The Joy Formidable @ Relentless Garage 30th September 2009

I arrived at the Relentless Garage around 4.30pm. I was the first one there so I just sat down and waited for the doors to open. I was quite surprised to be the first one there considering it was a sell out. Well around 7pm the doors opened and I made my way to the centre slightly to the right. The was a barrier so I immediately knew that there were going to be photographers. Last time I saw The Joy Formidable was at The Borderline which was quite a small show with a capacity of 275 people. This time it was a venue which had a capacity of 630 people. The support was provided by Little Death and Twin Atlantic. Both acts were provided perfect support for The Joy Formidable. If I had to pick between both support acts I would say I preferred Little Deaths set but both sets were easy to listen to even though they were both heavy. Well The Joy Formidable started their set at 10.20pm they were originally listed to play at 10pm but there were some delays. The night was also being recorded for a live CD that the band are selling this November. Well the night kicked off with the opening track to A Balloon Called Moaning this song being The Greatest Light Is The Greatest Shade. The room was packed and there was a buzz in the air. Ritzy has a extremely powerful voice. Cradle is another brilliant song taken from the album and was actually the second release from the album. The crowd sing along to parts of this song. This is a brilliant song from start to finish and from the very start you get sucked in. The Last Drop follows on and it is another perfect powerful song. Ritzy delivers it strongly. The crowd loved it as well you could say with me being right at the front I was in the mosh pit. The thing I love about gigs is sometimes new songs are road tested. The first newie on the night was The Magnifying Glass this song was brilliant. Ostrich is next and it is different compared to the previous tracks. It is a softer song compared to the others. Yes Ritzy does play her electric guitar but it is not as heavy as the previous tracks. It is a nice song and the crowd loved it as well. Following on was the first ever single released. This being Austere and it has to be one of the highlights of the set for me. The energy was electric and towards the end of the song Ritzy turns the microphone round pointing to the crowd. The crowd join in with the song and Ritzy it saying louder. Anemone is a song which starts off soft and gentle. Ritzy has a perfect voice. The lyrics to this song are brilliant. The final new song follows on this being A Heavy Abacus. Well it is another brilliant song and it is a real treat hearing brand new songs. Next the crowd were treated to the current single Whirring. It is a brilliant song to the very end and it definitely oozes energy. The crowd seem to love the song as well and there is plenty of pushing and crushing. While The Flies was simply amazing it starts off with Ritzy singing acapella. Her voice is so strong and beautiful. Well it was a perfect song to end a triumphant gig on.


The Greatest Light Is The Greatest Shade
The Last Drop
The Magnifying Glass
A Heavy Abacus
While The Flies

OVERALL: My first time at the Relentless Garage was a brilliant one. The Joy Formidable tore it up. They were stunning and the crowd loved every single minute as well. I first heard of The Joy Formidable in February went and saw them at the 275 capacity Borderline and enjoyed it so much I had to see them again. The next step up from Relentless Garage would have to be Scala. The Joy Formidable are going to be huge and they have landed some good support slots with Editors and Passion Pit later this year.


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