Greenday @ o2 Arena 24th October 2009

I arrived at the o2 Arena around 3.45pm and my sister joined me around 4pm. Having the Jubilee line still functioning did make getting there easier to get there and to get back. Well my sister had traveled all the way down from Coventry because she was going to stop over for the weekend. At 4.30pm we then went to Nandos to have something to eat. A hour later we left Nandos had a look round then went to Entrance H and queued for the time doors opened. The doors opened and we made our way to our seats which were in block 111. Even though we were in row Z the view was pretty decent. The first act Prima Donna came on at 7.15pm. It was hard to get into the heavy music they played because I was eagerly anticipating Green Day. That is always the problem when someone is supporting a big act and you have not heard the music by them before.

Green Day were simply amazing. It was the first time I had seen them live and the gig blew all the big events I have been to out of the water. What a show it was it was production on the huge scale. It had everything pyrotechnics, flames the lot. The set was a mammoth 30 songs which included tracks of the new album 21st Century Breakdown and some of the old classics. Before the set started a person dressed up as a bunny came out and just walked around the stage. One song that played was The Village People YMCA and the bunny did the YMCA hand movements.  When the bunny had excited the stage a song played then the music stopped then Song Of The Century played.

After this short introduction it was onto 21st Century Breakdown. The crowd erupted with cheers and the energy was tense. Every one stood up for the whole gig. Billie Joe psyched up crowd by telling everyone to stand up. He also said this was the second night at the o2 Arena and said “And remember the second night is always better the first”. And Billie Joe didn’t lie the audience lapped up the 2 hour 50 minute set. Know Your Enemy which was the first single from the album 21st Century Breakdown was next. During this song Billie Joe went into the section of seats which were the other side of us. When back Billie Joe went back to the stage and then used the catwalk. The crowd that were standing looked like a sea of people. Well someone then got onto the catwalk and sang the chant bits of the song which everyone else joined in with. Later on in the song the girl ran and stage dived into the crowd.  Next up was East Jesus Nowhere which is the next single from the new album. After hearing songs from 21st Century Breakdown live it has grown on me. Towards the end of the song Billie Joe says they want a couple of kids “something sacrificial” to come up on stage. Well the kids come up on stage Billie Joe asks for their name then the kids fall back on the floor then he finishes the song. There is some pyrotechnics as they shoot out. Holiday is next and the people standing were jumping about. Billie Joe then says turn out the lights and there is one spotlight shining. There was 20,000 people at the o2 Arena. On the original version of this song when it says the representative of California well the lines are changed. Billie Joe says “Mr Brown the representative of London”. After more pyrotechnics it was into The Static Age which is taken off the new album. It is a brilliant song and just seeing it live was amazing. Following on was 4 songs from American Idiot one after another. Give Me Novacaine everyone was waving there hands from side to side. I really like this song and there was a little bit of audience participation where the whole crowd sang the line Give Me Novacaine. After Billie Joe goes off stage to switch guitars. The next song being Are We The Waiting. Now this is a catchy song. Before the song starts there is some interaction by Billie Joe he says “Joey (his son) where are you?”. The crowd loved this song and Saint Jimmy gels at the end of Are We The Waiting. Well Saint Jimmy is a nice fast short song. Boulevard Of Broken Dreams follows on. The whole of the crowd sing along to this song. Billie Joe calls the crowd insane after pausing the song after two minutes. Well the song resumes straight after. The backdrop was a skyline at night time. Next it was Hitchin A Ride taken from the album Nimrod. The backdrop was a video of this road. Well Billie Joe says “turn on the lights I want to see everybody”. He does know how to psyche up the audience. Before going into the next song Billie Joe asks the crowd is there any old school fans. They launch into Welcome To Paradise. The next two songs were a real treat. It was a mash up of Burnout and Armatage Shanks. It sounded really good and Burnout is a song I know love. Well this song was only 58 seconds long. That is how short the snippet of the song was.

