Hashell @ Arch 635 8th October 2009

I arrived at Arch 635 at 6.50pm. The acoustic night started at 9 and Sara’s set started at 9.30pm. Well before the sound check I sat with Steve and Sara. They both sound checked and I just sat listening. I heard Sara singing a snippet of a song that they were going to cover and I could tell that this night was going to be special. Come 9pm we all made our way to the front area where the first act was performing his songs acoustically. After Guy Nottage had finished his acoustic set Sara and Steve went to set up. At 9.30pm that is when the six track set started. I first saw Hashell at The Miller in August and I was so impressed with the style of the songs it left me wanting to hear more. Sara has an astonishing voice and I predict big things for her in the future. Well this night was different due to the fact it was just Sara and Steve singing acoustically. Now it sounded amazing and different as I was hearing the songs acoustically. Well the night started off with the ever so strong Hello. It was a good song to open on and it is a powerful song especially when it get to the chorus. Sara’s vocals are extraordinary. Hello is about a relationship breakdown and you can clearly picture the story to it. Do What You Want follows on and it is the only song that does not feature on the Worthless EP which is due to be released in 2010. I really like this song the chorus is excellent. It is another song that Sara delivers perfectly. Be Unkind is next and Sara says she was on MTV with this song last year. Sara took part in the Coca-Cola Soundwave 2008 for MTV where she was in the final 10. She did not win though. Well the song is a nice gentle and soft song. The chorus is stunning and it is a catchy one too. Hearing the songs acoustically gives each one a different slant. Well it really works and I really love this song. It tackles the same subject as most of the songs on the set which is relationships. This is both a beautiful and sad song. From listening to the lyrics you can clearly picture the story to it. I am completely surprised that Sara did not win with this song. The song following on afterwards was the one I was most excited to hear. This being a cover of Lady Gaga Paparazzi. Sara made this song her own and it was completely breathtaking. This cover is sung at a slower pace and it is a very good take on the song. Very original. Sara has a belting voice and the chorus is so strong. She gave it all to make this song her own. After that astounding cover it was then onto a brand new song. Little Lies is another strong song. It starts of at a steady pace and it gets stronger when the song progresses to the chorus. I am looking forward to the album when it gets a release date. The set ends with a different and amazing version of Worthless. It is the current single and the music video has been shot and is ready to be released to the music channels from November. Sara mentions that it is about a ex boyfriend who was worthless Worthless is the title track of the EP which is going to be released January 2010. This song has to be one of the highlights of the night because there is a small sample of Avril Lavigne’s Complicated.. The lyrics are brilliant and I like the way the song sounds. There is a beat to this song from the chords that Steve played on the guitar. The mash up of Complicated and Worthless works perfectly and it round off a brilliant night.


Do What You Want
Be Unkind
Little Lies

OVERALL: Even though it was the second time I had seen Hashell it is always a pleasure to hear the songs. Sara and Steve together was amazing I loved hearing the tracks acoustically. My highlights of the night included Paparazzi and Worthless. When artists do covers or different versions of songs makes that night special and this one certainly was. Sara is so lovely and the band fully deserve future success. Well they definitely have my support and I am looking forward to the gig at The Bedford on 4th December.

To hear clips of songs on the EP go to: http://www.myspace.com/hashell

The Worthless EP is out January 2010


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