Erin K & Tash @ The Troubadour 9th October 2009

I arrived at The Troubadour at 7.50pm. I went downstairs where the entrance to the room was. The doors opened a bit later. Prior to the doors opening I had a little chat with Erin and Tash who both came outside and I said Hi to Lereese as well. The band are some of the nicest people you could ever meet and they are doing something that they enjoy doing and they have fun when doing it too. Well when the door did open I paid the entrance fee and then went to a table near the stage and sat down. Erin was sound checking and when it was finished they went and sat down at a table. The first act on the night was Robin Sangster. I quite liked his acoustic songs. When I first heard his music the first artist that popped in my head was James Blunt. Well at 9pm The Whisky Teas took to the stage. This was their second gig where they had a band name. The Sexy Cupcake Ditty is the first song on the night. Erin is playing when sitting the song. Well this song is all about making a cupcake. This is a really good song and it proves that you can make a brilliant song based on any subject. Well I definitely would take a cupcake from Erin if offered. Jiggy Miggy is about Erin’s love buddy. I like this song and it is a true song. I like its pace and the lyrics gel to the melody. The next song Crazy and Insane is very cleverly written. It keeps the listener guessing till the very end who Erin is singing about. Well it is a song for someone who means a lot to Erin. Well the song itself is a fast paced and has lyrics that I really enjoy. It is a catchy song and the harmonies that Tash and Leresse provide are absolutely spot on. Oh Well is another song that Erin is sitting down for. The song has a steady pace and I like how the song flows from beginning to end. Oh Well has some brilliant lyrics that I find to be catchy. The bit of the song I like is:

“And I think about these words, and I think they could be art,
We will have this big montage, and stick the finish at the start”

Also Erin makes a noise which I for one don’t know how she does. She sounds a bit like Donald Duck. After another round of applause they then progress onto the next song. Erin tells the story behind the song Sorry I’m Not Black. It is about a ex boyfriend who fancied Erin even more when she put on more and more Saint Tropez to make her skin colour look darker. Now I like the beat to this song it is rather infectious and the song is based on a true story which is great. The lyrics do really paint the story. Tash’s song Clippety Clop follows on and it is a right cracker of a song and what is more amazing is that it was finished about a week ago. This is a gentle song with both infectious lyrics and a perfect melody. This is a catchy song and it is one you can sing along to. Olga is the next on the night and the name Olga came from the Ukrainian actress Olga Kurylenko who was in the James Bond film Quantum Of Solace. Erin’s inspiration for this song came from the real doll phenomenon. With the lyrics you can picture the actual story and the harmonies from Tash and Leressa are outstanding. This is a really good song I like the pace to it gets the laughs as well. Following straight on is a very short song this being Ikea. Now the thing I like is that they are clearly having fun hence this song. The final song of the set was a faultless performance of Horse Head. It flowed right to the very end there was no stumbles whatsoever. This tells the story about the horse head. It is a good song which is played at a fast pace and the chorus is fantastic.


The Sexy Cupcake
Jiggy Miggy
Crazy and Insane
Oh Well
Sorry I’m Not Black
Clippety Clop
Horse Head

OVERALL: This was the first time I had been to The Troubadour. I was pretty impressed by the venue. Well asides from that it was another fantastic set by The Whisky Teas. I love hearing the happy, funny, jolly songs. It is plain to see that they enjoy performing. It was the perfect way to start the weekend by hearing songs that are so easy to listen to. I am looking forward to when I see them live again. All the songs on the night were fantastic but if I had to choose a favourite it would have to be between Crazy and Insane, Oh Well, Clippety Clop and Horse Head.

Well it was another fantastic and amazing performance by them.


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