @ The Blues Kitchen 4th November 2009

Having purchased a early bird ticket for the Camden Crawl I had the opportunity to attend the War Child launch party which had a host of different acts. You could say it was like the Camden Crawl but taking place at one venue. The venue was The Blues Kitchen in Camden which will be a new venue on the crawl. Well I arrived outside the venue to see a sign on the window saying the doors will open at 6pm. Now I didn’t know what the venue was like as it was a pub I thought the music would be in a separate room and the pub bit would be open. So I then went and had a look round Camden high street and then got back at 5.20pm where I waited. Nearer the time when doors were going to open the run down of the night was placed on the door. This was good because I could plan on when I would be leaving. Well according to the running order the last act was on at 11.45pm and that Ou Est Le Swimming Pool and another act I wanted to see MPHO was on at 11pm. I was tempted to see MPHO but in the end I decided that I would leave after Kitty Daisy & Lewis. Still I had seen MPHO before and if I was to stay for Ou Est Le Swimming Pool it was a bit late considering I had another two consecutive late nights coming up.

After a half hour DJ set by Ed Graham it was onto the first band Bleech. Bleech are a band who I was fully aware of and was looking forward to seeing live. Bleech is a three piece band who are sisters Katherine and Jennifer O’Neill and Matthew Bick. The style of the music is rock. It is not heavy rock though its easy to listen to rock music. Well the set was 7 songs long and it was over so fast. The set featured old songs and a new song. I quite liked the 7 songs that were in the set. I definitely would like to see them again and hear more tracks by them. Just hearing the songs live sounded so much different to hearing the studio versions. The songs sounded heavy and that is probably because I was standing right at the very front. Bleech opened with Weirdo which was a nice song and then it was followed by Dancing Without You. I like the way that this song sounded. Jennifer’s vocals were brilliant and Katherine’s head banging moves. Taking Over was next and was followed by The Worthing Song.  The Worthing Song which is the current single is a complete corker. Bleech are like a female/ male Oasis. I am not making comparisons between both bands but that is the one that first came to my mind when I was hearing them live. Adrenaline Junkie was another brilliant song and new song Listening followed on. Listening was a heavy rock song which had some good lyrics and plenty of head banging from Katherine. Last on the night was Is It True Boys Don’t Cry. This song which was the first ever release under the This Is Global label rounded off a perfect 7 track set.


Dancing Without You
Taking Over
The Worthing Song
Adrenaline Junkie
Is It True Boys Don’t Cry

OVERALL: One band in and it was a good start. I enjoyed the set by Bleech. I don’t tend to like rock music but this band broke that mould and I would definitely want to hear them again. My favourite song on the night was Is It True Boys Don’t Cry which ended the set.

After another short DJ set it was onto the second act. This being Beans On Toast this is just one guy on his acoustic guitar. I had previously saw Jay when he did a duet with Josh Weller months and months ago. Well he came on the stage promptly and started the set. Well I really enjoyed the songs. They were rather humorous and Jay mentioned that this was the first Beans On Toast gig where he has been sober. Just hearing the material is making me look forward to the time I see him again. Well some of the songs featured on the night include Christmas At Tesco which is about celebrating Christmas to early. I like the vibe to this song and I like Jay’s husky voice. This song features on the free Camden Crawl that all Early Birders who got the festival tickets early. Well back to the song it got the laughs and it got me in the mood for Christmas. Halloween and Bonfires another short song is about celebrating at the right time. I really like this song it is funny which is a plus point and I especially like the lyrics. Also Jay sung another short song where he sings about if he and Emmy The Great marry one another. It is another funny song and both Jay and Emmy worked on this song in the studio. This song also appears on the forthcoming album. Also sung on the night was a song about festivals.

New Rhodes

After the hilarious set by Beans On Toast it was time for the change over. Sean McLusky was the DJ. Well the third band on the night was Invasion. They were a male/ female band and I didn’t take to them. The songs were listenable to but the one thing that I didn’t like is that there wasn’t that much interaction between the band and audience. The set that they sung felt like just two songs as it all gelled together. There was not enough time to clap when a song was over. Well after Invasion it was time for another change over. For this change over  The Holloways took to the decks. After it was time for New Rhodes. They are a 4 piece male band and had two females on strings. Now I really enjoyed this set. There were only 6 songs in the set, it was relatively short and left me wanting more. All the songs apart from the last is taken from the album Everyone Loves A Scene. The set opened up with 254 then progressed onto The Joys Of Finding And Losing. Now this was a song lifted off the album and it is a song I really like. The lyrics are great and this song is up tempo which I like. Let’s Talk is another perfect song which has brilliant lyrics and I like the vibe to this song. Some of the lyrics I find to be quite catchy. I’ll Wait For You By The Coast is then followed by The Bells Of St John which also features on the current single. The set closer being the current Itunes only single Quando, Quando, Quando. I like this cover song when I first heard it, it reminded me of Vampire Weekends Mansard Roof.


The Joys Of Finding And Losing
Let’s Talk
I’ll Wait For You By The Coast
The Bells Of St John
Quando, Quando, Quando

OVERALL: New Rhodes were fantastic it is hard to pick out one favourite song as they were all brilliant. I definitely want to hear more from them and I will be getting a copy of the album as soon as. I enjoyed the feel to each of the songs played it was like a mixture of pop/ folk music.

The final band that I was to see was Kitty, Daisy & Lewis. This band I had heard of before but had never heard live so I was looking forward to the set. The music feels old it is like being transported back to the 1950s. Lewis has slick black hair. Well the set started with Mean Son Of A Gun then the brilliant song Oo Wee followed on. Polly Put The Kettle On which was a relatively short song showed off Kitty’s harmonica skills. Buggin’ Blues was sung by Lewis and I liked the beat to this song. The songs are ones you can dance to. I can imagine them playing in a ballroom in the 1950s. The next song saw a special guest. Kitty introduced ska legend Ton Ton on the trumpet who came all the way from Jamaica. Well Ska which the set list called the song had a reggae feel. (Baby) Hold Me Tight was a song sung by Kitty, Ton Ton was still on the trumpet, Lewis was on the drums and Kitty was on the mini xylophone. I like this song a shame it was not featured on the album. Next was Going Up The Country which both Kitty and Daisy sang. The song got a good reception from the crowd and there was some dancing. Say You’ll Be Mine rounded off a brilliant set.


Mean Son Of A Gun

Oo Wee

Polly Put The Kettle On

Buggin’ Blues


(Baby) Hold Me Tight

Going Up The Country

Say You’ll Be Mine

OVERALL: This was a really good night and I saw acts that I had never heard live before. I definitely want to hear more material by Bleech, New Rhodes and Kitty, Daisy & Lewis in the future. The set by Kitty,Daisy & Lewis left me wanting to hear more. I definitely plan on getting hold of the album. Bleech were enjoyable yes it was heavy and loud but I really took to the songs which were played. When I left The Blues Kitchen I left with a ringing in my ear. Beans On Toast I will be definitely seeing again before this year is over and that is at the album launch.


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