Bat For Lashes @ The Roundhouse 6th October 2009

The last time I saw Bat For Lashes was at Somerset House in the open air and that proved to be a washout. Thankfully when I was outside the weather persevered and it didn’t start to tip down with rain. The clouds were dark and there were only felt a few droplets of rain. I arrived at The Roundhouse at 4.30pm. It is hard to judge when people will turn up. With the night being sold out I expected more than two people just sitting outside waiting. Well nearer the time the queue gradually built up. At 6.30pm that is when they started letting us in. So at 6.30pm I made my way in and went up to the doors. There were already a few people waiting. At least inside was warmer than outside. There were two support acts Yeasayer at 8pm and Marques Toliver at 9pm. Marques was a last minute addition as I saw from the previous night it just had been Yeasayer supporting. Well the doors to the main space opened and I made my way to the front. It was a 60 minute wait till the gig actually started and all I had to keep me company was Twitter on my mobile phone. Arriving on the stage at 7.58pm it was 5 piece band Yeasayer. The had come all the way from Brooklyn to play 8 songs. I quite liked the style of the music. I really enjoyed the set. Now Marques Toliver who played because Natasha asked him to was amazing. He was only on for 10 minutes and only did three songs. It is hard to say what genre to place him in. Well it was a mixture of R & B and Classical. Marques’s violin skills are incredible.

So after a quick change over after Marques, Natasha and Co came onto the stage. Natasha is wearing a black leotard with a gold cape around her. Bat For Lashes is fronted by Natasha Khan and the rest of the band consist of Ben Christophers, Sarah Jones and ex Ash member Charlotte Hatherley. Well then night started off with a song from the first album this being Horse And I. Now for this song Natasha went off to her keyboard. It starts off haunting and slow. As soon as the song progresses it picks up pace. This was a strong song to start off with. When the song is over there is a lot of cheering then it is onto Sleep Alone. Now Natasha had got off her keyboard to sing this song. There is a beat to this song and it is really catchy. What makes it catchy is how the lyrics and melody infuse together. The Wizard is next on the night and Natasha says that this song is for Yeasayer and Marques. It is a song played at a steady pace and I really like the lyrics. The song itself is a strong one and it has grown on me since the last time I had heard it live. Following on is Bat’s Mouth and Natahsa makes her way back to the keyboard. This again is a haunting song with lyrics that Natasha delivers strongly. The lyrics are amazing and I really like them. This is a nice gentle soft song played at a steady pace. Glass is next and it is another song which has lyrics and a brilliant melody that infuse together. What’s A Girl To Do? Is next on the night. It is a mixture of spoken word and song. It is extremely powerful. Natasha has a belting voice and is backed by a brilliant band. The melody is amazing the same applies with the lyrics as well. The song that followed many pick as their favourite song. This being Daniel which was the first single to be taken off of Two Suns and is also the highest charting Bat For Lashes song. There is a tempo to this song and the lyrics are brilliant. Charlotte joins in with saying the word Daniel. It is a good song you can definitely feel a buzz when this song is played. Tahiti is next and Natasha is back on the keyboard. It is another song delivered strongly. This is a nice slow song which has lyrics that I like. When the first line “Are you my family” is sung there is cheers from the crowd. The song being Siren Song and it being a song that I really like. It is a nice gentle song which is played at a steady pace. The lyrics are absolutely perfect. After it is onto Trophy. There is a steady pace to this song and the lyrics are good. Two Planets is next and it is a song that I like. It is a song which is played at a steady pace. Rounding off the night was Pearl’s Dream. It was a good song the verses and chorus is perfect. Some lyrics are really catchy my favourite part being when Natasha starts off with “When the battle was done”. After the song the band leave the stage then later come out for the encore. Now the encore was amazing. A Television was wheeled onto the stage. The TV then came on ad Natasha sang The Big Sleep with the woman that was on the TV. Now this was incredible because the timing was absolutely spot on. Well this song starts off as a haunting song. The song which follows was Wilderness which appeared as a bonus track on the album Two Suns. Well the song is a gentle song and Natasha has a incredible voice. The last song is Prescilla. Natahsa is on a stool and plays her amazing instrument that I do not know the name of. Well the audience for the rest of the band then the song starts. There is a beat to the song and it played at a steady pace. Some of the lyrics are catchy especially the chorus.


Horse & I
Sleep Alone
The Wizard
Bat’s Mouth
What’s A Girl To Do?
Siren Song
Two Planets
Pearl’s Dream


The Big Sleep

OVERALL: After a second triumphant night at The Roundhouse I left wanting to hear more. I will most definitely see Bat For Lashes at some point when they next play in London. I managed to get a set list and I purchased Two Suns on vinyl. Well I left satisfied after seeing and listening to some beautiful music on the night. At least I stayed dry this time. There was defiantly a buzz in the air.


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