Laissez Faire Club @ The Legion 15th October 2009

I arrived in Shoreditch around 5.30pm. The reason why I was there early was because I was going to interview The Vanguard and The Ambassadors. It was the first time they had performed as a band in the UK. I had heard the music on Myspace and I really liked it. I felt both butterflies and excitement after I had been given the opportunity to interview these bands (the interviews will be up very soon). Well I then made my way into the pub and sat at a table which was near the bar. I got a glass of water and listened to some of the My Tiger My Timing sound check then heard all of The Vanguard sound check. So after the sound check it was time to interview the band. We went outside which was quiet and the interview went really well. Next it was time to interview two of The Ambassadors the other two joined later on. Both of the bands are great guys and I would just like to thank them for their time. Well once the interviews had been done it was back to the table I had been sitting at and waiting for the night to start at 9pm.

The night kicked off at 9.15pm and there was a change to the running schedule. The Vanguard opened up instead of playing the 9.45 slot as was advertised. Well The Vanguard who sing gentle and delightful pop music had a 7 track set which featured material from the latest EP Playtime, a couple of songs from the first EP titled The Vanguard and a track that hasn’t been released on EP. Well the four piece band consisted of Aaron Barr, Rasko Ristic, Luke Rovner and David Zawadzki and they originate in New York. The set started off with Fiasko which is taken off The Vanguard EP which can be purchased off of Itunes. The song is upbeat and I really like it. The line I especially like is “Goodbye, happy to see you”. Burg is the song that follows. Taken from the Playtime EP the song is a very good one. The song is a gentle soothing pop song and the lyrics are perfect. The lyrics gel well with the melody of the song and I enjoyed the song so much it was over in a flash. Piano then follows on. Up next was a song which the band had just shot a video for. This being the mellow song Both Sides. Sam from The Ambassadors joins on keys. This is the song that grabbed my attention when I first heard it on the myspace player. It is a soothing song, very uplifting and it has a powerful chorus. The part of the song that Sam joins in with is delivered very strongly. Monday Night which was taken from the first EP is the next song on the night. It is a nice song and the song that follows on is Take You Out. The band were going to sing Rio but problems with equipment made them go onto the next song. Take You Out is the penultimate song. It is a upbeat song and the lyrics fit perfect to the actual melody of the song. It is a strong song which I really like. The set is rounded off with Slowdown which sees Sam come up and go on keys. Well this is another soothing song and it is a brilliant song to end on. I really enjoy this song and it is up there in my favourite Vanguard songs along with Both Sides. The lyrics are perfect and the melody fits to them. I find this song to be quite entrancing.

Coming on at 10.10pm were The Ambassadors. They are a 4 piece band who are brothers Sam and Casey Harris, Noah Feldshuh and Adam Levin. The band came all the way from Brooklyn and this was their fourth gig in the UK. After having heard only a selection of songs on the myspace page I was left pleasantly surprised how much I enjoyed this set. The set was short and sweet and there were only 6 songs sung. Well the band who I would place in the Pop/ Rock category started off the set with Thieves. Now this is a short song. The song starts off well and from when Sam starts singing the pace picks up till the very end. The song is delivered perfectly and strongly. It was a good song to start the set off with. Mirrortalk follows after and it is a song that is easy to listen to. The lyrics and melody fit together and the song itself is mellowing. Next up was a new song that I do not know the name of.  The second line of the song was “So sorry that I am dead”. Well this song is more heavy compared to the other two which were easy on the ear. I really like the beat though and it is a strong song. After it was back to the light songs this being Tropisms. Now I really like the lyrics to this song. Along with the melody it is a nice, gentle, mellowing song. There is a beat in this song when the song progresses. Well it is a beautiful song. Body Bag (Show Me Your Vitals) starts off with a drum beat and when Sam starts singing he delivers it strongly. It is a nice strong song which is powerful as well. The final song of the set is another I had only heard for the first time and don’t know the name of. Well this song being one that the had performed on Balcony TV acoustically. Sam said it would sound different and it did. I really liked the song the lyrics were brilliant, it was played at a fast pace.

After witnessing two amazing bands it was time for the main course. My Tiger My Timing are Anna Vincent, James Vincent, Jamie Harrison, Gary Drain and Seb Underhill. The band had just supported Lissy Trullie 10 days prior. Well the set included 7 songs which included 3 new songs and the 4 tracks taken from the I Am The Sound EP. I was looking forward to hearing them live and they didn’t disappoint. The first four tracks were taken from the I Am The Sound EP. The set opened up with Ask Your Heart. This was a nice short song. It is a gentle song and has some lyrics that were delivered strongly. Following on was the first single which to features on the Pure groove exclusive EP. This song being This Is Not The Fire. The song starts off really well and it has a really good chorus. The Distance is a lovely song delivered perfectly by Anna. It is a song that I do really enjoy. Some of the lyrics are brilliant and there is a beat to this song. The EP title track is next. I Am The Sound is another decent song and the lyrics are brilliant. There is some brilliant verses. I will most definitely be purchasing a copy of the Pure groove exclusive of the I Am The Sound EP. The next two tracks are new songs this being Conversation Starter and 1995. I would love to hear a studio versions of these songs. Anna has an incredible voice. The set closer being Let Me Go which again is another gentle song. I like this song and I liked it the moment the very first line was sung. Now there is a steady pace to this song. This song rounded off a perfect set.

OVERALL: This was a excellent night featuring three fantastic bands. Two I reckon will crack the UK eventually. Well it was a pleasure to meet Vanguard and The Ambassadors. They are truly a bunch of great guys. Well favourite songs on the night. The Vanguard set was perfect but my favourite song is a two way tie between Both Sides and Slowdown. Thieves was my favourite Ambassadors song and that was a brilliant opening track. My Tiger My Timing it has to be Ask Your Heart which was the one that stood out for me.


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