Theoretical Girl @ 100 Club 22nd October 2009

I arrived around 6pm to find out that Amy had not sound checked. So after checking twitter to see if she pulled out I found out that Amy was just held up at work. Well this was a really good evening featuring two artists that I love. These artists being Gwenno from the Pipettes and Amy who is Theoretical Girl. Now I have seen Amy live many times and every one of her songs are brilliant. You do not tire of them I would like to hear a different song though. A Future Apart is one of those songs that I would like to hear and I mentioned it to Amy once. Well this was Theoretical Girl’s last performance before the trip to Hong Kong. This was also the last performance for a while. Amy who was originally going to be the opening act turned out to be the headline act. The first two acts on the night were The Understudies and then The Duke Of Dark. The Understudies are indie influenced the vocals are brilliant. They are a four piece band which includes 3 guys and 1 girl.. Well I will most definitely be checking them out further as they suited my musical taste. Second on was The Duke Of Dark another four piece band. The music was heavy and I am going to have a listen again till it grows on me. Raven who is the lead singer of the band is such a nice guy. After it is onto Gwenno an artist that I looked forward to hearing. Gwenno is 1/3 of the Pipettes and the only original member from the bands first album We Are The Pipettes. When I first heard the solo material I instantly liked. There are similarities between both The Pipettes and Gwenno’s material as they both fall into the pop genre. But as a solo artist the music is more dancy think Cascada. The set featured 8 songs 3 from the album U & I, 4 that I have heard previously and 1 that I heard only for the first time. I Have A Feeling Something Is Missing is a short song and is then followed by U & I. It is a nice song which has a nice gentle melody. The song has a steady tempo and lyrics that I like. She’s Got Me On Her Mind is a up tempo song which has brilliant catchy lyrics that you can dance along to. I’ve Been Searching is another dancy song. I do really like this song the lyrics and melody infuse together perfectly. Some of the lyrics are catchy especially the chorus. Lime Chordial is next Gwenno mentions its about meeting up with friends (she used to study in Brighton). The song itself is a beautiful, lovely and slow song. The lyrics are brilliant and Gwenno delivers this perfectly. Dance Alone was another excellent song. As soon as Gwenno delivers the first line I can tell it is going to be a good song and I am not wrong. There is a fast pace to this song and the lyrics are spot on and catchy as well. Saint Petersburg was about Saint Peter and it was the first time I had heard this song live. This again was a short song played at a steady pace. This is a nice beautiful song, the lyrics and melody gel together. The set was rounded off by the delightful Now I Know. There is a beat to this song and it is one that you can dance along to. The lyrics are brilliant and it infuses well with the melody.

Amy who headlined the night took to the stage at 10.20pm. This was a relatively short set. She went onto say that she had missed the sound check. Well the first song on the night was Rivals. The song is a nice pop song which tells the story about two rivals. The song sounds quite electro and Amy had her Ipod plugged for the other instruments (drums, guitars) that were used on the song. After Amy went onto say how she got a cab and the driver was a stand up comic who described himself as a comic genius. The story built up throughout the set. Well the next song being the beautiful I Should Of Loved You More. The song itself is about unrequited love and as you can picture the story it has a slight tinge of sadness. It is a nice, gentle, mellow, steady paced song. After more of the story was told. The cab driver told Amy that he was going to go to reclaim the New York comedy scene. The next song was going to be The Hypocrite as Amy had moved over to her guitar but a new pedal which gave really loud feedback made her go back to the keyboard. Amy then apologizes that she wont be playing the guitar for the rest of the night. Back on the keyboard Amy then played The Boy I Left Behind. This song is very up tempo and it tackles the same subject of unrequited love. The lyrics are both catchy and brilliant. Next up is Dancehall Deceit. The last couple of times I have seen Amy the melodica has been missing and it was missing today. The first verse was changed to fit with Amy’s mini cab experience. Well the song is one of the darker songs on the album. It is about people that lie and you cant trust. I enjoyed the song because the first verse which Amy changed made me smile and other people laugh. The night was then rounded off by The Biggest Mistake. Before starting the song Amy told the joke that the cab driver told her. The joke was What’s the difference between a Orange and a Banana? The answer being They are both fruit. Well it was then onto the song which a up tempo and has some brilliant lyrics. The song is amazing and it is one I really adore.


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