Ke$ha @ Centro 27th October 2009

I was lucky enough to win tickets for Ke$ha’s first UK appearance in London. Having already played as the support for Calvin Harris in Manchester this was a short but sweet showcase. Doors didn’t open till 5.30pm but I arrived at 3pm and there were only two people waiting. They were Ivana and Rachel whom I both know. Well we just sat and just waited out the two and a bit hours. Barriers went up nearer to the time the doors opened and the queue had grown. There were two separate queues one for guest list and the other for competition winners. Much to our annoyance the people on the guest list went in first and we had been queuing in the cold. When the people on the guest list were going in a very kind security guard let Rachel, Ivana and I in as we were the first three there. So we went inside and got the spot right at the front. It was pretty nice because front row could just fit three people. Well I then went up to the bar got two cokes which were complimentary then just sat till it started. Music was being played to get the crowd warmed up then it stopped and someone from Columbia Records came onstage. He then said a few words how Ke$ha has already made a name for herself in the states then he introduced her to the stage. So when Ke$ha made her entrance she was wearing a glove which had lasers coming out of the fingertips. The energy in the room was rising when the first song start. The song being Backstabber and everyone was singing along to it. During the song Ke$ha was being pushed from side to side by the guitarists. It was a nice song to open on the whole of the audience loved it. I really like the lyrics it is a upbeat song. Next was Party At A Rich Kids House. Now this was a really energetic song. The crowd screamed. This song went down well with the crowd. It has to be one of my favourite songs as I like the energy that was in the performance. A little part of the song is gentle. Next up it was Dinosaur. No it is nothing about dinosaurs but it is about old people. I like this song some of the lyrics are extremely catchy especially the bit “D I N O S A U R a Dinosaur”. During the song Ke$ha plays the cowbell before finishing the rest of the song. I really liked the whistling part. After it was over there were cheers from the audience. Blah Blah Blah was next up on the night. The song starts off as a capella then the guitars kick in. It is another nice energetic song which the audience loved. It is also a strong song as well. The final song on the night was Tik Tok the song that is released on 30th November. What a closer it was. Ke$ha asks the crowd to sing along. The chorus is simply amazing. You can feel the energy that this song gives off. When the song is ending Ke$ha introduces the band then goes and gets a gun which glitters the whole audience. Towards the end gold ticker tape comes down from the ceiling.


Party At A Rich Kids House
Blah Blah Blah
Tik Tok

OVERALL: This was a brilliant showcase. What made it even better was we were right in front of Ke$ha. If I wanted to I could touch the microphone. When I was taking pictures during Backstabber Ke$ha accidently hit my hand and that was how close I was. Well this showcase was sensational and I can say I was there. Well I hope it is not the last time I see Ke$ha.


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