They then launched into When I Come Around that received screams from the audience. After it was another treat from the first LP this being Going To Pasalacqua. It is always nice hearing album songs that didn’t get released as a single. Insomniac tracks Brain Stew and Jaded were up next. For the Operation Ivy cover Knowledge (which was taken from the Slappy EP) Billie Joe assembles a three pies band to take the places of Tre on Drums, Mike on Bass then Billie Joe on guitar. Well when the kids came up they sounded pretty decent. Well there weren’t that many notes to remember. Basket Case followed on and it was a real crowd pleaser. Hearing a 20,000 audience sing along to the song is really something. She was next up and this was the last song taken from the Dookie era. King For A Day is a jolly song which saw Jason Freese do a sax solo and a bit of the Benny Hill music. Shout which is a cover of the Isley Brothers track followed. This was special because during the song Billie Joe laid on the floor and sang a medley of covers. They were short clips. The first was I Fought The Law followed by I’ll Be There then Teenage Kicks then (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction. Well the crowd love these covers and they join in and after (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction the ending of Shout just blends in. The final two songs on the night were taken from the new album 21st Century Breakdown. The first being 21 Guns. This is a steady paced song which melody wise is beautiful as the lyrics fit perfectly. Well I really liked the video footage displayed behind Tre. The last song was American Eulogy. When they had finished singing this song there was a few lines of Letterbomb “Nobody likes you, Everyone left you, They’re all out without you, Having fun”. The band then went off stage people started exciting the arena. A encore was imminent and the first encore consisted of three songs. The first being American Idiot and there were cheers. This is probably their best known song. The whole crowd sung the first verse. During the song Billie Joe says “London lets go crazy”. Well after this crowd pleasing song it was onto my favourite song. This being the epic Jesus Of Surburbia. Rounding off the first encore was Minority. I really liked the footage that they were showing on the screen behind Tre. Also this song saw some harmonica skills by Billie Joe. When the song finishes Billie Joe thanks the crowd then introduces Mike then Tre. The band then exit again and more people leave their seats. Only for Billie Joe to return later for the second encore of just him. This was special because this was completely acoustic. Ticker tape was still coming down from the ceiling after the finale of the first encore. Billie Joe was on the catwalk playing Last Night On Earth. This is another beautiful song. Wake Me Up When September Ends which is from the American Idiot era follows. The whole of the crowd was singing along. I like this song it has grown on me a lot and hearing it live acoustic was a experience. There was only one Green Day song that could round off a perfect night the song being Good Riddance (Time If Your Life). The song is true to its word because I had witnessed something amazing and I definitely had the time of my life.


Song Of The Century
21st Century Breakdown
Know Your Enemy
East Jesus Nowhere
The Static Age
Give Me Novacaine
Are We The Waiting
St. Jimmy
Boulevard Of Broken Dreams
Hitchin’ A Ride
Welcome To Paradise
Burnout/Armatage Shanks (acoustic)
When I Come Around
Going To Pasalacqua
Brain Stew
Knowledge (Operation Ivy cover)
Basket Case
King For A Day
Shout / I Fought The Law/ I’ll Be There/ Teenage Kicks/ (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction
21 Guns
American Eulogy


American Idiot
Jesus Of Suburbia

Encore 2:

Last Night On Earth
Wake Me Up When September Ends
Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life)

OVERALL: This show was probably the best gig I have been too. Green Day definitely put a show on the grand scale. You had pyrotechnics too and I could feel the heat of the flames. I can only think of how hot Tre must have been. Well this was a amazing she the set list was brilliant it focused on material spanning over each album. 21st Century Breakdown has grown on me a lot since hearing the tracks live. Also two encores, 30 songs, what more can you ask for??.


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  1. thechemistryisdead says:

    Great review. Sounds like you had a good time.

  2. im not telling says:

    i totaly agree it was greeat *****

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