Nerina Pallot @ ICA 21st October 2009

Arriving at the ICA at 5.15pm there were only just two people there. It wasn’t long till the 3rd person arrived. The good thing was I knew these people because they were among the first people at Nerina’s gigs at Scala and the Roundhouse Studios. So we all sat at a table talked and the time doors opened came sooner than later. Well I ordered some chips at 6.30pm as it was going to be about 5 hours when I next ate. So doors opened at 7.30pm I went in got the spot I wanted and I then went over to the merchandise then I purchased a 5 track cd. I went back to my spot and waited for the first artist to start his slot. The first support act was Todd Kuffner. He won a competition where he covered Real Late Starter. Nerina then chose him to support and I actually quite enjoyed his set. The set included all original songs. At first it was hard to get into his set because I knew just the one song. His music is a mixture of acoustic with a added bit of folk. The set went by quickly and some of the songs that were sung on the night included Cinderella, Like A Sword, Silence Betrays. I will definitely check out Todd’s music and I would like to hear him again. Jonathan Jeremiah was next and his music was folk music. I quite liked the songs on the night. I would like to hear more from him.

At 9.30pm it was Nerina’s time to come onto the stage and the song that opened the set was The Right Side. Nerina was wearing a dress and some red heels which was a change from the Doctor Martins she wears. When she got onto the stage there were cheers from the audience and then moved over to the keyboard. Now I like this song and it is a nice catchy song. I like the line “Watch out here we go”.  The song is also played at a fast pace and the lyrics are perfect. Learning To Breathe is next and it is taken off of Fires. This song has to be one of my favourites from Fires. It again is a catchy song it has beautiful lyrics too. The lyrics are brilliant and catchy. When Did I Become Such A Bitch is next and it is another song played on the piano. This is a nice strong song which has a really good chorus. Following on is Everything’s Illuminated which appears on the new album despite it being performed in 2007. This is a song that is played on the guitar. The lyrics are really good which are delivered perfectly. The chorus is brilliant and so to are the verses. After applause it is onto the next song Geek Love. Nerina asks the crowd is any one out on a date and one girl puts her hand up. She then asks have you gone to fourth base. Then she says the song is about shagging. It is nice hearing songs that I have not heard before. This song was taken from Fires, I like how the melody and lyrics gel together. There is a steady pace to this song and it is strong as well. Coming Home is a beautiful song and I love it. Nerina’s parents were actually in the audience. There is a beat to this song and the lyrics are catchy. The first line is “My dads not famous, but he is to me”. This song is so lovely and the lyrics are perfect. If there was a contender for the second single from The Graduate this should be it. Next it is another song from The Graduate and this being It Starts. This song originally featured on the Buckminster Fuller EP. Nerina is on the keyboard and this song has grown on me. It is a beautiful song which is delivered strongly. Well the next song was the first time I had heard it. English features on the Itunes version of The Graduate. Well this song is growing on me and it delivers a message. Before the song Nerina mentioned that her mother was born in India and her father is half French. One line from the song is “I will always be English”. It is then back to another track from Fires this being Mr King. For this song Nerina is on the acoustic guitar with no band. This is a nice song which starts off slow and then gathers pace. She has such a amazing voice when delivering perfect performances. Human follows on and it is played on her acoustic guitar solo. Some of the lyrics are really strong and it is beautiful at the same time. Everybody’s Gone To War saw Nerina switch to electric guitar. Well it is a fast paced song with some stunning lyrics. This is a song which has infectious lyrics the chorus is brilliant. It is also a song that can get the crowd going. Following on is another song from Fires this being Idaho. This is a song which is played on the keyboard.  I really like this song it is played at a steady pace and the lyrics are strong. It is also a beautiful song at the same time. Following on saw Nerina get side tracked after she was going to link to the next song. How she was side tracked was that someone in the audience said come to Portsmouth. Nerina promised that she will visit there and she said she had been to the Wedgewood Rooms before. This song being I Don’t Want To Go Out. This is a fast paced song, it has a beat and catchy lyrics. People clap along with this song. I especially like the use of the Saxophone. The next song is the current single. This being Real Late Starter. When I first heard it in February I said the song was my favourite on the night. Well this song has everything it is up tempo, has brilliant lyrics and is catchy at the same time. The song has a beat to it and just hearing it I had the hilarious video playing in my head.  The final three songs were unexpected as they were all covers. Nerina mentions that she was on her wikipedia page and edited as it sounded boring. So she edited to say that she the secret love child of Kiki Dee and Elton John. This then removed 24 hours later. So the covers were all Elton John songs. The first being the beautiful song Your Song. After it was Bennie and the Jets which has been covered before. The final song was Saturday Night’s Alright For Fighting. Now these three covers were amazing. It made the night extra special. Nerina has a phenomenal voice and the songs were delivered perfectly in her own way. Your Song is a nice steady paced song it is a beautiful song with brilliant lyrics. Bennie and the Jets had been covered before and it follows on straight away when Your Song is finished. Well Bennie and the Jets is a strong song. It is a good take on the song and Nerina has made it her own. The final song Saturday Night’s Alright For Fighting is a up tempo song and it was a good song to end on. It is a song that got the crowd going and it rounded off a perfect night. They then left the stage only for Nerina to return a couple of minutes later for the encore. This was the only song of the encore as it was coming up to the curfew. Well the song being the beautiful song Sophia. It is a nice gentle song which does sound lovely when played on the keyboard. I am guessing this is Nerina’s favourite encore song as it has been in the encore the previous two times I had seen her live. So after plenty of cheers and applause she leaves the stage, the lights go on and everyone then starts making there way out of the ICA.


The Right Side
Learning To Breathe
When Did I Become Such A Bitch
Everything’s Illuminated!
Geek Love
Coming Home
It Starts
Mr King
Everybody’s Gone To War
I Don’t Want To Go Out
Real Late Starter
Your Song
Bennie And The Jets
Saturday Night’s Alright for Fighting



OVERALL: After a brilliant set by Nerina I made my way outside. I then left and made my way to the side door because I wanted to get my CD signed. Well eventually Nerina came out and I just had a quick few words with her got my CD’s signed and then left. Well like I said it was a brilliant set a mixture of new and old tracks. Current album The Graduate is a cracker and all the tracks are brilliant. The only disappointment was that no tracks from the first album were featured. But still it was a good night and the covers were excellent. Nerina still finds it overwhelming that people spend their evening coming to see her which I find sweet. She is one amazing artist and I for one am glad she is back with new material. I will most definitely be seeing her when she is next in London.

The first and second photos are taken by Justin Ng


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