NME Radar Tour @ Concorde 2 14th October 2009

After having been to Koko the day before it was time for a trip to Brighton. This was the last stop of the NME Radar Tour and this time it was stopping off at the Concorde 2. This was the first time I had been there since 2007 when I saw Kate Nash (which was the first ever gig I went to by myself). Well the Concorde 2 is situated on Madeira Drive which is along the seafront. Thankfully it wasn’t as cold as I expected it to be and it didn’t rain which was a bonus. At times it looked liked the heavens may open but it stayed dry till the very end. Well I arrived outside the venue at 3.30pm. Pretty early but I mainly got on the first train from my place then the first train to Brighton. So at 3.30pm it was just mainly waiting around for 4 hours. The next set of people did not arrive till 7pm. Well during the time waiting I saw Marina just walk past. I had a quick few words with her as Marina needed to do a interview. So around about 6 Marina came out and it was really nice. It was empty no one apart from me was waiting. Well Marina came out before the sound check she came out with George. We just chatted about my blog and how Marina likes the tag line. I told her I liked her sheep gown she wore the previous night. Well just seeing her before was so nice. We were chatting for about 5 minutes and Marina left by saying she had to do a sound check. When Marina went in I then went up to the doors so I could hear the sound check. Marina sounded brilliant as always. Well at 6.45pm I was still the only one queuing so I went to get something to eat only to find out when I returned there was already 6 people queuing. Well the doors opened at 7.30pm and the people started to go in. I was lucky as people just stopped off in the bar area so I was able to get my spot at the front. Well the night started off at 8pm with Yes Giantess. Brighton is a special place for the band because they played their first gig at the Great Escape Festival. Well after seeing them the day before I was looking forward to hearing the set again. There was actually more energy flowing from the crowd compared to Koko. During the set there was plenty people in the crowd jumping about. Now Yes Giantess are a brilliant band who I now love. They sing delightful synth pop songs. Songs that are easy to listen to, songs that go by so fast and you are left with wanting more. The set comprised of the same 7 songs and it was over in a flash. When sets go by so fast it is a sign that you really enjoyed it. The set included The Word, Demons, Sparks, Can’t Help It, You Were Young, Dun Gets Low and Tuff N Stuff.  It was Tough N Stuff that stole the set for me. Jan Rosenfeld came off the stage and climbed on the barrier and urged the crowd to go crazy. The atmosphere was intense and after Jan got back up onto the stage they left with a rapture of applause. The band I predict have a bright future ahead of them and I will most definitely see them when they are over in the UK again. Fifteen minutes later at 8.45 it was onto Local Natives. The set was a delightful 6 song set which was a showcase of material from the forthcoming album Gorilla Manor. Well I enjoyed the set it was a mixture of Indie and Folky music. The lead singer Taylor Rice did remind me of Freddy Mercury with his moustache. The set included World News, forthcoming single Camera Talk, Airplanes, Talking Heads cover Warning Sign, Wide Eyes and the debut release on Chess Club Sun Hands. But it was Sun Hands which stole the set again. The stage was slightly smaller so it was a squeeze to fit everyone on there.

At 9pm it was onto Marina and the Diamonds. Marina entered to Girls. The song itself starts off strongly opening with “Look like a girl but I think like a guy, Not ladylike to behave like a slime”. The lyrics are perfect and the song generally is a strong one. The thing I love is the energy put into the performance. Well when Marina made her entrance on stage she was wearing her sheep gown like she was wearing the previous day. This is a catchy song with brilliant verses and a chorus I adore. Girls is then followed on by Seventeen which is a gentle song but delivered perfectly by Marina. The verses are amazing and the chorus is ever so strong. Marina sings “Could never tell you what happened, The day I turned seventeen, The rise of a king and the fall of a queen, Seventeen, Seventeen”. That little chorus is perfect. The second verse there is a faster pace which I really like. Well Seventeen is a amazing song I wonder what really happened the day Marina turned Seventeen? I Am Not A Robot is the next song on the night and it is a nice catchy song. The first verse it starts off at a slow pace but when Marina reaches the second verse that is when the pace is cranked up. This is the one thing I love the fact that the performances are so different to the recorded versions. It is a really energetic song and it is plain to see that Marina is enjoying herself performing to a nearly packed Concorde 2. The beautiful ballad Obsessions follows on. The sheep gown is off and Marina is over by the keyboard (she has grade 1 in keyboard you know). Well this is a beautiful song with powerful lyrics which delivers a clear message. The part of the song I love is the second verse when Marina sings about being in a supermarket and wondering what packet of crackers to pick. I guess one of Marina’s obsessions is music. Listening to the Nick Grimshaw interview Marina did after her set at Koko she mentioned one song for the album took 486 vocal takes to get right. Maybe Marina is just a perfectionist. Space and the Woods is the next song on the night and it is a brilliant take on the Late Of The Pier’s version. It is so strong and it is more rocky. Well Marina is wearing a black cat suit. After the song there is plenty of cheers. Marina then has a sip of whisky. Shampain follows after and Marina goes over to the stool and grabs her sheep gown. When singing the song Marina used the gown to cover herself because she was feeling shy. There was no need to feel shy because Marina looked amazing and I am sure plenty of people would agree with me. Well later into the song Marina drops the gown to the floor. Well Shampain is a nice song which has perfect lyrics. The chorus is a good one and Marina says clap and join in if you know the words. Following on is the next single Mowgli’s Road (no it ihas nothing to do with The Jungle Book). The song itself was a perfect song to end on. It rounded off a brilliant set and a phenomenal evening. Well the lyrics itself are strong ones and the chorus is excellent.

AFTERMATH: After Marina’s set I made my way out of the venue. I picked up a copy of the Yes Giantess Tour EP then I made my way to the station. Once I had got on the train I put on Marina on the Ipod and left having witnessed a superb NME Radar Tour which had good support acts I had never heard of since the gig at Koko. It was ashame I had to miss Golden Silvers but I knew I was going to due to the train times. As for Marina and the Diamonds. I have seen her 7 times and I have witnessed a rising star who will be bigger when the album “The Family Jewels” hits shelves on 22nd February.

Well Concorde 2 was a nice venue. Small capacity wise (there is only a capacity of 540 people). After experiencing a London crowd then a Brighton crowd I would say they are both different. Brighton the crowd seems more energetic. They seem more up for a good night.


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