Erin K & Tash @ The Strongroom Bar 7th October 2009

I arrived at the Strongroom Bar at 7.30pm the weather wasn’t perfect. It was pouring the time I left to get to Old Street. Well as soon as I got to the bar I went inside and just stayed in the warm surroundings. It was the first time I had been to that bar and I was surprised how small it actually was. Erin Kleh and the rest of her band were sound checking downstairs. After hearing Erin at The Spice Of Life she impressed me so much with her beautiful humorous songs I wanted to see her again. Also at that gig was the first time they performed as a band and that set was completely faultless. Well I then made my way down the stairs to the basement area. I just sat down and later I hung out with Erin and her band. Well the band consists of Erin, Tash, Leresse, Paul and Nick, they are the nicest group of people you could ever meet. When sitting with the band a band name was born. There were a few suggestions but the name that they settled on was The Whisky Teas. So when the second support had finished Erin and the rest of the band made their way up to the performance area. At 10pm it started and they were introduced as The Whisky Teas. Tonight was the debut gig in the sense of they now have the band name sorted. Now the set was completely the same when I saw them last but with a couple of changes. The set started off with The Sexy Cupcake. Erin was on a stool sitting down when singing the song and she was playing her acoustic guitar too. This was a good song to start on it defiantly has a beat to it. During the song Erin purrs like a cat. Well the band gels perfectly and just seeing them play they enjoy singing the songs. Next it was Crazy and Insane. It is a fast pace and the harmonies are perfect. The first line is “Your Crazy and Insane, because you think I took your brain”. When hearing this song Erin is singing about something and you find out what it is right at the end of the song. Following on was Assholio. Paul was not wearing his horse head for this song. Well this song reminds me of Mexico just by the way the song sounds. Before the song start Erin mentions that the song makes no sense. Waltz For The Rat Babies which was the next song is probably one of my favourite songs. It is hilarious The harmonies are perfect and the same applies to the lyrics as well. The lyrics gel perfectly with the melody of the song. A part of this song is dark. Even though that part is dark it still makes you laugh. Oh Well was next on the night. The song has a steady pace and the lyrics just flow. This song is brilliant and catchy as well. For Sorry I’m Not Black Erin tells the audience that she used to put on Saint Tropez to look darker and her ex used to fancy her even more the darker she got. Now the song has a infectious beat and the lyrics infuse together. Also aids for this song were two pictures of Dennis Rodman. Olga follows on and it is about a lesbian. The pace of the song is brilliant, I like the lyrics it just flows from start to end. The harmonies are spot on. Next on the night was a funny short song. You can defiantly they enjoy singing because they are having so much fun. Well the song being Ikea. Basically there are no lyrics just the word Ikea. Erin says that there is a lounge version which is smooth. Clippety Clop which was sung by Tash was one of the highlights of the night as it was the first outing of this song. From the very first time I fell in love with this song. I love the melody to this song it is a gentle song which is catchy as well. Tash definitely has a talent for writing brilliant songs. After applause it is then onto Jiggy Miggy. It is played at a steady pace and the lyrics are brilliant. I like how the song sounds overall. Everything about this song is faultless. Horsehead was the encore as people wanted one last song. Well it went smoothly considering they have not played it for a while. The song basically told the story about the wearing Horsehead that Paul was wearing throughout the song. The chorus is brilliant. Once Erin got into the song it flowed right till the end. This is a fast paced song and there is even a dark part in the song.


The Sexy Cupcake
Crazy And Insane
Waltz For The Rat Babies
Oh Well
Sorry I’m Not Black
Clippety Clop
Jiggy Miggy



OVERALL: This night was completely faultless. The Whisky Teas gave a stunning performance. My favourite song has to be Waltz For The Rat Babies. But the highlights of the night has to be Tash’s song Clippety Clop (which was only written a week before) and Horsehead. Now I like listening to new music and after hearing them for the first time at The Spice Of Life I had to see them again as I was impressed. They are doing something they enjoy doing and also have fun when singing the songs as well. The songs make me smile and they make people laugh as well. The 11 song set by Erin was the perfect way to spend a Wednesday night.


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