Robbie Williams @ The Roundhouse 20th October 2009

This was Robbie’s first appearance in 3 years and his comeback was taking place at the Roundhouse which is very intimate compared to his previous gigs. Well I arrived at 11am and the queue was already long. The queue was mainly to collect wristbands from 12pm onwards. So I just stood in line and waited for the doors for inside to open. They opened a few minutes later and it took me 40minutes to get seen. Well when I had my wristband attached to me I put the ticket in my pocket and went to the other queue. This was mainly for people queuing for the doors to open at 6.30pm. Well behind me I had some lovely ladies who I chatted with, saved places etc. The 5 hours wait went by so fast and come 6.30pm everyone and we were told that the doors will open later. At 6.50pm we all made our way inside then straight into the main space. I was second row at the front right in front of Robbie’s mic. Which was pretty good because when I got there in the morning there were 70 people in front of me. After another hour of waiting the 30 piece band came on stage and then the night was introduced by Trevor Horn.


The opener of the night was the first single taken off Reality Killed The Video Star. This song being Bodies. When the intro to the song started the crowd were going wild. Robbie then came down a staircase and launched into the song. I really like this song it has catchy lyrics. Well the song was delivered strongly and perfectly. Robbie was definitely back to his best and the crowd loved it. The atmosphere was electric and the audience joined in with bits of the song. When it is over there is plenty of applause and Robbie goes onto say “You nearly made me cry then, but then I realised it’s not The X Factor, is it?”. Robbie mentions that there will be new tracks (to which he said “please bare with me on them”) and some oldies for your delectation. He then goes on to mention X Factor and says “Go the twins” after booing from the crowd Robbie says “You don’t understand. Sink the ship, sink the ship. John and Edward all the way.” Morning Sun is next and it was written by Scott and Rich and Robbie thought it was about Michael Jackson but it is about himself. Now it is a nice ballad and I really like the song I like its melody. I look forward to buying the album.

After Robbie quipped by saying “Nobody at the front is singing the words back to me so that means the record hasn’t leaked yet.” Robbie then says to the audience do you fancy a bit of Come Undone and the crowd cheer. I would say this is one of my favourite songs on Escapology. Well the audience sing along with this song. The atmosphere is electric and this song was definitely a crowd pleaser. Blasphemy is next. It was the very last song Robbie wrote with Guy Chambers. The song as written after Escapology and Robbie was trying to find a home for it. Robbie was thinking of putting it on a Swing 2 album but as that wasn’t happening anytime soon it was put on this album. I can see the swing resemblance. You have the strings and I really like this song. I love the lyrics “What’s so great about the great depression? It’s not a blast for me, it’s blasphemy”. Another new one follows and Robbie shows the crowd a dance. This song is Starstruck and it sounded a bit like George Michael and he showed us the George dance. It is a nice song with a strong chorus. This song had everyone dancing along to it. The next three songs are old songs. The first Robbie says it was his aunties favourite song and then went straight into Feel. The crowd is singing along to this song. The vibe is electric it felt so intense and surreal to see Robbie doing a gig to just 3000 people. For the I Will Talk And Hollywood Will Listen Robbie says he last did it at the Royal Albert Hall for the swing thing. Robbie is sitting on a stool but before he mentions that he had a public apology to Kevin Spacey as he has actually called Robbie 3 times but Robbie has knocked him back. The lines being “I wouldn’t be so alone, If they knew my name in every home, Kevin Spacey would call on the phone, But I’d be too busy”. It was nice to hear this song live as I really liked the swing songs he did. So after thanking the crowd Robbie sang a snippet of Supreme acapella. Then he launched into Supreme. Now this was amazing as the very end the audience had a little bit of a treat. This being a bit of Rock DJ. Well Supreme definitely had the crowd going. Well the snippet of Rock DJ fitted in perfectly.  New track Deceptacon followed on and Robbie goes on to say that he didn’t spot the song but it is a blinder. Well this is another soft slow ballad. Next it is one of the many highlights of the night and this being  No Regrets. Robbie says that the next song is about Take That and there are screams from the crowd. Robbie then mentions about the reconciliation and says “I got a new best mate and his name is Gary Barlow”. Robbie then went to mention he got a Take That tattoo on his hand. After he went into No Regrets and this is my favourite song from the I’ve Been Expecting You era.  Well the final line where Robbie sings “and the love that we once had is officially dead”.  Robbie changed the last word to alive.

Won’t Do That was next up and it is a love song abut Robbie’s partner.  His partner said this song should be the first second and third single. It is a nice song which is delivered strongly and the lyrics are brilliant. After Robbie then introduces the band and then goes into You Know Me which is the second single. Robbie then goes onto say “thank you for putting Bodies at Number 2, that’s the biggest first week sales since Rock DJ”. Well anyways You Know Me has a soulful vibe to it. It is a nice song but I would of picked something more upbeat for a second single. Robbie mentions it is a bit nerve racking first gig in three years. Robbie then tells the crowd a little story about a incident which happened but was not very PC. Well the song that rounded off this amazing night was Angels. It is a nice slow ballad and it is perfect to close on. There is audience participation during this song. Nearing the end of the song Robbie says his thank yous. He also says “thank you for making me feel comfortable”.

After the song had finished Robbie exit’s the stage and comes back on saying shall we do a couple of more. The crowd are chanting to Robbie take your shirt off to which Robbie replies by saying “I haven’t been on the Wii fit”. Well the first song of the encore is Millennium. The crowd is buzzing and Robbie sings the rap to Rudebox at the end. If I thought that was good it was nothing compared to the last song. This being a cover of The Buggles Video Killed The Radio Star. Now I love this up tempo song and it is one that you can sing along to. Just hearing Robbie cover this is breathtaking and I enjoyed his take on the song.






Morning Sun
Come Undone
I Will Talk And Hollywood Will Listen
Supreme/ Rock DJ
No Regrets
Won’t Do That
You Know Me


Millennium/ Rudebox
Video Killed The Radio Star

OVERALL: This was a brilliant night I am pleased that I can say I was there. I will definitely see Robbie live again but it wont match the 3000 capacity of the Roundhouse. It was a real crowd pleaser and the cover at the end amazing. My only disappointment is the absence of Let Me Entertain You and my favourite Old Before I Die. Just hearing these 15 songs was enough for me. The new tracks sound fantastic. I will be definitely getting the album.


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