NME Radar Live @ Upstairs @ The Garage 3rd November 2009

The doors opened at 7pm which was early considering I thought they were opening at 8pm. I arrived at 4.30pm and I just hung in the bar just to keep warm. Well as you would expect I was the first one there. The queue for the other band which was taking place at the main venue at The Garage was huge. So at 6.20pm I then went outside and started the one person queue. People started to turn up and by the time doors opened only 7 people were there. The amount of people that thought I was security was funny. Well the doors opened and I made my way inside. I went up the stairs then through the doors. Now this was the first time I had been upstairs and I was pretty impressed. It is a nice little venue which has seats and a bar. There was also a barrier so I went straight up to it and sat down. There were two support acts the first came on stage at 8.15pm. The set was short which was a shame as I would of liked to have heard more. This being Gaggle (L). Gaggle are a 20 strong female group. There were so many of them I wondered how they were going to fit onto the stage. They are like a female choir and Coughlin is the conductor. Even though the set was only for 15 minutes it was really enjoyable. I definitely want to hear more. Songs that were sung on the night were I Like Cigarettes, Hidden Army, Mowgli’s Road, I’m A Drunk and a couple more. My favourite song from the set had to be Hidden Army there is a beat to this song and it is slightly infectious as I still have the song playing in my head. The cover of Marina and the Diamonds song Mowgli’s Road was very interesting. Well the choir gelled well perfectly the vocals were stunning. The set ended with I’m A Drunk which again is another perfect song and will be the first single released next year. The second band on the night were Wolf Gang (R). They had some really good pop songs. With it being the first time I had heard the band live I cannot go into further detail on the songs that they played. They sung a song that they had never sung live before which was a nice beautiful song. I didn’t get the name of the song but I did record it. Well the set ended with the forthcoming single The King and All His Men. I really liked the beat to this song and has really good lyrics as well.


Marina made her entrance at 9.45pm and came on wearing a Simpsons T Shirt. The song that she came onto was Girls. This song is an upbeat song with some really good lyrics. The lyrics are so catchy I am word perfect in the first section of the song. Well all the times I have seen Marina Girls has been the song that opened up the set. Seventeen is next on the night. It is a gentle song which is delivered perfectly. Marina does have an astounding voice and the verses and chorus are both spot on. I Am Not A Robot follows on. It is a nice catchy song and it is powerful at the same time. Comparing the studio version with the live version they don’t match. Hearing it live it is played at a faster tempo and Marina puts all her energy in the song to give a startling performance. A cover of Late Of The Pier’s Space and the Woods is next. Comparing the original to Marina’s version do not compare. The Marina version is more rocky and heavy. I actually really like it. I like the fact the song is an energetic one. What followed seemed surreal. Marina mentioned Alan and I. If I can remember correctely Marina said “Regular Diamonds will know Sam and Alan”. Now Alan when he goes to see Marina he dresses up like Jesus. Well still Marina mentioning my name I was a bit lost for words. Well after giving Alan a little telling off “Alan you can stop your chat now, about to play” Marina then goes to play Obsessions. There are a few whoops of delight. This is a beautiful song which starts slow then gathers pace. The verses are brilliant. Marina is basically saying that everyone has a obsession. Whether if Marina writes songs that are based on her I do not know. One thing I do know is Marina is a perfectionist, looking at it I guess you can call that a obsession. A different song was next this being Numb. Now Numb was sent to people who joined Marina’s mailing list and when I first heard it I wasn’t that keen on the song. But the more times I heard it the more it grew on me. So it was nice just to hear it played. The song which is keyboard centric is a beautiful song and Marina’s vocals were brilliant. She delivered it strongly and perfectly. Shampain was next on the night. Marina tried to get the audience clapping along to the chorus. Well the verses and the chorus are both brilliant. I really like the beat to this song and I think it would be a good song to close a set on. Well the set closer was Marina’s first official single this being Mowgli’s Road. This song is simply brilliant Marina gives off a strong performance and a energetic one too. I like the lyrics and the song itself is a catchy one. Marina then thanked everyone for coming then finished off the song. There was then applause for Marina and then the night was done and dusted.


I Am Not A Robot
Space And The Woods
Mowgli’s Road

OVERALL: Marina’s set was completely faultless. I have seen her live so many times it is hard to pick out a favourite. Venue Wise this is up there in the top 5 Marina & The Diamond gigs I have been too. Mainly because the intimacy of the night does add to the occasion. Marina is definitely a artist to look out for and I even featured her in the Artists To Look Out For series on my blog. I look forward to seeing her again. I reckon next year when the album is out that will be when Marina will start gaining a larger fan base. Also I saw that Marina had a tattoo on her right arm. Temporary or permanent I do not know but it was a nice tattoo of something that Marina loves, Hello Kitty. Well the support was good as well Wolf Gang had some good songs but it will take a couple more shows for me to warm to them. Well I am seeing them supporting Marina at Hoxton then Little Boots at Shepherd’s Bush. The opening act Gaggle I still cant get over how good they were. The set was short, different and rather interesting. I will certainly be seeing them again before the year is out.


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